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  1. So you want straight answers on how to buy low and sell high, take profits and buy back again to capture more lows? I suggest you ask the paper traders. They have the best answers to life's hardest trading tasks. Straight face.
  2. Do USD. With Brexit around the corner, you may be into Madcow Part 2.
  3. I love crystal balls and intuitions, they always work out.
  4. It is apparent that what I consider encouragement, others consider "attitude". People want to hear and sold hope, not reality. I had nothing but the best intention to wake up a kid that seems to rest his entire hope on XRP will take him out of his current status. That to me is sad.
  5. .001% is right on! This the % that understands the concept of effort, hard work, and amazing work ethic. Your age group has something that no other generation had, and that is sweat equity, where you can start a business with very little cash. Your last statement describes exactly who you are. You do not have the IQ to hold any asset on it's the way to $20, let alone from 40 cents.
  6. People your age make $10K a month doing youtube video helping others, you choose to sit and "hope" that it will go from 30 cents to $20. Now I feel ZERO guilt with the way I trade now against the other side. When I was your age I hustled like a MF to start a business. What an entitled generation of millennials.
  7. This is great advice. BUT, most will not use it and prefer to start useless questions threads of "when" and some even attempt to answer it. The answer to each question of "when...." is "WE DONT KNOW!"
  8. I suggest selling at the all-time high of the market next time, and then buy back at all-time low right after. After that just repeat cycle. works every time.
  9. Whether you are day trading which I do, and regretfully I became skilled at it, or whether you are investing, both require levels of discipline but from different angles. If you followed any of my threads or comments, you see that I made my money from holding and selling. Day trading had come into the picture before we went to a range period. I am not dismissing ant "arguments" because I did not start any about investing versus day trading. What people do here is the HIGHEST form of gambling, not investing. People justify their holding on fundamental bias and confirmation bias. They use forward-looking projections based on time to explain their actions. These are the typical psychological behavior of the crowds when a short term gamble does not work out. If the exchange just for one day mispriced XRP and placed it at $10, you would see a mass exit like no other. At that point, all theories of pricing would go out the window. Sadly, most bought last time when it exploded no understanding that algo pricing by the changes, which was fake, cause an insane rise. I Finally, there is no relationship between the XRP price and Ripple Net (yet). We read about Ripple success and puzzled why XRP does not go up. This is because it's a model that is mathematical, and not straight forward. Yes, I meant DCA which I am dead against, and again, I don't care whether you are day trading, swing trade, long term hold, or want to give your great grandkids XRP, never ever add to losing positions.
  10. I appreciate the kind word, and I am honored. But, the philosophy of anti-DCA is regardless of the time frame I trade. If I put money and it works in my favor, I will add. I trade value, not price. If a trader does not know the difference between the two, he/she will be a victim of FOMO or DAC. Either one does not work, and will not work.
  11. I prefer to date "expensive" than a "sl*t". People are afraid to buy high, typical. High becomes higher. lower becomes lower.
  12. I am happy for you. This is how a trader moves. He sees...he takes. Stick with it. Don't go back to XRP until it starts to be really high, and then move on it. Those who don't add to losing positions, and not afraid to buy new highs...win!
  13. If you did it, you are brilliant. If you didn't, I have some tissue paper.
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