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    xrpmeplease reacted to QWE in is XRP's strength clarity of global regulations?   
    Thank you for commenting on my "lawyering abilities" as you call them, I will refrain from commenting on yours, no need for name calling in a civilized debate.
    Ripple and their lawyers are avoiding the securities arguments, because they don't need to go down that road at all. They just need to win the case. You presume the case will have to determine if XRP is a security or not. I would argue that it will never come to that at all, which is what Ripple is trying to achieve with this motion to dismiss by stating that the question of XRP being a security is completely irrelevant, because even if it were a security, it would not change the outcome of the lawsuit.
    Other lawyers seem to think this is the case as well, so I am not alone in my opinion. From the article: https://www.coindesk.com/whats-next-in-the-securities-case-against-ripple-over-xrp
    "But the suit is not likely to settle the matter, legal experts said.
    “No one’s finding out whether XRP is a security anytime soon, if ever, at least through this proceeding,” said Rebecca Rettig, a partner at FisherBroyles."
    You are insinuating all over the forum that XRP is a security, even throwing out January 15th as a date to watch for. You even state you are shorting XRP because of it. In reality, the question whether XRP is a security will definitely not be answered on that date and most likely not for a long time.
    EDIT: let me explain what I am trying to say with the simplest example I can come up with.
    A lawsuit I was involved in stated that a customer wanted to return a machine for a full refund under warranty to the seller because the machine was broken. The lawsuit was dismissed, because the machine was actually already out of warranty (after 1 year). We never determined if the machine was broken or not, because we did not have to. Stating the machine was out of warranty did not mean we are admitting the machine was broken. The state of the machine was irrelevant.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to WrathofKahneman in is XRP's strength clarity of global regulations?   
    This is insane. Ripple is being sued.  At issue is whether they are a security.  They are not required to make any particular case, only to win it.  If it comes to it, the courts can rule on the category of investment, but Ripple is not compelled to do so, especially if they can win their case on procedural grounds.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Sporticus in is XRP's strength clarity of global regulations?   
    The conclusion  which Ripple makes that XRP is not a security is not supported by an examination of Howey or the no action positions of the SEC which I linked.  Neither is the logic of securities law as applied to crypto discussions made by Director Hinman addressed which I likewise linked. 
    The Fortune article I quoted above and re-quote comes to the same point I have.  Ripple does not respond on the merits under relevant law (Howey) why XRP is not a security. It asks us to assume that XRP is a security and therefore is exempt based upon the statute of repose.  Which is a bogus argument.  It is like Ripple is saying "I ***** a woman three years ago and she did not report me, so after three years,  I can go **** another woman and that is alright.and I should not be prosecuted" Dumb defense and not supported.
    The refusal on the part of Ripple to discuss the relevant law and differentiate itself from the current positions of the SEC is a concession to the fact that XRP is a security. The FinCEN consent agreement is quoted above too and no SEC or FIN Cen regulator have said that XRP is a "currency" and not a security.  
    Really crappy lawyering and your lawyering abilities are nonexistent.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to QWE in is XRP's strength clarity of global regulations?   
    You're kidding, right? The part that you quoted was made arguendo, stating that even if XRP were a security, it would already be too late to file the case. You yourself admitted the statement was made arguendo, or would you like to change your position on that? Just so I know which part to address. And please note, as I quoted from the filings, Ripple specifically stated XRP is not a security. Or are you saying Ripple is contradicting its own statements?
    A simple quote from wikipedia for anyone following this debate:
    "A criminal defense attorney may say, "if, arguendo, my client stole the internet data and password, then saving a life would have justified stealing it," thus suggesting that determining the client's guilt or innocence is pointless because they would cause identical legal effects."
    This is exactly what Ripple is saying (among other things) in that response. The debate on XRP being a security is pointless for this case, because the legal effects for the Plaintiff would be identical either way.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Sporticus in is XRP's strength clarity of global regulations?   
    " Based on his allegations, Plaintiff’s federal securities claims are barred by Section 13’s statute of repose, which strictly forbids claims brought “more than three years after the security was bona fide offered to the public.”
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    xrpmeplease reacted to QWE in is XRP's strength clarity of global regulations?   
    This is simply false, and to support my argument, I quote Ripple's reply to Plaintiff's response (page 1):
    "Opp. 1. XRP is not a security, Mot. 21 n.19, but that is irrelevant for purposes of this motion. Even if XRP were a security, Plaintiff’s claims still fail as a matter of law."
