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    Elruoy reacted to DreXRP in David Schwartz From Ripple at MoneyConf 2018   
    Have it found anywhere in the forum so far.
    Go David!
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    Elruoy reacted to marousi in BTC supply vs Xrp supply   
    I btc = I btc and 1 xrp = 1 xrp , no matter how many decimal places.
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    Elruoy reacted to stefanosd in BTC supply vs Xrp supply   
    I would also like to know the answer to this question if anyone can provide.
    Other than that, measuring in satoshis and drops just changes the angle by which you are looking at it. The ratios remain, so BTC hodlers "have more satoshis".  Cutting a pizza into 8 or 16 slices affects the value of each slice provided the two pizzas are of the same size. It doesn't say anything about the value of the pizzas.  So what matters is the size of the pizzas.
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    Elruoy reacted to ringer2 in BTC supply vs Xrp supply   
    This is nonsense. Divide BTC or XRPninto however many pieces you want. It doesn’t alter the value of the whole.  If BTC suddenly changed its satoshi decimal point, it would change the value of a satoshi but not the value of a single BTC. 
    A pizza cut into 8 pieces does not become more valuable because you cut it into 6. Your argument is basically saying that if drops were made to be only .001 of a XRP, the price would go even higher because it is “relatively more scarce”. But it’s not. 
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    Elruoy reacted to Trader-to-the-Crown in Why I Think Ripple Will Be Bullish For The Next Few Months   
    Thanks for the input, Jed.
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    Elruoy reacted to mrhat75 in Why I Think Ripple Will Be Bullish For The Next Few Months   
    To a lesser and lesser and lesser extent as time goes on
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