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    xrpmeplease reacted to KarmaCoverage in Q2 2020 XRP markets report   
    https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ripple-labs ... um $348 million dollars pays for WAY more than $120m (using your high of 400m XRP and $0.30).
    Slight correction here, Programatic sales obviously have to be sold on an exchange with a Program or API interface, which obviously does get "sold on the market". While Direct sales, aka Over the Counter sales, will come with legally binding terms and/or work that the buying party must comply with, or else there would be a claw-back on the XRP sold.
    Additionally, any XRP that they lend out to Market Maker's as an incentive, would could out of Escrow, but not fall under the number of XRP "sold", regardless if it was programatic or direct.
    Honestly, I have read your list of "facts" and the only thing on the list that may be a "fact", is "There is no information on how much Ripple bought or why", but while I have skimmed the report I didn't notice that number, and I was looking for it.
    "facts" are not just things that you think are true, they have to be verifiable. The rest of the points are more of a Perspective, than a Fact.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to JASCoder in (Seeking Alpha) XRP: The Cryptocurrency I Am Most Bullish On And Why Ripple Makes This An Extraordinary Opportunity   
    Seeking Alpha is an older investment info site, recently been including crypto. Nice to see such a positive piece AND a mention of the OCC announcement. 
    Maybe a sign that the MSM is catching a clue ?
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    xrpmeplease reacted to KarmaCoverage in Appreciation/Volatility or Utility/Stability?   
    No offence, but I'm just going to go ahead and call BS on this.
    The real reason to be thankful to BTC is for pioneering blockchain technology... and having a governance structure that makes it unusable in actual complaint financial transactions. The fact that the crypto markets follow BTC's market movements is due to the fact that BTC is the "bridge currency" for essentially all of the crypto market. This will obviously change with time, and BTC's dominance wanes and fades away. Yes there is still, and will continue to be (relative to public markets) a lot of volatility in the entire crypto market. The good thing, is that an XRP TX is so fast, that the TX participants are not exposed to much of that volatility risk. or 2.a... Yes Market Makers are exposed to "prolonged periods" of volatility while holding XRP. The good thing, is that because the inventory turn over cycles are so much faster a Market Maker will need to float substantially less overall amount of capital held in the asset which they are making markets in "(relative to the conventional payments)", XRP in this case. "Do you prefer X or X market conditions" , this is simply a False Dichotomy which is defined as...  
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    xrpmeplease reacted to LeonidasH in Ripple's XRP Escrow   
    Ripple has re-escrowed 800m XRP, ending in Sep. 2024. So far 32 escrows have ended, 1b each month. The total amount of XRP in escrow has been reduced by 6.2b XRP so far, at an average of 193,75m per month. You can view all past and future escrows:

    You can also learn more about the XRPL escrow function, the amounts re-escrowed every month by Ripple since its inception, and the wallets holding all of Ripple's escrowed XRP. This blog post is updated every month.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Skippy in Ripple's XRP Escrow   
    It is not a "planned" distribution curve. It just shows how the amount Ripple is holding would develop if they sold a certain amount each month. 
    edit: to add to this, it is debated whether Ripple selling their XRP fast or slow is better. If they sell it fast, it get distributed wider at a lower price point thus decreasing Ripple's holdings and in that way increasing "decentralization".
    On the other hand, one might want Ripple to have as large "warchest" as possible, as long as possible, to support XRP adoption etc.  
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Julian_Williams in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    This is a forum for investors to discuss the merits and news stories surrounding XRP.  I would think aggressive negativity from someone who is no longer investing in XRP is trolling? 
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from bloodhound in Ripple making waves in China and Malaysia   
    You might even think they have a vested interest in that happening. But hey, maybe they haven't considered that...
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from WuWei in Ripple making waves in China and Malaysia   
    You might even think they have a vested interest in that happening. But hey, maybe they haven't considered that...
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    xrpmeplease reacted to enrique11 in Bitcoin Has American Mindshare but Few Users   
    It's hard to climb a ladder by skipping most of the rungs and trying to jump to the top.   It's easiest to climb it starting from the bottom.  Yes, it will take longer, but you are less likely to fall.
