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  1. Hey BTW, if that party is happening on EU, please let us know and count me in!
  2. Beside personal topics on private security concerns... this post made me open up my account again. So yes, i think it's good to know each other a *bit* more. There is no need to share personal addresses... Also, i think there are just a handful of strong voices out there the likes of @TiffanyHayden @Hodor and @XRPTrump (even day by day are coming more well researched players) , and the ONLY concern about my investment on XRP is that I truly miss more diversified and powerful characters online, as well as a stronger dev community. Definitively phone calls won't fix this, the topic behind it will. Being more inclusive, staying close and promoting each other good ideas are A step required to drive XRP to major levels of adoption, at least for the famous Joe the Average.
  3. Really, you have way more probabilities to die on a car accident or missing a step on your stairs than being murdered by some norwegian... (Irony over here, btc, xrp doesn't add more probabilities to die than you already have) I'm totally in it, I'm from Catalunya and i have literally no one to talk about it, just Twitter, Reddit and XRPChat (not even saying in my native language...) And if you are here and used to cryptos but you're not storing your stash on escrows or bank deposits, then a simple PC attack would be sufficient... Security +10 Paranoia -1
  4. Hey @Allvor we would like to see more details on how you are progressing, and some crunching numbers on the distribution. Please, keep us on date!
  5. The public gateways Toast connects to s1.ripple.com, etc. are currently down. This is why you are seeing "account not activated." Your funds are safe. These servers should be back up shortly. We are also trying to arrange funding to run our own set of public gateways. ”ToastWallet” twiter.
  6. No, it is not a site maintenance. The ledger is down, globally.
  7. The ledger is down. Maybe it is due to a newer version, but this is bad, really bad.
  8. Yes, but i don’t have a clue what is happening.
  9. Hi Allvor, Want to come clean to a quote from a contributor? ''The ongoing Allvor airdrop features an uncapped supply and the 'No Freeze' flag has not been set by the issuing account. In other words, an infinite amount of ALV can be issued and the tokens can be freezed at will. For example, in the event of compromised secret keys, nothing stops a malicious party from issuing additional ALV or freezing all ALV tokens'' Since most of your interaction has been done on this chat, you might want to clarify this concerns
  10. I can even relate about how Mr. Cagno states the speed about our constantly changing world. It is happening that quick, that just a few will ever realize and keep following the path! I'm blessed for the time we living for. Congratulations Mr Cagno and Allvor team!
  11. Sure it is Chose @wietsewind steps, rekey your ledger in toastwallet and claim using it Tell me how much you got
  12. @Allvor Hello guys! We would like to see some activity about you! As long as you keep under the radar, people will still have doubts about your future projects and intentions! Become public, become loud! Congratulations, and keep the good work.
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