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  1. So the profits I made and went to my bank account, covered ny debts and allwed me a nice saving is bad because it's USD based. Interesting. We are on a forum where Ripple sells XRP Crypto to finance their operation. Talking about increasing supply that keep sprices down for years now.
  2. I run when when prices retrace from high to low. I never add another dollar to it. It does not matter if I study it, love it or it smells good. The market is smarter than me. If I was greedy and did not sell I move out. It happend before and will happen to me again, but I will never add to a losing position.
  3. You should be happy. You were patient, and you got your reward. My returns are part of the reflection that I love equities. They do get overhyped sometimes, sometimes go below what I anticipate, but it is a game that (just like you said) that allows me to sleep at night. The only gold I look at is via the futures exchange, but it is leveraged, and while it provides capital efficiency, it is hard to hold long term. I am happy you have a way to get narrow spreads in the cash market. Maybe I should check it out.
  4. I am happy that you made a good return, and I don't want to rain on your parade. In those two years you held, stocks that are common knowledge went 4X,5X and 10X. This is not a single stock, rather a large group of stocks that experienced that. So there is always an opportunity cost. Further, gold is not a liquid commodity unless it's sold through a Futures contract as a speculative tool. Cash gold has a huge spread, and when you buy it, they add 200 Basis and the same on the sell while reduced. But, back to the main point. Most get into assets and then convince themselves it was the right move, finding a support group for their ideas, and information that justifies it. I am always aware of this when I trade. My decisions are faulty as far as I am concern, and ONLY the market proves me right or wrong as a confirmation to my idea. Everyone has to start with a story of "why?" In the case of XRP, I thought that there is a crowd of people who missed out on BTC and are looking for a story to buy. XRP was cheap in the single cents, and I thought its illiquidity would drive the prices up. There were blogs, forums, and Twitters of diehard fans, and since it's in the single cents, what's the downside? Gateways corridors, banks switching, and everyone "behind" was a perfect belief system for the markets to spike. I thought it would form single cents to a dollar (20X), not 60X. That profit was pure luck despite all my predictions. Many were in the FOMO stage and jumped at high prices nd retired on this site. Now there is a narrative in technology due to COVID. BAT is a narrative with a story. The new browser, people get paid to click on ads, etc. A story. Would it happen, I don't know, but I do now it's 37 cents from the 20 that I bought it at. As long as it's going up slowly, I am in, and I think it has a story that many would use to get in (confirmation bias). I see a $5 in a year. NIO (stock) is an excellent story for the own Chinese market of a car. That could be huge. I am losing on APRN. So I thought that due to COVID, more people would get food through delivery. Well, they did, and the stock posted an excellent first positive earning after quite a few losses, well....stock halved. I don't sit here and say, "it does not make sense" because the stock is a forward-looking mechanism. It is where it is for a reason. Cut your losses out fast. Let profits run and run and run. Avoid the "take profit immediately."
  5. The biggest fall of XRP fans is the opportunity cost. Not in terms of other coins that go stratospherically, rather other asset classes that are rocking. The last two years have been incredible for stock traders and still are. There are still many bargains and technologies that are adopting more customers through subscribers or have potential growth. One year ago, I posted I bought FB at 200, and someone said it's too high. Bought NIO at $7, now its $14. Moved some cash to BAT as a new currency at 20 cents, now it's 30. Do I think BAT is the next best thing? NO clue, but its traction, it's moving. As long as its moving, I am in. It will "explode" I will get out. If it won't' ok, I'll move to something that has traction. It's ok to believe; it's ok to think long term, but it's not ok to have unrealistic expectations. There is always a Netflix story, an Amazon, and a hindsight Bitcoin. But you should be very patient when it goes in your favor, and be an impatient investor when nothing is going on. Move on; you are in too much pain. I have been there. The market can suck your spirit dry because of hope.
  6. You seem to go against everything I say, so it is natural to conclude that you are on the opposite side. My real life is nothing like this forum behavior. Neither is yours. I have no doubt. I recently read a book by Jaron Lanier -Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now. Quote: "Ordinary people are brought together in a setting in which the main-or often the only-reward that's available is attention. They can't reasonably expect to earn money, for instance. Ordinary users can gain only fake power and wealth, not real power or wealth. So mind games become dominant. With nothing else to seek but attention, ordinary people tend to become Axxholes, because the bigger Axxholes, get the most attention. This inherent bias towards AXXholedom flavors the action of all the other BUMMER (social media platform) machine." So again, I am not like this in real life. I will stop here. The time spent here on the forum is just not worth it. Those who chase a dream will never get it, and those who get it...got it way before this forum. But it was a valuable lesson for me: Whatever I do is right, because the market is just a vehicle for a transfer of wealth from one to another. FOMO will stay forever, and people will average down, among other behavior that defies logic. I hope that when the next asset will "explode," people will get in early, recognize the madness of the crowd and capitalize on it. All the best for 2020 to you and all the members here. Wishing you health and wealth. Spek