    The masses aren't using XRP, XRP works transparently in the background. It's the MMs and Ripple's products that move the value. Sure, you could do it yourself, but it's a lot more work, and like you said, most people don't know how to do it and it would take them longer to figure out how to do end-to-end payments between sender and recipient. 
    The price will go up organically, like a snowball rolling downhill.   This is up to a 10-year project to maturity.   As quickly as Ripple wants to speed up this process, they know they are at the mercy of their customers, so they have to target those customers that are most w illing to take a risk and use it now, which is smaller companies who have a small quickly adaptive infrastructure that doesn't require so a large risk of capital and change in infrastructure to switch over to this new system.  
    The price of XRP is a function of its utility.  It's that simple, and utility depends on mass adoption and usage which takes time. 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to KarmaCoverage in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    There is a list of reasons for this...
    In a market a "buyer" is - Ready, Willing, and Able to buy... fortunately most of those "Able" (crypto enthusiasts) are not Ready or Willing to buy XRP. It is well understood that the crypto community became hostile towards Ripple/XRP, which I personally see as an expression of fear of XRP/Rippled being better than BTC/Bitcoind. This has left the "window of opportunity" which is the time frame in which to buy, open for an astounding amount of time. The Jed issue, flooded the market with supply, and continues to and will until he either a. has completely sold out, or b. becomes an irrelevant player due to increased trading volume. (and the only reason XLM is around is because he funded it with his XRP. I was on the phone with the gateway operator when the $1m went through.) The entire crypto market is still young. I have said before that I tend to look at markets/companies etc on a "human timescale" so I'd say Crypto in general is about a 10 year old (not a professional athlete, but with high potential), of the herd Ripple looks to be among the most mature and developed towards adulthood, while BTC looks like it hit puberty a little bit early, and will be talking about his days as high school quarterback for the rest of his life. There are several others that are maturing like R3, and several in more niche usecases/industries. SWIFT has lasted around 50 years old, and I'd expect that it will never see 70 years old. Brenton Woods has lasted almost 100 years, and it's framework's influence will out live the framework itself. The crypto markets in general have matured a lot over the past several years. We now have derivatives, futures, options, insurance, custody, institutional level services, etc. Some global player who I cant remember his name, said of the internet's growth "the first 20 years laid the ground work, for the explosive growth of the 2nd 20 years.".
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Julian_Williams in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    I bought some XRP this month.  No your point seemed very unthreatening, but I replied because I recognise you as a serious contributor who had given me an honest response.  I come here to debate and have my views challenged, not help others in the charitable sense of the word..
    Of course I have a point of view, like you do, and we both have our biases.  I do not think that makes either of us "dangerous".  
    I hope I am not "blinded by my own light".  I try to keep my responses factually based , like my response above about inaccuracies in the article above.  It is up to others to challenge my point of view, and "factual appraisal", which so far you have failed to do.
    It seems to me the dangerous ones are those who make wide ranging generalities and emotional responses that are not backed up with any attempt to ground their arguments with evidence.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Valhalla_Guy in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    You don’t buy my argument because it hit too close too home...My guess is that you also do not buy XRP anymore either; do you?
    BTW: It is the duty of every citizen to protect themselves, and their children; ESPECIALLY from any citizen claiming it is their duty to “HELP” them when no help was asked. For it is precisely those citizens (like yourself) that are truly the most dangerous, because they are blinded by their own light.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Julian_Williams in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    I guess those that are of the mindset that wants to believe that Ripple/XRP/ODL are failing will find comfort in this article, and use to promote their memes.
    Ripple put a squeeze on OTC sales to reduce supply and then they get told their OTC sales are down because there is no demand 
    The notion that Ripple are selling XRP because they are short of money is risible.  They are awash with money have raised 600 million recently and with an IPO in the wings that is expected to raise 5 - 6 billion.  It is very strange that this article tries to portray a project that now employs over 400 staff and has offices on every continent, and plans to employ another 50 staff before the end of he year, as failing and scrambling for money.
    The bit about replacing vostro nostro accounts with a need to buy and hold stocks of XRP is also fallacious.  Market Makers will maintain one pool of XRP in each country, which is a shared asset for all users, including being available to tiny FIs that are undercutting the very expensive insecure messaging banking.  So whilst many larger piles of money held by many big banks is replaced by one smaller pile of money held by market makers and exchanges.  For instance a bank no longer need a nostro account in Mexico because the Mexican corridor is now liquid with XRP supplied by market makers that are expanding their dominance in that corridor.