    Ripple is opposing Plaintiff's arguments even in the case XRP was a security, but are clearly repeating their position that XRP is not a security.
    EDIT: I read your post again, and indeed, you actually agree with this yourself. As you wrote, arguendo, for the sake of the argument, Ripple states that even if XRP was a security, the Plaintiff's claims do not hold. This is not the same as them stating XRP is a security, as you state in your post:
    Please, support your argument with a quote where Ripple admits that XRP is a security. That statement is absent in most recent court filings, but I was able to find a quote from Ripple explicitly saying it is not a security from the same court filings you supposedly cite.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Sporticus in is XRP's strength clarity of global regulations?   
    So, Ripple concedes arguendo, that XRP is a security, but tries to shield itself behind the statute of repose. In order to use the statue of repose concerning securities, Ripple assumes XRP is a security, Ripple alleges the statute gives a time bar defense to one who issues a security. The Plaintiff asserts that the time runs from the last issuance of the security. 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Xrpdude in Reality Check.. Uh Huh Huh   
    @ElvisLives way down that's right but I want you to understand, yes we've fallen like Kentucky rain but the issue here is getting your xrp back, return to sender as it were doesn't mean one night of sin anymore, not sure where you got ninety days from but that's the wonder of you. Back in 2017 you could get your money out in an hour too from Kraken. That's right teddy bear, one hour. But a fool such as I didn't cash out, wish it did, breaks my wooden heart, it's always on my mind
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Tripple in Do State Backed Cryptos Mean the Window is Closing For Ripple?   
    In terms of Ripple's use case for XRP - it will be used as a liquidity solution in emerging markets, to improve high-friction payment rails, and to facilitate growth in otherwise traditionally illiquid markets depending on the reach of RippleNet. It'll open up opportunities that weren't previously viable - rather than replace the majority of current payment rails (at least initially). So I think you're comparing apples to oranges.  
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Mpolnet in Analyzing Future Potential Capital Inflow Into XRP   
    Apologies in advance for the long post but stick with me on this one, hopefully some of you will find it interesting. As always, I welcome any and all feedback and contributions to the analysis and thinking presented below. 
    Firstly, the link below is from this years SWELL conference and features Navin Gupta (of Ripple) speaking with Dr. Raghuram Rajan (former Central Banker for India). They discuss a wide range of topics from micropayments, financial inclusion, globalization, trade finance, regulation, stablecoins, etc. Dr. Raghuram Rajan also provides the best explanation of what XRP is and it's intended purpose that I've heard to date. While watching the discussion there were a number of points made about how countries can encourage the development of new technologies through sandboxes in addition to points made around how regulators get comfortable with digital assets in general. The more countries allow experimentation and go from pilot to production, the greater the potential for collaboration and new entrants into existing industries. Paytm was a great example. For anyone who hasn't watched the video, I highly recommend it (not sure why it's linking poorly).
    This discussion got me thinking about what markets XRP is currently available in - where fiat/XRP pairs exist for that countries native currency. Given there's over 180 countries, I think it's critical to think of XRP's exposure to the world on a macro level, rather than just thinking about how the large countries interact with XRP. Thinking this way can give us a potential idea (or way to think about) the potential capital inflow into XRP that has yet to be tapped. I've heard numerous times that in order for price to rise we need a new wave of buyer - I think this could be a good starting point of thinking about where that new wave might come from. 
    Below is an analysis taking info from xrparcade (big thanks to @LeonidasH for his huge contribution to creating and updating this). It shows countries ranked by GDP output (countries are ranked by the IMF) - it then shows the number of existing exchanges with fiat/XRP pairs for that respective countries native fiat currency. As shown below, there are still a lot of countries that provide potential investors with minimal or no exposure to investing in XRP. 

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    xrpmeplease reacted to Julian_Williams in Brad Garlinghouse leading crypto and blockchain regulation   
    It is impossible for anyone/country looking at cross border payments to ignore Ripple/XRPs contribution and vision of what future cross border payments will look like. 
    Once you pencil in data rich, frictionless, instant, secure, costless, streamed cross border currency into your vision of the future your sight expands across a new landscape that is run on mobile phones, tokenised, no longer dependent on reserve currencies like the dollar, inclusive of backwater currencies of underdeveloped countries.  Your mind races towards imagining what sorts of regulations will be needed for undreamed industries.  Ripple is totemic of this new world order.
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from mariusthegreat in What's your drop dead give up date?   
