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    xrpmeplease reacted to spiras in Q1 2019 XRP Markets Report   
    Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil.  It has to be distributed.  I think everyone recognizes this.
    We are all early in this space.   This is just something we have to go through.  I think that as time goes by, the escrow releases and sales will represent a smaller and smaller percentage of circulating supply.  Then when all 1B is being sold each month, that's when we will start to see significant price increase. 
    My opinion.
    I have said for a long time that the price is held in check due to the distribution of XRP.  If you remember, when we had the bull run in December 2017, it was right after Ripple locked up the escrow, and didn't have any they were willing or able to sell.  You can go back and look at the XRPII sales during that time and is is in line with that.  I posted the numbers a few months back.  Remember: Price spiked between December 12, 2017 and Jan 3, 2018. (.25 to 3.80)  The first escrow was unlocked Jan 1.  The price started to decline 2 days later. 
    Is this a coincidence?  I don't think so.
    Do I think Ripple is doing anything wrong or illegal?  Absolutely not.  In the big picture, this all has to happen.  It just is what it is.  We have to be patient and wait.  It's all part of the bigger plan. 
    Over time, expect to make slow gains despite this.  
    This is all my opinion and I could be wrong.  But this is how I see it.
    3-5 years.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to T800 in Mark Phillips Believes XRP Was Designed To Be $10,000/XRP   
    I think XRP Was Designed To Be $100/XRP
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from Coretex in Poker player wearing Ripple/XRP HODL hat!   
    Negraneau...sitting to the right, famous player
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    xrpmeplease got a reaction from zenkert in Poker player wearing Ripple/XRP HODL hat!   
    Negraneau...sitting to the right, famous player
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    xrpmeplease reacted to BobWay in Answer: My Dinner with David   
    I just wanted everyone to know that Dinner with David (and four other great guys) was awesome! I really did come away pumped after our long discussions. The fact that everyone at the company is in agreement that David & Arthur's  original (and later my) "long term" vision for XRP acting as a bridge currency has/is/was/will always be the guiding star forward. At least that is the way I heard it in my head. David can make his own public statements.
    But what PUMPED ME UP the most was that it is no longer seen as a "long term" vision. It is a focused activity that the company NEEDS to pursue now. But best of all, they ARE all actively pursuing it, NOW! To David, they all seem unified in the realization that, XRP as a bridge currency, has changed from a “WANT to happen” to become a “NEEDS to happen.” Or else TIME will shift from working with Ripple, to working against Ripple.
    The early Ripplers really, truly BELIEVED in the concept of a cryptocurrency and everything the fine folks on this forum believe. However, Ripple, for all the right reasons, hired the true cream of the crop from the financial services industry. Their experience gave Ripple insight into MANY many ways to improve payments and communication within the financial networks of the world. But they were not intrinsic fans of cryptocurrency. They were open to the idea of course. But still harbored some skepticism.
    For a long time it was fine with everyone if Ripple was seen as an enterprise banking software company. But that silly pipe dream evaporated as everyone realized how much more value could be created by shifting the focus back to XRP. Ripple still makes great enterprise banking and payments software. That will never stop. But Ripple is most definitely a cryptocurrency focused company again!
    Keep in mind, some of what I said above is perhaps owed to my interpretation of what David said and its personal impact on me, colored by my history with the company. I'm not a reporter quoting David's exact words. He speaks for himself. I'm writing my personal impression of what I heard along with my feelings about it. This may not be the official company position.
    But know that nothing we talked about was private. At best it was semi-private. We were all in the middle of a crowded restaurant talking pretty loudly. We were also all talking openly to people at the table neither David nor I had ever met before that moment. So I'm not selling out my friend or saying things whispered to me.
    (David didn’t say this next part.)
    I personally believe that the company is dramatically revisiting every situation where the software licensing cost was seen as a barrier to entry for institutions. I personally believe that was a case of “false economy”. Ripple the company benefits much more from the customers that small and medium size banks bring, then they do from any licensing fees they could charge the banks.
