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  1. Please chill, it's just Monday sarcasm. The first comment on the OP was "FUD". Are you not sick and tired of this term on every negative review of XRP? Every article by these amateurs, coindesk, ethtoday, CCN" and all the other "writers" ends up in my head with "so they wrote". Many guys here get bent out of shape with this "FUD" comments. It's because they think that news articles actually affects the market and their holdings. Its laughable at times.
  2. XRP cannot do anything wrong. All their efforts are to make XRP holders happy and their entire intentions are to make sure we all retire rich. I don't believe they offered XRP to developers coins, or that they gave coins to market makers to create artificial liquidity, nor did they say to the SEC that ripple and XRP are totally separate. ALL FUD. Let's Make XRP Great Again. I suggest building a wall to keep the FUDSTERS out.
  3. I am still researching a good platform for execution. The Crypto spreads in CFDs are horrible, the exchange commissions are 1985 prices. You have to minimize your trading to almost 51% chance of success.
  4. Break of XRP .31 may lead to .325 to .33 or higher. ETH break of 125 may lead to 132-140.
  5. I just tested some CFD platforms, what the %^$# is that stupid spread? Is there one with a reasonable spread?
  6. @KavabataThank you for thanking me, but you did not answer the question. If I need to get less technical for you, let me ask this again. Does BitMex have enough liquidity to act as an exchange, or are they the other side of the transaction?
  7. @Kavabata Doesn't BitMex internalize their flow?
  8. My day trading rules https://spekul8.wordpress.com/2019/02/07/factors-to-consider-when-day-trading-crypto-currencies/
  9. I don't disagree with many of the things you are saying: costs, long term view versus short term, and slippage, stress, etc. But, you do not have to forgo your long term view and adopt a day trading view instead. One does not oppose the other. Also, you can not prove (all asset classes) that those who have a long term view can always capitalize and max out their investments. Belief is a religion, not a method. Even investments that do require long term holding have set back in access of 50%! Consider FB at launch. It went down 50%, BABA went down 30%, and Crypto 90%!! Essentially, the question to ask is not what we should do but what does human nature do in lieu of such events. The market will always shake you out, will test you, and sadly in Crypto very few took advantage of the run. The ones who are stuck will "sit", pray, chat, etc instead of looking for other opportunities where the market is moving and they could be early adopters. Can you please quantify the opportunity cost of that? So to address your skepticism again, all I can say is don't do it. It is not for everyone, and clearly not for ones who don't have the ability to develop a way to evaluate an oversold and overbought condition. Always do what is right for you. At this point, I am exploring method and cost of day trading (when volatility justifies) the Cryptocurrencies. I am NOT recommending to anyone to day trade as most will lose their funds, so if you do ONLY RISK money.
  10. Day trading is a momentum and leverage game. it is having the ability to function under small time frames. It is an intense psychological challenge. Holders require an insane level of confidence while having your hands "tied" not to take a profit because of your long term belief system. However, in day trading most fail because they base it on gut, no method. Long term holders are susceptible to confirmations biases. It does not matter how the Crypto will evolve, 1% will win. No one can change that.
  11. So is long term, swing trading, scalping, HFT, etc. Always Zero Sum Game. 99% of gains go to 1% of winners in any time frame and market.
  12. Is anyone of you day trades the crypto markets, XRP, ETH, etc ?? There is nice volatility in the markets, really more suitable for specific day trades.
  13. Spekul8

    I’m out!!

    I just gave an example to think outside the box and not be glued to the Crypto quotes. The market is not a woman, don't fall in love with anything.
  14. Spekul8

    I’m out!!

    If you have the ability to track other worthwhile investments, there is no need to sit on anything. We have industries rocking and rolling in weed, and fintech. I bought symbol CRON a year ago and now everyone is talking about it. There are always other opportunities, and you should always read and stay informed. Every abnormal return has a very limited time span. Cryptos are now blue-chips, not emerging returns. If they ever move, it will be slow and painful. It took the NASDAQ 15 years to come back from the .COM bubble. If you hold XRP and believe in it, good for you, and if you moved on to other areas, good for you as well. There is no right and wrong when the future is unpredictable.
  15. Spekul8

    It's Happening?

    Some character here should do the sequel to the movie Split "Are you trying to trick me? I’ll tell on you."