    I don't understand the drop dead dates people arbitrarily choose and the supporting argument that the competition will catch up...liquidity will be the base utility grows from (as far as I understand it anyways), and that's going to take time to build, so as long as that's improving over time, how does someone magically "catch up"? and I think people need to reconcile themselves with the idea its gonna take years to get there, i'm resigned to anywhere from 3 to 8/9 years before we see any appreciable sustained price upwards movement (which admittedly are totally arbitrary figures as well).
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Raekwon in Charting the course of XRP   
    That escalated quickly..
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Panopticon in Suggestion: Burn 50 billion XRP   
    What Stellar did only shows desperation and an attempt to pump the price.
    I do not think there is a need for XRP to burn. If Ripple succeeds into making XRP global bridge currency 100 Billion will not be even remotely enough for the demand. But that will take time, and by time I estimate 3 to 8 years. As long as they keep making steps that lead to adoption, I am willing to wait.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to WuWei in How XRP value will rise with utility   
    I think that you pretty much nailed it. It gonna take regulatory clarity, whether or not that soon occurs here, or if starts somewhere like in Japan. Once a decent "map" is sketched out, I believe that banks, businesses, and institutions in other countries, will quickly follow suit and begin building their own pools of xrp liquidity. With the huge amount of xrp created, the corresponding sizes of the liquidity pools attainable is almost unimaginable and the scale of how valuable xrp may one day become in brokering unimaginable amounts of transactions. The IoV is coming, and I believe that it's potential scope is actually hard to grasp. I feel as if it's going to make watching this all rolling out over the next ten years or so, an extraordinary journey. 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to ManBearPig in We're all idiots   
    Only invest what you can afford to lose and be prepared for your investment to go to zero. XRP has a higher chance of failing than succeeding. With that said, I bought some more XRP yesterday. 
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from Sharkey in Coinfields XRPL Project   
    I love the certainty behind your statement...the exact thing you hold against the folks that hold contrary opinions to yours.
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from GrumpyDon in Coinfields XRPL Project   
    I love the certainty behind your statement...the exact thing you hold against the folks that hold contrary opinions to yours.
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from jbjnr in Coinfields XRPL Project   
    I love the certainty behind your statement...the exact thing you hold against the folks that hold contrary opinions to yours.
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from Ripple-Stiltskin in Coinfields XRPL Project   
    I love the certainty behind your statement...the exact thing you hold against the folks that hold contrary opinions to yours.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Duke67 in Ripple: Swift’s real-time payments don’t solve US$10tn liquidity problem   
    It's the traders who hold both XRP and MXN, sellers and buyers, people like you and me. The multitude of it creates deep pools of liquidity. That's why it takes some time...
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Duke67 in Ripple: Swift’s real-time payments don’t solve US$10tn liquidity problem   
    You seem to forget what liquidity actually means.
    It's a sheer pool of orders waiting on markets around the world and backed by real money, nothing like BitMex "entertainment" nonsense. Where can you see XLM trading at any significant volumes? Almost nowhere.
    The market also has to be organic. Some simple distribution of 90B XLM to SWIFT users will not work. There must be real holders who paid real money for their tokens, otherwise it's not a market and the entire structure does not hold.
    So calm down Freaky. XLM liquidity is about 2 grades lower than on XRP markets.
    Ripple is doing it very well. 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Caracappa in Ripple: Swift’s real-time payments don’t solve US$10tn liquidity problem   
    Sigh... XRapid is live for just one year and you want instant liquid corridors connected to all exchanges and Fiat pairs around the world... Start a company and change the world in the second week right?

    You often describe yourself as a realist in between all the hopium bringers... I think you give yourself to much credit and you're on the extreme other side of the spectrum. This is not being a realist, this is just a plain old pessimist ******* on everything thats work in progress. But thats for some the easiest way of coping with things I guess.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Caracappa in Checkmate Ripple   
    It's good to see the banking world preparing their backbone to be easily connected to a native realtime bridging asset to connect all walled gardens that emerge troughout the world.
    Makes it a lot easier and much more efficiënt to connect then all those individual legacy systems, so bravo JPM for paving the way!
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    xrpmeplease reacted to panmores in Checkmate Ripple   
    Altogether the inefficient corridors and unbanked are probably a market larger than the playing field of the established banks. Whatever competition comes along, I think Ripple gave up some time ago trying to confront the biggest names in banking and finances heads on. These might join, however, eventually, if the Ripple concept proves right.
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