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  1. That is Robert Redford in the role of Jeremiah Johnson, great movie.
  2. 2014 article...he's subject to restricted sale conditions under contract
  3. Prolly Susan Athey, Ripple Board member. Interesting read. I'm not conspiracy minded, but just cause ur paranoid don't mean they aint watching you lol
  4. R&D!!! its his job to look to develop new solutions...how receptive he going to be to using someone else's (Ripple's) ready made solution??
  5. so why the concern? that the head of R&D is not a big fan of a ready made coin/blockchain solution offered by Ripple, and who is also involved with a competitor coin, is surprising how?
  6. Faura is a big ETH guy, we've heard negative pronouncements from him before...research what Ana Botin has said if you want to feel better
  7. all the best to you and yours dude, i hope her recovery continues to go well.
  8. i wasn't being defensive, i was being passive-agressive lol...and i have no pre-taught notions, i'm genuinely trying to figure this out...i'm ok with xRapid use not actually leading to price growth, notwithstanding my intuition that it must, but only if the explanation as to why it doesn't holds up... let me try this another way...if xRapid is supply and demand neutral (which I understand is your contention), can the fact that there are significantly more and more trades due to xRapid have an impact on XRP price in your opinion?
  9. uhhh ok...you "don't know how it works on the back end" but you're comfortable telling me i'm wrong nonetheless? the entire point of this conversation is trying to gain better understanding, not win "being right points"...it's been a slice, ciao.
  10. but the premise of this particular investment vehicle is that demand will increase exponentially through adoption (use)...it's really the entire point!
  11. consistent and predictable doesn't necessarily mean fixed...ur very rigid in your thinking and approach
  12. the underlying premise in my mind from the beginning is that usage will drive price, and that's the best I've been able to come up with in making sense of it...i'm no tech guy, but i'm way more comfortable with economics/finance, though granted I may still be wrong in my analysis..my foray into crypto has really opened my eyes as to little I knew about markets and the banking industry, I'm enjoying learning about it
  13. fair...but since you know how many coins there are and what their fastest potential timeline for release is, price can conceptually accountant for that...and its a whole different ballgame if actual use results in escrow releases being insufficient to meet demand...then the escrow can be of benefit re price/store of value
  14. agreed whole market is down, but in fairness, if it wasn't for escrow infusions we might also see higher price action for XRP alone... I still think worrying about price, with the marketplace being the zoo it is, and with XRP not yet being used for its intended purpose at any meaningful volume, is just a waste of time...yet here I am still, making the same points with the same people...fml lol... when moon? lol
  15. No...interoperability is a virtue and a strong cryptosphere is better for all...it's not going to be a zero sum game with only one winner...different coins for different use cases...
  16. thanks for your response. i'm not sure i agree (but i'm not sure i'm right either)...however what you wrote helped me frame the issue in a different way...how about if we look at it like this: it's the use (buying and selling) of XRP, of which there is a limited number in circulation, and which is imperfectly distributed/available on exchanges at any given point in time, as bridge currency that is a factor in xRapid driving XRP price growth so in your Case 2 example, buy XRP - new USD gets introduced into XRP ecosystem - 1 buy XRP moves from one exchange to the other - no market impact XRP sold for MXN - 1 sale/1buy...the MXN that gets removed from the XRP ecosystem was previously added by someone else who already bought XRP with MXN, so its a wash...for xRapid to function, the MXN needs to be available on the other exchange, one way or another. this is the particular and specific dynamic that xRapid use of XRP creates...2 buys, 1 sell...supply and demand...that's not magic black box stuff, but actual transactions resulting from xRapid use... i understand what you are saying XRP goes up relative to USD and down relative to MXN at that point in time, but XRP's use a bridge between the two within an exchange framework should have a positive impact on overall price if there's a limited supply available is what i keep coming back too...the economics courses i took seem so distant now, lol... i'm gonna go read more re bridge currencies and FOREX, maybe (likely) i'm missing something (not the fault of your post, which was very clear and helpful, thanks again). good stuff, cheers!
  17. granted, demo failed...DS explanation here wasn't about liquidity best i recall ? you really think 100$ liquidity was the issue?
  18. you like that tinder analogy, eh? lol...whole different perspective on interoperability ?
  19. It ain't devastating as some have indicated, but I wouldn't say its positive...though not every part of the pronouncement was negative. I will say that with all the excitement around the WU announcement when it came out, you'd hope to have a more positive take from their CEO in the context of their annual report, but in the grand scheme of things this will end up being a bump in the road I expect... No spin, no FUD, just a realistic understanding of what is being attempted and the risks/potential benefits involved please...
  20. The entire exchange infrastructure, not to mention the XRP liquidity and xCurrent network, required for xRapid to work is just now being built! Ripple has a multi-year headstart on their competitors and XRP is behind only BTC and ETH in MC...and GPI is a band-aid at best apparently...crawl walk run
  21. Devastating!!! really??? cmon man, chill out, xRapid is just out of Beta and WU sends money to every corner of the globe, changing the entire "system" that their entire business is built on will take time...what Ripple is trying to accomplish is no small feat, you think it's gonna go smoothly and fast? Devastating, lol
  22. CEO spoke yesterday...Ripplista had a thread on it yesterday...pretty sure it's accurate
  23. i'd say that quote speaks to WU not being ready to implement/adopt to change given the complexity of their "system" rather than xRapid's status...but it's likely a mix of both
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