    Then the article tells us Ripple have 200 partners on Ripplenet, ripple have more like 350 - 400 partners.
    Then it tries to make out ODL has to be heavily subsidised to be competitive.  Ripple are priming the new corridors (but less so now they have dumped the "treasury" transfers), and as the corridors grow and interconnect the need for the priming will be reduced, this is part of the flywheel effect.  ODL is now well demonstrated to be far far cheaper and more secure than correspondence banking models.
    XRP/ODL is not being left out, or overtaken.  Projects like UBIN and old systems like SWIFT are building networks that accommodate XRP/ODL as part of the mix.  Ripple/ODL works with  stable coins. Ripple are now part of the establishment, with an invite to every top table.
    XRP also have identified many other applications for their tokens to be used - gaming, micro payments, tokenisation .....all the Xpring projects
    ........but good luck to those who do not want to invest in XRP - there are other promising projects using blockchain, but none other with so many partners, so many avenues, such a large target market to disrupt, so many employees in place under such as well run management team.  I do not understand why those who do not like investing in XRP spend so much energy trying to run down a project they have no interest in supporting?  What is motivating your obsessive interest in something that does not interest you ?
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Gorgalosk in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    Ya'll can get as upset as you want, but @Julian_Williams is the only one that has actually quoted actual verifiable facts.
    -Ripple DID cut their OTC drastically. https://ripple.com/insights/q3-2019-markets-report/
    -While XRP was never explicitly designed for retail, they HAVE been expanding in that area  https://bitpay.com/blog/bitpay-xrp-live/
    -regarding where banks would source XRP:  https://twitter.com/JoelKatz/status/1021821429908615168
    -regarding RippleNet partners (note this is from 8 months ago and has undoubtedly increased): https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-growth-announcing-more-than-300-customers/
    -The selling of Jed's XRP is controlled by Ripple via a court agreement.  They have custody of it and sell it for him.  It can be sold based off a % of average daily volume per week: https://www.xrparcade.com/news/mccaleb-ramps-up-xrp-sales-does-it-matter/
    Nobody likes to lose money or watch other people's investments take off.  I don't know what to say other than these things take time.  Ripple is not your lambo factory. Ripple doesn't owe you anything. You went out on a limb with a high risk investment. I don't know what you've seen that would lead you to believe that the XRP ecosystem is stagnant other than price, which is not the same thing as value.
     I'm not an investment pro but selling when XRP when it's down like 95% from it's all time high seems like the opposite of what you should be doing. If you feel your research that lead you to investing was mistaken or you don't like the direction the company is going then sell.  What's the big deal?  
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    xrpmeplease reacted to tar in A short reminder   
    As you may have noticed: there are no markets, anymore as central banks are massively intervening and buying everything in order to prevent a major crisis and thereby also a healthy correction, unfortunately. This has, by the way, been predicted around 20-30 years ago by Paul C. Martin (Debitism) [1] and is now recogniced by different financial analysts (e.g. Leonhard Fischer who said in an interview that the middle class is the loser of this game). In short, the debitistic dilemma means that states must at some point fail in their own pre-financing, which forces them to expand permanently. It is now impossible to raise interest rates without triggering a crisis at the same time.
    Because of this situation, central banks are trying to save everyone by simply buying up everything the market can offer. Companies can issue bonds directly to the FED and do what they want with the money - even speculate on the stock market. The same applies to the Treasury's loans to companies - the money is not earmarked for a specific purpose. As of October 1, the whales (banks) are allowed to gamble again - with the customers' deposits (i.e. the cash holdings of their customers). The Volcker Rule, which was introduced to prevent another financial crisis, will now be abolished again. JPMorgan expects the central banks to expand the monetary base by another $15 trillion by mid 2021.
    The top 10% of the wealthy take advantage of this situation by taking out loans at favourable rates and jumping on this bandwagon. As a result, share prices are also rising contrary to any expectations of returns in the real economy (especially due to the collapse in orders, which has been exacerbated by the Corona crisis). Take a look at the share value of Tesla, for example. Really? Then I don't know what the situation in the USA looks like, but here in Germany there is a massive real estate bubble and there is also massive demand for precious metals (especially gold), which in some cases leads to physical delivery problems.
