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  1. @Jbug81 Some people actually bought in at over $1 and still HODLing till today. Profit/loss is only determined at the point of sale. So to avoid making a loss, don't sell at 32c
  2. Big like. The first of dominoes. Well done Ripple and XRP.
  3. I'm thinking it is meaningless even if XRP took #1 from BTC now, until theres actual regulation to stamp out market manipulation. But it still sucks to see ETH getting back to #2. BAH, humbug!
  4. "At least one bank to use xRapid by eoy" isn't happening. If anybodys gonna get it right, it would be the Brad miester himself. However anyone who's tried organizing a family holiday would know there are lots of dependencies for the stars to align. What Ripple is doing is world changing, y'all, and delays can't be helped.
  5. CEO: Dear shareholders, Ripple is a great tech that can save us alot of money, but we get an awful amount of spam regarding their company so we decided not to partner with them. Merry Christmas.
  6. the same reason why theres been bumps all 2018: the whales just a-wanna have fuh-un, ohhh the whales just a-wanna have fu-un, yeaaa yeaa yeaa
  7. that and when 12 days of Coinbase end up adding nothing to their offering. Bring your truck then. The big one.
  8. price will tank once this is proven to be untrue. so get ready to fill up the zerp truck if that happens
  9. you'll steal 2XRP for a dollar at that price. or you can steal 10XRP at 0.10. it all depends on how much you want that steal to be
  10. here's a Visa ad in 2013. With Queens 'Dont stop me now" in the back
  11. Not giving up lol. Just adding to the idea list, who knows an entreprenuerial person might be able to make something out of this. Was thinking of 2 industries where coil micropayments or tipbot can shine: 1) "Pay to view ads/surveys". I remember in my college days signing up for this. You get a couple of cents per item and accumulate till you can cash out without being done in by the fees. 2) Recycling. Some collectors pay cents for aluminum cans, bottles, paper, etc. Why not pay in XRP drops. I'll keep updating as and when these things come to mind.
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