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  1. i'm not sure i understand what you mean, but my example was meant to simplify using Exchange1 to Exchange2...it's meant to work between whatever Exchanges that xRapid can access and that have the required XRP-fiat pairing is my understanding... when buying on an exchange, you can buy at whatever price is offered, and if there is nothing on offer at the price you want, you need to go to next available price (up) to buy...is this what you mean? maybe i said wrong (not sure i did but whatever), but we can agree the result is the same, no? and finally, its my understanding that an xRapid user can either set the buy/sell parameters (i.e. price) when sending the order or allow xRapid to find the best price possible, but that's just what i've read in different spots, can't say for sure...
  2. On the demo issue, I though DS said something about the computer set up (UPI? I can't remember and i'm not tech savvy enough to understand anyways) not being able to handle it and that's what lead to the order being time out...but you're maybe right re not able to fill order, I have very little faith in existing marketplace, its a zoo best I can tell (and i'm by no means an expert, but I read, a lot)...like you say, it's all conjecture I guess. I initially had you pegged as a supporter, then a fudster, but I've come around to you as an invested skeptic...about right? if so, and you're intentions are "good", then kudos.
  3. it's my understanding the user can set the buy-sell price parameters for the desired transaction, so while "find the best price" isn't necessarily one of the functions, it could be baked into a given transaction by setting the right parameters, no?
  4. credit to mikenard77 (Reddit) if this gets the point across (and debit me if I don't convey the concept accurately): xRapid transactions are not neutral: FI uses xRapid to buy XRP with Fiat1 on Exchange1; xRapid transfers XRP to Exchange2; and xRapid sells XRP for Fiat2 on Exchange2, which also requires a buy transaction on Exchange2...only the transactions on Exchange2 are neutral (a sell and a buy)...the initial XRP buy on Exchange1 is stand alone and helps clear buy orders on the Exchange1 order book...if all the buy orders at one price point on Exchange1 get cleared, it moves to the next order price, therefore price increases...the sell/buy on Exchange 2 is conceptually neutral, but that would in practice depend on the respective buy/sell order books on Exchange2... further, in order for all this to be totally neutral, the buyer on Exchange2 needs to immediately turn around and sell the XRP it just bought on Exchange2 for fiat, which makes no sense (they just bought XRP, if they want fiat, why buy the XRP?)...now, if the timing of xRapid use (the initial buy) on Exchange2 perfectly aligns with that on Exchange1 (in an xRapid vacuum if you will), conceptually they might offset each other, but that's not how the real world works (in relation to the activity, and respective the order books, on both Exchanges)... xRapid is meant to be used by FI's who don't want to hold XRP (they're the initial buyer), so they are in and out (3-4 secs, and 1 soon re Cobalt!), but their activity within the market does have an impact on the order books...and as long as there is enough liquidity (which is in turn, and nonetheless, supported by the short stay of the fiat resulting by xRapid use by the non-hodling FI!) in the XRP ecosystem (the Exchanges) to support xRapid trade activity, the growing trade volume generated by increasing xRapid use can't help but raise XRP prices overall... that's as best as I can understand it and explain it...
  5. Interoperability is a virtue...and may the most efficient DA win
  6. I meant mechanically...is it a big deal to switch it over? is there an interaction with xCurrent that needs to be rearranged? you think it can be managed on a case by case basis? how do you know (if you do)?
  7. Mduo specifically said it could, but that it currently isn't set up to use anything other than XRP...you have any sense of what's required to make a change happen?
  8. So, .38 is your low end sell point and 3 is your high end sell point?
  9. i'd agree re price that know one has a clue...i'm ready for anything
  10. The Payment Protocol for Any Store of Value...and our store of value (XRP) is the fastest, cheapest and most efficient to use for making payments.
  11. It's only "neutral" in a perfectly hermetically sealed imaginary marketplace...the reality is that something bought on one exchange and sold on another at different points in time (albeit very short periods of time) will invariably create some kind of spread, which leads to price movement...and I agree at some point equilibrium will be reached between the markets at a certain volume and price will stabilize...but if that volume keeps moving (hopefully up!), the equilibrium price point keeps moving... And I don't disagree with you that a relevant question is can the transaction volume's impact on price exceed the impact of the growing circulating supply...ultimately XRP holder are betting it will...and to agree with you again, smh lol, hodling some of that available XRP as store of value will definitely accelerate price growth, but I don't think it will be the only contributor. think of it this way, brokers, of any kind, make $ just by facilitating a transaction and they do influence price...in the case XRP, I think the idea is that while the exchanges will seek to be as efficient as possible in moving value around and minimizing said spread (that's the vision of the IoV), the ever increasing scale of the volume moving due to ongoing adoption (really co-option of) by FI's will continue to drive price up... anyways, this whole subject is the crux of it (re xRapid) and while i'm no expert by any means, this is where I spend most of my time thinking and reading...interesting stuff for sure.
  12. why can't they charge whatever they want to facilitate a trade of any coin, notwithstanding the drop burn?
  13. So retail FOMO is the high water mark for blockchain? you really believe this? the IMF, not to mention governors of central banks, speaking to its use...the trading desks being set up by the JPM's of the world...the exchanges being built...what the IoV represents ffs!!! all this doesn't give you pause and make you think, maybe this all just getting started and the existing marketplace is not representative of what's to come because the marketplace is basically the old school BTC holders playground??? it's only been crypto enthusiast money at play to date and 2017 was the 1st taste of penetration of the market by (a small portion) of the masses, but to thinks that's the extent of the potential, with all the roadblocks to accessing the market, not to mention the fact that 2017 is the 1st time most people have heard of it, is just shortsighted imo...anyways, you said it before, i hope i'm right!
  14. I bought XRP for the institutional use case...adding retail market share is not what i'm ultimately interested in, though i'll admit if the entire domestic Japanese bank system starts running through SBI VC on xRapid, I will gladly concede the point
  15. I'm ok with it, to expect huge price movement from the launch was/is unrealistic...institutional driven sized volume needs an institutional grade marketplace, and that doesn't exist yet, but I believe SBI VC will be part of that framework in time... don't project your unrealistic expectations on me...however, i'd agree that hyping every step forward as the next "this is it" isn't helpful either...nonetheless, I am very happy that SBI VC finally came online, and I think given enough time it will prove to be very important piece of the puzzle for XRP adoption (if it does indeed happen)... SBI VC being launched is a very positive step towards XRP price growth imo, even if we end the year under $1...
  16. smh...people jump up and down every time a piece of the puzzle gets added, and then are immediately disappointed that the puzzle isn't done yet...its a big puzzle with a lot of pieces that's going to take a few years to be even near complete...chill ffs
  17. Just to be clear, Mduo (who's a Ripple employee) stated a while back in a thread that while its possible for xRapid to move DA's other than XRP, xRapid is presently not set up to move anything other than XRP.
  18. 1st sentence near the top of your post, 2nd sentence near the bottom, same post...that's quite enough from you i think sir.
  19. Honest Bob got my 1st post...i don't think Bob was honest
  20. Graine has demonstrated a negative view of Ripple's communications/marketing, as well as their overall strategy/timeline re XRP in my experience, but i'd defer to him on the tech side of things
  21. Tone matters...uninformed yet argumentative is not a good look, ever, anywhere...
  22. the questions you ask have been addressed here ad nauseam and there are all kinds of resources available...go read
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