    The one who has nothing (the lower class) cannot invest, but also loses nothing, since he has nothing to lose from the outset.
    Those who are hit hardest belong to the middle class: blue-collar workers, white-collar workers. Basically everyone who has some assets, but not enough to get cheap loans and to be able to compensate for any losses. It is precisely this class that finances the state and is currently being fleeced. As they are now subject to the highest taxation in the world in Germany (we are talking about up to 42% income tax plus health, social and nursing care insurance) and at the same time the water is being dug out of them, a flight abroad began. On top of that, they spend about 80 billion euros (conservatively estimated) annually here for so-called "refugees" who cannot be integrated into the labour market. And the trend is rising.
    In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before the whole thing implodes - worldwide. But until then, the party goes on.
    At the moment, a turnaround is looming with regard to the USD/EUR exchange rate. This is likely to be due on the one hand to the aforementioned glut of money and on the other to the planned EU debt union. The corresponding chart looks like this:

    What is left over when currencies are diluted and stocks, real estate and precious metals are pushed to unprecedented heights? Government bonds, which are considered safe, are becoming increasingly risky and do not generate returns anyway.
    So sooner or later, cryptos will also rise to new highs. On the one hand, because it allows you to hide capital and move it out of the country. On the other hand, because here you find another possibility to diversify your assets and the crypto market has corrected itself "healthy" since about 2 years.
    Regarding XRP in particular, I can only say that I do not understand their strategy at the moment and honestly wonder why they have not made the big breakthrough yet. I also don't know what is really true about the rumor that they want to create an additional currency anchor together with central banks. I haven't paid enough attention to this in recent months.
    The XRP chart itself has not changed, however, as the channel boundaries have so far been adhered to. This means that it still points to a crazy outbreak around September. I'm curious, but also cautious, to make another really big entry now (got my stash) - just because of the current dangerous world situation. The best advice is probably to diversify your assets as much as possible and to write off life and pension insurance in your mind.
    [1] Prophecy of Dr. Paul C. Martin 1987, translated from German:

    Today is the worldwide day of last-resort lending as described by the English economist Walter Bagehot in the 19th century: All countries will be liable for all countries, all central banks for all central banks, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and many other international institutions. And all countries will stand for all banks, however, all central banks will also face the music for all countries, and all countries for all central banks. All, all, all will be there for all, all, all. And all know, that nothing must happen to anybody, since then it would happen to all of them.

    Original quote in German:

    "Heute ist weltweit Bagehot total: Alle Staaten werden für alle Staaten, alle Notenbanken für alle Notenbanken haften, einschließlich Währungsfonds und Weltbank und vielen anderen internationalen Institutionen. Und alle Staaten werden für alle Banken geradestehen, aber auch alle Notenbanken für alle Staaten und alle Staaten für alle Notenbanken. Alle, alle, alle werden für alle, alle, alle dasein. Und alle wissen, dass keinem von allen etwas passieren darf, weil dann allen etwas zustößt."
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Julian_Williams in Crypto Eri - News from the Far East   
    I have been threatening to do this for some time:  Crypto @Eri produces bulletins packed with the latest news about Ripple/XRP, SBI.  She provides analysis that is very often unique and insightful and depends on translating Japanese links.  The sort of new information that should be discussed on this open forum. 
    My intention is to start a rolling thread of subject matter she is introducing.
    Bullet points:
    SWIFT is becoming more accommodation towards collaboration (video clips) with outside companies like R3 - but at the same time they have been dragging their feet over the ISO20022 standards New Digital banks are growing and changing the landscape of cross border remittance industry, and removing the need to use big banks Markus Treacher has announced that new ODL corridors will soon be arriving in Asia-Pacific,  Middle East and Africa The remittance industry is worth 500 billion but has contracted about 20% due to the corona virus pandemic.  This squeeze is leading to demand for greater efficiencies which can be satisfied by moving to ODL solutions The SME market is being served by new types of banks like Remessa and Bex Banks.  These banks serve Brazil/ Argentina and Chile using ODL.  The market is huge And then there is the fluff - cultural news from Japan - I will let you find out for yourself.