    Hearing what David has to say made me ecstatic…
    (But I want to be clear about why. I don’t want anyone mistaking what I’m saying as, “XRP to the moon, next week.” XRP will go to the moon, absolutely, in my mind. But I have no idea when.)
    … The reason it made me ecstatic, was that a long while back Stefan nicknamed me Cassandra. In Greek mythology, “Cassandra is cursed to utter prophecies that were true but that no one believed.”mI actually got a substantial raise that on my review said, “I have to rate you highly, because your initial ideas always end up being the ones we implement...  wait for it  ...after trying every other possible alternative. So truly believe me when I say me being ecstatic was not financially related or something you should trade on.
    The reason was pure vanity.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Bob Way, formerly of Ripple. Thank you in advance for allowing me to join your forum.
    Back in the early days of crypto I was pretty active in the Bitcointalk and Ripple communities (under the username "Red"). In fact my community participation was what directly led to me going to work for Chris and the gang at OpenCoin. I made a lot of good friend in the forums five years back. I'm hoping to make some new ones now.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to BobWay in RIPPLE Ripple’s CTO clarifies that Interledger Protocol [ILP] is not connected to the RippleNet yet   
    One of the reason I wanted to make an account here was to comment on this particular thread. So apologies for resurrecting something slight older.
    Without contradicting David or Evan, I'd like to add a bit of context here.
    The Ripple product xCurrent does use "The Interledger Protocol" (ILP) version 1.0 in atomic mode. I can say this authoritatively because I was the original architect of RippleConnect (renamed xCurrent) and also part of the Ripple research team during the creation of ILP. One of my key contributions to the protocol was "atomic mode". This is absolutely the right technology for multi-party payments among banks. This includes same currency and cross currency inter-bank transactions. ILP 1.0 atomic mode was specifically designed to "synchronize" multi-party accounting transactions. That is the concept you see referenced here by the Bank of England in their survey. 
    This call for interest explains the concept well.
    There are some awesome related threads on this site as well. Here and here. I apologize if I missed others.
    Synchronized (atomic) payments among banks is one of the key technologies in Ripple's arsenal. It is hard to overestimate how important it is.
    On interledger.org what Evan was referencing as "the open interledger" is implemented using ILP version 4 (penny switching). You might ask what happened to ILP v2 and ILP v3. I often ask myself that as well. ;-)  It turns out that those were rather short term interim proposals between ILP v1 and ILP v4. Even more confusing is that there were two different view points on ILP v4 as well. I called them "grown up payments" vs "penny switching". ILP v4 PS is a really mind blowing way to think about reducing payment risk by via "packet switching" analogies with the internet. (I'm happy to go into all the details and differences elsewhere if people are interested.) ILP v4 penny switching serves as the underlying technology for ILP "streaming payments". This is one of the key concepts that is so exciting about Coil!
    The important thing to understand is that ILP v4 is NOT a semantic versioning of an incrementally improving ILP v1 (xCurrent) product. The two were designed for different use cases and different user bases. ILP v4 is a second high speed clearing layer (analogous to lightning) that is built to complement the ILP v1 settlement layer (analogous to bitcoin).
    The two "protocols" are designed to complement each other, however, at the moment the two "networks" don't overlap. This shouldn't cause concern if you understand what the short and long term goals are. Banks are focusing on bank to bank atomic (instantly settled) payments. Individuals are focused on high speed p2p clearing with (currently) ad hoc settlement. If you think of the individuals participants as accounting networks, then they create two (currently) disconnected graphs. This is fine while "the open interledger" is gaining its peer-to-peer feet. But it should be expected that those parties will replace their current ad hoc settlement relationships with standard ILP v1 interbank payments once those API's become available at the consumer level.
    The way I understand the current jargon is:
    RippleNet: is a bank focused network build using Ripple's xCurrent, xRapid & xVia products. These products are base on ILP V1 atomic mode but are currently being referred to as RippleNet rather than as "The interledger".
