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  1. It was recently downgraded to slot machines in Omaha. You need a qurter or 1 XRP to spin.
  2. He was in Dogecoin at the time, weed stocks or getting his YOLO tatoo. For sure, one of the three.
  3. The .com blow up needed bad companies to @#$% people, the 2008 need banks to @#$% their customers. This era has Twitter and people seem to @#$% themslves on their own. Brilliant.
  4. Peter twits BS all day with # tags to sell his overpriced course. Turned from trader to salesman. When your trading skills are eroding, you start selling.
  5. I love how every year people add years on this forum. "next year" .."in three years..." in 5 years..." so I decided to add my own year:
  6. I am cracking up. XRP entire operation is financed from selling XRP and people want them to stop it. LOL+LMAO= I fallen and I cant get up. If you can't suffer seeing the price go down, stop the bleeding and cut your losses short. If you dont' blame ONLY yourself you held it to levels you did not consider. lower prices bring lower prices.
  7. You are missing the point. Please just for a second, try to open your mind and "comprehend" what I am saying. A country will not stop the use of a coin because of SEC, but if the SEC decides that XRP is a security, then first the US market makers will stop making markets for this coin in the USA. No Bid/No Ask, no price to buy, and no price to sell. All USA legal exchanges will delist it. This drying up of liquidity will affect all markets worldwide and will send XRP to single cents or half a cent, and on top, the spreads on Bid/Ask will be astronomical because of this controversy. XRP could keep its intrinsic value, but you would not be able to realize it because you will not have an exchange that will give you a fair value for your XRP.
  8. Hmmm, US is is the center of the world when it comes to trading. The USA has the largest stock market in the world in cap and volume(NYSE), the largest exchange-traded derivatives (CME), and most substantial derivative OTC volume in the world. If SEC declares that XRP is a security, then worldwide liquidity of XRP will dry up in minutes. Liquidity and adoption of XRP have nothing do with speculation. FCA is not a leading authority of financial products. They allow products like SpreadBetting, which is a form of gambling while the broker is legally allowed to trade against (steal) their customer's funds. The entire country is marketing it. So yes, they can one day reverse their decision if more mature (and smarter) regulatory bodies take a decision.
  9. Then find a facility that would allow you to short it. Let's see some courage.
  10. SEC is the world's largest regulator. If SEC declares that Ripple is a security, it would echo worldwide across all regulation whether FCA in the UK, Bafin in Germany or ASIC in Australia. What they will do at that point is only a guess, but it will not do good things to XRP.
  11. If SEC decides that this is a security, then all exchanges that are not registered to carry securities will delist it. Coinbase will have it off in 24 hours. Even if it has a utility value where will you sell it if the exchanges delist it? A foreign entity that that lists XRP may not delist it, but it will not mess with the USA/SEC and will throw away all it's USA customers.
  12. Whether Ripple paid SBI is a question we will never know. But, XRP paid all the exchanges and market makers of those exchnages in XRP to create liquidity for XRP for the risk associated in market making. Two years ago, when this forum was celebrating that each day a new exchange is added, it was Ripple that was promoting its currency across the exchanges. What Ripple did is neither illegal or unethical, but new speculators do not understand market-making mechanisms and celebrated thosenew additions for the wrong reasons.
  13. I never said anything terrible about XRP and Ripple. NEVER. Blame others? I made money when it ran to ATH...then pleaded for about the last nearly 15 months not to try and catch bottoms, or add to losing positions. There is no "truth" to Ripple. One, we don't know the potential and all guessing, second Ripple and XRP coins never (and I mean never) since Ripple and XRP established had any correlations in terms of price. Ripple could grow to Billions, and XRP could be at 10 cents. Zero association. Dream big, but don't lose your sense of humor. My comment was sarcastic and was made to make fun. If it poked a weakness in your speculation theory, you have some deep issues.
  14. Fake Vol generated by exchanges to show trading.All Fake! Algos at work.
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