    So everybody - let's beat the negativity and instead of constantly harping on about price, lets discuss how the network is growing and speculate on where our investments are likely to grow and spread new roots.
    Eri's Daily Crypto Journal: https://coil.com/u/TheCryptoJournal
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    xrpmeplease reacted to yxxyun in There’s no end in sight to XRP’s downtrend as transaction volume wanes   
    XRP/BTC 8000 satoshi at June 2018, 4000 satoshi at June 2019, 2000 satoshi at June 2020, XRP need find bottom first. 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Caracappa in There’s no end in sight to XRP’s downtrend as transaction volume wanes   
    All those publications demonstrate one thing. Do the opposite of what all those publications are writing. It's like CNBC who is silent during a bullrun and start advising you how to buy XRP at the very top of a parabolic when whales started offloading.
    For the past years they have all been writing continuously that reversals are near, outbreaks are about to happen and yet markets kept tumbling. Since the beginning of 2020 all the media is writing that crypto (XRP especially) is dead, going lower and will never return and yet from technical standpoints the market is reversing.
    Don't follow mass media, and most of all not bitcoinist, cryptoslate and newsBTC. They are just tools to push retail where they want them to be.
    1. Yes, every selling brings downward pressure, but not anymore in the magnitude they want you to believe.
    2. Don't listen to retail investors, keep building partnerships behind the curtains, prepare the network and ODL and when the world is ready for it both technically as jurisdictionally it might just have a chance.

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    xrpmeplease reacted to mrhat75 in There’s no end in sight to XRP’s downtrend as transaction volume wanes   
    Such a knee jerk reaction to a nascent market. I wish we were further but price and speculation mean absolutely nothing.
    Go trade the flavor of the month. Investing in anything is not for you.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to WuWei in There’s no end in sight to XRP’s downtrend as transaction volume wanes   
    And yet their network and partnerships are expanding at an impressive rate. Makes me wonder if all these companies just aren't getting all this "in-the-know news" being written about Ripple. Or maybe they're all in on this "scam coin" together?
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Julian_Williams in XRP Research Collective   
    Firstly welcome.  I agree with much of what you write.  The open forum has degenerated and has become dominated by dispirited trolls who want to vent their anger, rather than contribute to the debate.  It is really important to "user ignore" these sad characters and never to reply to them, because they get their kicks from disrupting positive discussion.  (but be careful not to user ignore sceptics that are here to debate, we need them)
    A big factor is that many of the enthusiasts post and discuss on the Zerpening closed club forum, and do not even bother to share their new information more widely.  Recently I have found myself making posts on both the open forum and the Zerpening forum, because they are essentially different audiences.
    I have toyed with the idea of starting a rolling thread following the almost daily analysis from crypto Eri in Japan.   I believe the Far East is where blockchain will take off first, whilst the US investors continue to drag their feet and be more interested in Bitcoin than utility driven blockchain projects.  I think the interesting stuff and the IoV are going to take root first in underdeveloped countries with poor banking facilities and the Far East.  This time round the Silicon Valley of the IoV will be less centred in the US, and much more dispersed around the globe in countries like China, Japan, India and a scattering of underdeveloped countries that get their acts together.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Panzer_Kitteh in What happened to ODL?   
    Do you work in risk management, compliance or in a legal department for a publicly traded company? 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to jag216 in What is the best solution that Ripple must take?   
    Here's what I think.
    PayID is a brilliant project. It is still a small piece of the bigger picture, but an important piece because it engages the end-user in a way that totally comes out of left field for a company that is trying to help big banks.
    Any large banks is going to look at the potential of this and see it as a real challenge to the corporate banking industry.
    Setting up a PayID server is as simple as setting up a basic mailserver or dns server. The api calls are simple and straightforward, but in its own it is not a complete solution. However, it supports a very important consideration in terms of providing a user-friendly interface that enthusiasts interested in self-custody can use to provide payment pointers that are compatible across a growing set of networks.
    It is not a full fledged hosted payment solution - but with apps like XUMM you have a credible threat to brick and mortar banking.
    We already have exchanges adopting the standard - this is the first shot fired across the bow of retail banking.
    This brings us to two vast industries that can adopt this standard with relatively little effort: Domains registrars and hosts, and retail banking institutions.