    The Open Interledger: is a group of individuals building a network using recent interledger.org public standards. These are based on ILP V4 clearing protocols.
    The term "THE interledger" creates a hugely unfortunate and unbelievably confusing naming clash. I hope I've done a little to clarify it.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to xrphilosophy in XRP is Debt-Free Currency   
    There has to be some way to transact short of seashells and coconuts.  I'm not pointing to the economics of all this, just the reality of it...Here we are in 2019, and this IS the reality of our entire globe.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to xrphilosophy in NASDAQ RUMOURED BE LISTING RIPPLE(XRP) INDEX   
    The indices are part of the regulatory infrastructure of information which institutions and investors require in order to enter the markets.  It's a piece of many pieces of information so unto it's own is not a game changer, but it is showing everyone out there who is interested in the market that "this market is legitimate, regulated, trustworthy etc).  XRP is worth investing in because it's on the "ok" list.That's why the Liquid Index is so important.  For you and me - it means nothing.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Kpuff in NASDAQ RUMOURED BE LISTING RIPPLE(XRP) INDEX   
    It’s not really a rumor it actually is in the works. From what I’ve read they want the volume to increase on xrp before making that happen 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Hackerpost in NASDAQ RUMOURED BE LISTING RIPPLE(XRP) INDEX   
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    xrpmeplease reacted to quetzalcoatl in FB, telegram coming up with own coins   
    How are all these digital value systems going to interact with one another? The masterstroke in my opinion was ripples forethought to develop the Interledger Protocol.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to KarmaCoverage in FB, telegram coming up with own coins   
    You guys nailed this whole thread right here. The only thing to add is "in an ILP world, XRP will have to compete for the role of best bridge asset". 
    All fb-coin would be is another walled garden of liquidity, that would need to be networked and connected to the broader world, and IoV
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    xrpmeplease reacted to King34Maine in FB, telegram coming up with own coins   
    The leadership at Ripple understood that ILP was the “rising tide to lift all boats” not just XRP.  Ripple's ex-CTO, Stefan Thomas, talked about how XRP was "designed to be used as the settlement asset on ILP" with "payment channels built in a certain way that is incredibly efficient" despite the presence of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Lumens (Clip @ 46:58:). Also, the other stroke of genius by the Ripple team is how they gifted ILP to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as an open-sourced piece of technology to the blockchain community at-large to be utilized to standardize web payment. Basically, make ILP the worldwide standard allowing all currencies/blockchain tech to compete openly and freely, but all the while knowing that XRP would have the upper hand. Ripple's Art-of-War strategy of empowering its rivals/competition while simultaneously using them to further its Internet-of-Value (IoV) agenda is brilliant!!!
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    xrpmeplease reacted to lll_lll in Ripple Insights | What’s on the regulatory horizon for digital assets in the E.U.?   
    Ripple understands the regulatory environment and the political landscape of Europe way more than I ever could. One thing to watch out on this is the Brexit. It looks like Ripple sees London as the hub for their European strategy. We are seeing England warm up to XRP recently with more firms joining willing to use xRapid. We will see what future holds for this part of the strategy in next few months/ weeks.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Fazzyfocus in SEC commissioner Hestor Pierce on DA's   
    It may be worth you reading the statement in full. there is a lot more context in there. e.g:

    "Yet many of these projects begin in a centralized manner that looks about the same as any other start-up. A group of people get together to build something and they need to find investors to fund their efforts so they sell securities, sometimes called tokens. The SEC applies existing securities laws to these securities offerings, which means that they must be conducted in accordance with the securities laws or under an exemption. When the tokens are not being sold as investment contracts, however, they are not securities at all. Tokens sold for use in a functioning network, rather than as investment contracts, fall outside the definition of securities"
    That to me SCREAMS of Ripple sales to FI's for the purposes of creating liquidity in a functioning network. 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Fazzyfocus in SEC commissioner Hestor Pierce on DA's   
    Not legally binding, but a statement of this kind all but "excuses" ripple in the upcoming cases. It certainly reads as though SEC are now beginning to understand DA's/DLT/Blockchain and the implications of how networks/network effects make a token not a security:
    Link to the full transcript here:
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Rey in Ripple Has Signed Up A Bank To Use XRP For Payments. So What?   