  7. Aplogies. You quoted me so I thought the refrence is to me.
  8. Merry Xmas. The stage is yours again for the anchor. "now it's A GREAT time time to buy....Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la "
  9. People want to see an inevitable reality, and if someone stands in the way of this reality, they call it "FUD." It's convenient and easy to label someone when the mob is united in its opinion. Ripple does not have to pay anyone anymore, because the speculators of XRP are doing a good job bringing new money in with their posts and twits, or just making existing members dump additional money. Look at this article about ETH: https://www.coindesk.com/into-the-ether-90-of-all-eth-wallets-now-out-of-the-money This gives you a precise presentation of the behavior of speculators related to Crypto. While XRP and ETH are different, the speculator's behavior around it is not. The fan base of XRP would fall into the same stats of most speculators being losers. If XRP has a rally, most will exit with a sigh of relief if they had a chance to breakeven. Maybe now they realize that the guys who tried to infuse a dose of reality are not that bad. Honesty in this case has no reward.
  10. Paid? More delusional conspiracy theories? Feel free to show a quote related to $10 and context. As for as I remember, I begged people not to add to losing positions for over a year! If that is trolling, ok. I made a price prediction that any retruns that XRP will produce will be average at best. The $3+ run was a result of exchange manipulation, not the fundamentals of XRP. All Crypto was manipulated at the time. The first post ever on this forum was a request to diversify between coins.
  11. Do you collect her quotes and classify them by years?? Nice and highly organized.
  12. You let it all out? Venting? Feeling better for the holiday season? Bravo.
  13. Many of the KYC (Know Your Client) rules have changed since people started investing. You may have to answer a few additional questions to csh out (ones you did not expect).
  14. Rude. cheap shot. Quite often what we see in others, is what we see down deep inside in ourselves. "jerk" You are right, you are not a pychologist, neiter a trader that understands price. You derive your entire worth from "likes" and living on this forum...I gave you one ..child. Now you can have your ice cream.
  15. I am sorry I do not "live" on this forum...I have other businesses actually to run. And why am I a jerk? Another guy comes here with the "buy now" and other brilliant "If I did not sell, I am not a loser"...You are not tired of the same nonsense for years and years that led many people here down the road of broke!? No Sir, not a jerk. I am the one trying to save people their hard-earned capital telling them not to average down and stop buying. What is the alternative? Join the same old "$25 is coming?" sell hope? It's 18 cents!!! 95% of the people would have been better off not touching this at all. Everyone thinks that there is someone who knows more than others (FOMO), and in reality, everyone is just at a loss of how low this technology can sink to...and still sinking.
  16. hey Genious...A winner is the one who who cashed out, not the one who buys.
  17. The market is just a way to transfer wealth from the hopeful to those who do not need it.
  18. You LOSE the minute your invetment turns negative, just like any other asset. Your networth just went down. How many times did I tell you here that depsite knowledge you also need to have cash management. You turned a 300% winner to a loser, and that is sad.
  19. "Reality und crybto sbeculadors, AKA future technology Hinffesdors, are tvo lines in sbace zat vill neffer Hinterzect" Albert Einstein (or a drunk German smoking up with Brad and Snoop ) ...Can't remember.
  20. The market needs buyers. There are no buyers. Equity guys are killing it, and crypro guys all become religious...praying for the bottom to end. If NASDAQ breaks 10K level, we will see more downside. $1 goes into only ONE pool of asset class. Be in the right asset class. Analyzing escrows, payments, etc is irrelevent from a market timing standpoint. The timing is not good for Crypto. It will be minimum 2 years for new ATH...minimum.
  21. I did see it. Ignored it. I don't need to read it. What I did read is the filing of Ripple defending it's self that it is not a security. They completely disassociated themselves from XRP value, and without saying directly, they imply that speculators should decide between themselves what is the value. XRP is not traded in the hands of institutions; it is exchanged between retail sides and algo trading machines that fake volumes, and Ripple keeps dumping it. No marvel movie in history would create a JOKER like you.
  22. Agreed. The fuller senetence was xCurrent, the service that B of A appears to have at least tested out, does not involve XRP, the cryptocurrency that Ripple periodically sells to fund operations................ Ripple subsidizes its entire operation from selling XRP to retail speculators. The VC money is long gone. The end
  23. on their blog it's "look we are listed on more exchanges"
  24. Ripple had a party with Snoop Dogg (no joke!) ....and follwoing that shizzle my ripizzle XRP started the race to Zero. There is a technical support at "Fud Fighters" level and resisance at iQ. Besides that, all good.
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