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  1. If an employee of a company that worked there for years and saw his/her XRP go from 4 cents to $3.00 and crash back to 30 cents, he/she is just as concerned as anyone else. They are humans, and they have no superpowers predicting the markets. If they sold, moved on, or just want to take some off the table, good for them, and they owe NO ONE an explanation including Joel. F ridiculous people ask him over Twitter for an explanation! The biggest risk to XRP is not the employees of Ripple selling XRP, or Joel or Ripple advancement, but Bagholders who put in more than they can afford to lose/risk hanging their entire life on the delusion of prices that have no basis in real life. Slowly the market will bleed them out with lower prices, move them to a different currency, or they will just have to pay the bills. Then, XRP will go up. XRP is not there to make the masses rich, or this entire forum. There will be no Vegas parties, only a few select individuals that had the stomach for this gut-wrenching game.
  2. I am not sure why you quoted me with the other guy as we do not have the same context. First, regulation is not the opposite of manipulation, regulation is the opposite of no rules. Even within highly regulated environments, you can manipulate. Second, I am not disgruntled. Quite the opposite, I am of the lucky ones who bought in the single penny digits and sold for dollars (near three) and was very lucky to have the intuition to do Also, I am not saying that because prices are low, it is manipulated. But, when prices escalated from 20 cents to three dollars, that was a pure manipulation of the exchnages taking advantage of small investors with automated algo market makers. When I argued this point months ago, I was debated on this forum. Now we have the news that there are 5 legitimate exchanges that reported real trading. I am not a pessimist on XRP. Quite the opposite, I am encouraged that they have innovative technology. But, as oppose Feb where everyone thought that each coin will solve a problem, now we are going through a stage where players ask themselves if what they thought was a "for sure solution" is actually appropriate now. What we went through in Feb 2018 was once in a lifetime. In three days, we went through something that it takes major companies 20-40 years in the stock market! These are companies with solid returns. Now people expect the same cycle, and maybe it will, and for many folks here, I hope this is the case. There is no need to attack those of us who say that as an investor, you should be open-minded to many ideas. The biggest asset you have is time, and if you waste in refreshing your quotes, and just stuck on one asset, in my opinion, it is a waste of your resources. However, I respect the individual choices people make.
  3. Don't look at this thread or any thread as a price prediction. It's just people's wishes. Many "moons" and threads ago I said that going forward, the rise will not be meteoric like we have seen before. Now the legal system got involved, it's highly regulated, and XRP is no longer a secret. The next wave of opportunity needs to be explored.
  4. and....it is important to be very self-conscious of your decision making. Sooner than later, you will realize that you move between fear and greed. To analyze ourselves is hard, but the more you think about the motivation behind your actions, the better you get at this game. Before every trade I ask myself this: 1) Why am I doing it? 2) Did I look at the data objectively, or did I see what I wanted to see? These are business questions. Trading is my business.
  5. This is one of the better articles about trading versus gambling We have to avoid certain behaviors and this article really touches on that.
  6. Stop arguing with him. His friend pays nothing in electricity in la la land. By the way, I have an alien friend who told me that he hooked up directly to the sun, and he produces 100 BTCs a day. He Says that the intergalactic council wants to raise the price of the sun so he is looking for alternatives in the black hole.
  7. I never called you a lousy business man. You did :-) I never said that you are envy. I said to spend time with him because he can add value, but clearly, you used his example in bad context. I bought my first XRP at .004 and sold it near $3. Now I am just sitting on the rest. It's not XRP that you are mad at, it's your stupid decision that you don't want to own up to. Glad you build businesses, but you know what they say "a fool and his money are soon parted". I gave you genuine criticism, and you reacted like a moron with the temper of a 5-year-old. Good LUCK, you'll need it until you grow a pair to admit to mistakes and own up to them. By the way, XRP is great when you buy it at .04 and .07 cents.
  8. It's always like that. You invest in something, and then it does not move. Murphy's law lives in investing. Listen, the demographics of this forum are diverse, and for most this is a pipe dream investment. For very few, it is truly risk capital and even few saw any gain from this game. Stop arguing with people here, and decide what is right. If you are inside because you hope it will come back, and at the same time you complain, please spare us your frustration. If you have other better opportunities, cut your losses short, be brave, and move on. If you choose to stay and wait, then accept who you are. By the way, your friend drives a better car because he is a better businessman and a good decision maker. Funny how you attribute his success to mining that has been a losing proposition for most. Trust me, he has a lot of good things going. You should spend more time with him to see what he does day to day.
  9. I understand the sensation of winning, and if you are new to investing, it is quite consuming and overwhelming. Maybe this market is a good lesson about how crowd psychology works. Once you been through a few of these cycles, you will not listen to anyone. You will be an independent trader and take profits when everyone is just counting imaginary money.
  10. Well, you can only judge by performance: LiteCoin for one has performed better in the last quarter than BTC. Right Now Bitcoin Cash has moved a lot, and I am sure others well, like ZEN that went 5X. Again, this is only from a performance perspective. I am not looking to "diversify" amongst long term coins and stick with what I have. If you have the top three Bitcoin, Ether or Ripple, I guess they will dominate the capitalization for quite some time. They also have proved to be the most liquid for day trading, and now that I found a platform with leverage for long and short, that makes short term trading much more pleasurable.
  11. Typically in a sunny resort. Sorry I was not glued to the screen to observe my own confirmation bias.
  12. Ok. The bigger picture is that XRP has not once moved on its own without BTC. There are quite a few coins that did decouple, but XRP is not one of them. Just like ETH, they do not have their own turf yet.
  13. It's hard for me to trade cross rates for a number of reasons: 1. They have different liquidity, so the spreads, as a result, are very high. 2. Spreads could go in opposite directions for a long time, and now you end up managing two positions. I prefer cross rates in the spot FX market, where you have reasonable spreads.
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