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  1. I did see it. Ignored it. I don't need to read it. What I did read is the filing of Ripple defending it's self that it is not a security. They completely disassociated themselves from XRP value, and without saying directly, they imply that speculators should decide between themselves what is the value. XRP is not traded in the hands of institutions; it is exchanged between retail sides and algo trading machines that fake volumes, and Ripple keeps dumping it. No marvel movie in history would create a JOKER like you.
  2. Agreed. The fuller senetence was xCurrent, the service that B of A appears to have at least tested out, does not involve XRP, the cryptocurrency that Ripple periodically sells to fund operations................ Ripple subsidizes its entire operation from selling XRP to retail speculators. The VC money is long gone. The end
  3. on their blog it's "look we are listed on more exchanges"
  4. Ripple had a party with Snoop Dogg (no joke!) ....and follwoing that shizzle my ripizzle XRP started the race to Zero. There is a technical support at "Fud Fighters" level and resisance at iQ. Besides that, all good.
  5. Gold is a true commodity because it does not have a single supplier that can manipulate price. Ripple at will can sell, buyback and distribute its product and affect the price anyway they wish. That does not make it a commodity, it makes a manipulative asset.
  6. The issue is not whether Ripple makes an effort. I have no doubt that they make best efforts to grow their company, and their technology could save companies money. Also, I am aware that "Rome was not built in a day". But, the issue is the mechnism under which Ripple as a digital currency operate under what we call exchanges. So here is the real question for me is this: Can Ripple value increase under the listings of what we call "exchnages"? What I read from the Ripple report is that their digital asset XRP (although necessary for their operation) has a seperate life of the Ripple operation. Again, XRP Is used, but it does not have to rise in price, and they "Ripple" have the right to continues selling it that way.
  7. When you walk into a business and purchase goods and services, you do not have expectations of making revenue from these goods and services. Going back to your McDonald's: When you buy a hamburger, you do not expect to earn revenue from the price of Cattle. When you walk into a car dealer and buy a car, you do not expect the value of the vehicle to go up for speculation, and it has a utility (it drives). When you buy a piece of wood for a shelf in Home Depot, you do not expect lumber to go up, and when you buy a TV, you do not expect Plasma prices to go up. When people bought XRP, since they can't eat it, drive it, or hang it on the all, what was the expectation? This a moral and ethical issue, not a security versus non-security issue. The SEC is not an ethics committee, but they have the right to ask "what was the expectations" and that I would leave to the legal profession.
  8. "No Common Enterprise" This is Black on White what Ripple is saying: Ripple is a project that is financed by selling an asset (digital) to the public to finance its operation, but who's future revenue will not go back to those who funded it. Brilliant. So, if you expect XRP to go up, it does not depend on the Ripple's partnerships, projects or any variable of succes, rather it relies on the next fool theory. Good luck to us all.
  9. Everyone who talks about XRP makes money, not the speculators. Ripple from Selling XRP The exchanges from their INSANE commissions The bloggers who wants us to pay for content The YouTubers who get paid by Google to for ad sharing The educators who want us to take their "course" So Brad went to CNN....Yippee Ki-Yay
  10. Brad: Can you make me pretty? Makeup artist: I need 6 hours. Brad: Take your time.
  11. Reporter: What is XRP? Brad: Just HODL. Repoter: What? Brad: $589 Reporter: Sorry? Brad: FUD. I'm leaving.
  12. Winter is over. Now it's Ice Age. I hope we dont get to fossil age.
  13. I am surprised that WSJ did not have a headline today "XRP lost another housewife account on Twitter".
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