    The domain reseller and host arena provides the ability to enable payment pointer via PayID that you would need to be able to configure in a secure, zero-knowledge environment where you have the ability to securely make changes to your payment endpoint information. Customers get the bonus have having vanity PayID addresses that incorporate their website branding.
    e.g. "You can confirm we are receiving payment when you see our payment$brand-x.media address in your banking application."
    And furthermore "Now you can save your payment pointers without having to directly share your account details with another company."
    And that brings up the third rail who will adopt this rapidly - ApplePay, GooglePay, AmazonPay.
    These companies already use account proxies to handle pay-by-phone credit card transactions. How much more value added service would they provide by allowing you to add cryptocurrency and other digital asset accounts as payment options for their existing payment app infrastructure?
    And paypal... stripe... square... They could adopt it as well - who wouldn't want to use their PayID to pay at a store? Particularly with the way payment technology is heading - instead of verifying your payment details on a third party static terminal, more and more payment rails are expecting you to look at your phone/watch and confirm the payment details there. As more phone incorporate a cryptographic chip that enables the phone to act as a digital wallet key.
    Banks already provide custodial services for traditional banking customers, but as CBDCs roll out and people are introduced to the idea of government issued digital wallets through which tax rebates are issued, benefit programs are issued, etc. The banks know that high worth individuals are going to want insured custody services that are linked directly to PayID maintenance and management.
    Enter Polysign, who I believe are developing a hybrid of PayID and SAML so that corporations can provide enterprise grade payment options across their organization and even provide intercorporate vertical/logistics payment integration for clients that are determined by smart contracts.
    By releasing PayID, they are breaking the egg and releasing the chicken - and as more technology companies cage that chicken and make it lay eggs.
    But what then? What company provides a system that allows you to transfer funds in near realtime across different assets and networks? ODL could provide the liquidity to facilitate that middleware between PayID supporting payment applications and PayID supporting custody solutions.
    Or they could use ILP endpoints. With a system like PayID being easy to use for end consumer and offering the option of keeping all of your payment accounts secure in an API driven payment scaffolding. In the end the fastest cheapest rails will win - especially if and when paying with PayID will give you time and fee estimates for using different currency rails to pay.
    I hope folks who are reading can see what is happening here - Ripple is laying down insertion points that are appealing to very clear demographics. And once everyone sits in the comfortable vehicle for modern financial empowerment, the value of the banking rails will be demonstrated, the key for ODL and ILP will be turned on, and the amount of XRP in circulation will likely become very handy and likely valuable.
    At least that's the way I see it. If you are curious how easy PayID will be to use, here's one I just set up for tips to Uphold. :-D
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Julian_Williams in SBI Holdings to launch Japan’s First crypto-focused fund with 50% XRP allocation   
    The amount of work and scale of the SBI project is awe inspiring
    to name a few of the development
    There are the exchanges and alliances
    Money tap
    SBI are buying up regional banks across Japan with the intention of creating a mega bank
    They are also buying banks regionally in places like Cambodia/Vietnam
    They have set up the biggest BTC mining factories outside China (in order to take the Chines dominance out of crypto which they perceive to be a thrreat)
    They are the biggest stakeholder in Ripple and also have a big stake in R3
    Almost every day there is news of new acquisitions, alliances and plans
    Crypto Eri is based in Japan and she is usually the first to translate the news.  I suggest you follow her videos
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Julian_Williams in SBI Holdings to launch Japan’s First crypto-focused fund with 50% XRP allocation   
    Excellent post (your posts always are).  Also @WuWei response.  These are the sorts of discussion that we should be having on XRPchat.
    I think Ripple have sufficient funds to plug away at their target market for several years, and an IPO would make that decades.   
    SBI are growing very fast and are their largest shareholder.  Kitao seems very experienced and determined to make this work in the Far East.
    The use case - international fiat to fiat transactions with ODL is super elegant and Ripple have set themselves up to benefit most when this sort of tech takes off.
    M-Pesa has demonstrated Mobile banking of for the unbanked is wanted now (it is not premature).
    But I  agree timing is important and they have to pay attention and be vigilant.  I think DS was really spot on with his analysis when he said it is important to be consistent, but developers must not get fixated and unwilling to scrap things when they are not working.  I think the moving away from Treasury payments to SME may have been such an instance. 
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