    Hey @automatic
    Sorry ... nope ... according to a McKinsey report from 2016 the average costs of Nostro liquidity (period 2013-2015) are 34% per international payments transaction
    See Exhibit 9 (page 21):
    https://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/Industries/Financial Services/Our Insights/A mixed 2015 for the global payments industry/Global-Payments-2016.ashx
    Though I concur with you that there are many other arguments pro the Ripple solution  
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Rey in Ripple Has Signed Up A Bank To Use XRP For Payments. So What?   
    Hey Tiny,
    According to Ripple itself (see: https://ripple.com/insights/liquidity-explained/) the source is a 2016 McKinsey report:
    "According to a 2016 McKinsey Global Payments report, there is approximately $5 trillion dollars sitting dormant in these accounts around the world – tying up capital that could be used in more productive ways."
    Link to the report:
    https://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/Industries/Financial Services/Our Insights/A mixed 2015 for the global payments industry/Global-Payments-2016.ashx
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    xrpmeplease reacted to WuWei in Ripple Has Signed Up A Bank To Use XRP For Payments. So What?   
    Is it really a "red herring" or is your bank one of the elite correspondent banks that actually profits from the smaller banks need to use the transfer services of yours?  And as Ripple has stated time and time again, not all corridors are so inefficient as to warrant use of their products, purely on a cost savings basis. Just curious, but with which bank are you employed?
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in Ripple Has Signed Up A Bank To Use XRP For Payments. So What?   
    Please give us a breakdown of the internal costs for a cross border payment of your bank. 
    Don’t forget the cost allocation of management-, IT-, and other supportive departments or overhead. Truth is that no bank exactly can calculate the costs of any product or service to that level, rough estimations are the best we have. Hell, we are already happy if we can calculate costs at the level of business lines or units, much discussions and different metrics there. 
    And even if its 40c, or maybe less, are  you stating that  xRapid or xCurrent don’t offer enough savings?  For your bank or for all 33,000 worldwide?  
    “ I know someone who smokes 30 cigarettes a day and has reached the age of 92 last week. Hence smoking is good for your health”. 
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    xrpmeplease reacted to BrownBear in Xrp 20's xrp 50's and xrp100's   
    You are not using it. You are holding it as a speculative investment.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to xrphilosophy in LIVE stream between Brad Garlinghouse and the CEO of SWIFT   
    This deserves its own thread.  Really pleased that in the last two days there seem to be more legitimate coverage of SWIFT v Ripple (the Paris Fintech symposium and now an article produced by American Express).  We have crossed into a new level of public discussion.  Finally.
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    xrpmeplease reacted to Erik156 in Will banks still purchase XRP if its price increase ?   
    And then Mr. Garlinghouse said this at the same forum:
    Garlinghouse said that worries over volatility in cryptocurrencies were unfounded.
    "I hear people talk about volatility and I feel like they're propagating this misinformation," he said. "Mathematically, there's less volatility risk in an XRP transaction than there is in a fiat transaction."
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    xrpmeplease reacted to mandelbaum in Will banks still purchase XRP if its price increase ?   
    Unchartered territory. We have no idea what these form of assets will be used for over the next decades. Chris Larsen has stated that XRP will be the liquidity provider of the internet of value. And he is currently connected through advisor roles and board member roles to some of the most influential banks and organizations on the planet.
    Imagine if Cisco back in the 90s sold a limited amount of packets to investors, and that these were to be used over and over again to transfer information over TCP/IP. That is what a lot of us are betting on XRP being for the internet of value.
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