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  1. Agreed it's a process, and payment remitters are the 1st stated step re xRapid use...it's early days and the ecosystem likely can't accommodate FI use at present even if they wanted to...but saying xRapid is not targeted at banks is not what i understood. Maybe its the platform (twitter) which limits answers to small bursts, maybe he misspoke or maybe i just didn't understand correctly the intended use of xRapid, but i thought xRapid was specifically, even if only eventually, targeted at FI's for use. He did kind of allude to FI use of xRapid as an issue of timing in a subsequent response, but the language in the initial response was definitive. Hopefully someone from Ripple in communications will clarify. There's a lot of FUD coming regardless, and it looks like it will be self-inflicted. Gonna be a MaxE appearance shortly...
  2. More information isn't purposefully misleading and it doesn't create a false impression, it provides context. You keep pointing out its raining outside and using that as the premise for the idea that's it's going to be wet forever, yet when someone wants to look at the weather for the previous month, they're purposefully obfuscating? C'mon man!
  3. If you don't see that happening "ever", then why are you here? It's the entire premise of Ripple's existence? You consistently speak to volume, and I actually agree with some of what you say, I quoted you the other day in fact. But its such early days still...i'm not saying FI adoption will happen, I do however believe it will and that's why I bought xrp! I appreciate your posts, even though they tend very negative, I think there is room for all ideas in a healthy discussion...but again, if you don't think FI adoption will happen, why are you here??
  4. thank you and yeah, that's about what I thought you meant (generally speaking...I wont pretend to know the in and outs of the Network)...what spurred my question though was this thought...isn't a large part of the appeal of the Ripple suite of services that the entire process is ready made for the customer (i.e. banks)? don't you think the requirement that banks themselves need to get involved in the infrastructure and management of the Network will be a big disadvantage to compared to what Ripple offers?
  5. I think adoption (for its intended use as a settlement asset), as well as the extent to which it is used as a store of value, will define a price range for xrp...and that range will move up or down based on the marketplace...and the scale of the marketplace will drive how much groceries I get to buy with each xrp...I think 1B coins ends up being low but that it'll be held in the hands of few by the time the price per coin becomes ridiculous, so no one will actually be buying groceries with it, hope i'm wrong actually, but that's how these things go if recent trends maintain...
  6. put banks in charge of what exactly? just wanting clarification, thanks.
  7. I didn't mention MC on purpose, its not helpful and has been beat to death...but for price to go up someone needs to be willing to buy at a higher price, which is gonna be driven by (1) scarcity, (2) volume and (3) either new $ coming into the market or existing $ being reallocated...and i'm speaking to sustainable growth in price, not the games and manipulations happening now...i'm likely missing other elements that drive price, so I don't mean to speak definitively, i'm just enjoying conversing on this platform
  8. Where does the volume come from for this to happen you think (i.e. the 9 month timeframe?)...retail FOMO? institutional $? market pull back from the vast array of other coins and consolidation behind a few main coins? btw, you are one of my favorite contributors, along with Karma and Corotex, usually articulate and well thought out! Cheers!
  9. I like your optimism, I think a decent bump is in the realm of possibility in the next 9 months, but the more I time I spend thinking about it, the more I take to heart BG's stated timeline of 3-5 yrs re price movement...it could take that long to get to what a lot people on here consider conservative price points like the $5-25 range...but its such a young, and manipulated I believe, market at present, and the scale of what Ripple is trying to accomplish is so vast, that I wouldn't discard any possible result/timelin...and, credit to Jasil, though he's a one trick pony, price movement is going to be all about volume...
  10. but the run we're waiting on won't be driven by people jumping from coin to coin, its going to be driven by the big boys entering the market, everything before hand is just a prelude...thats what makes xrp different... what i was saying before is that given the market were in now is basically retail market, we can't help but be tied to btc, who in essence created the market....and i agree when you say the market is dead right now and more volume is required, but even then i'm not sure more retail action does much for xrp in the grand scheme of things...however, the retail FOMO after the institutional money enters could drive a parabolic big time...
  11. A thought ive been playing with is that part of the parabolic potential of XRP is precisely due to the fact the crypto market exists as it is. We're here early, so this is how it has to function in order for the potential of a moon to exist...in other words, the tie to BTC actually enhances the potential bounce once the elastic band holdings xrp back breaks...thoughts?
  12. best I've read it explained, non-technical, is that the wallet is basically a window to seeing/accessing your little piece of the blockchain that is your xrp. as long a you have the secret key, you can open a window.
  13. maybe i'm the only one, i'm guessing i'm not, but i bought xrp on the premise that banks won't fail, not in my lifetime or much less 2-3 years. that's a cute quote by a brilliant guy about banks and banking, though i don't know if i'd stake my worldview on it. tell me more about this "reset".
  14. There's a little value in there i'll agree, some interesting ideas and takes, but mostly some crazy conspiracy minded stuff and economic nihilism of the highest order, and its all weaponised to point out purported flaws Ripple's vision, execution and/or team members...i'm glad he posts cause it can make you think about things in a different light, notwithstanding the most obvious of whack-job content, but to say he's the only one who adds value here is ridiculous.
  15. In my mind the benefit is that the "value" the nostro-vostro represents, which just sits currently, is put into motion as part of the process of moving value around the system...you're right that xrp needs to absorb that value for this to work, that's the part of the process we're in now in creating the xrp ecosystem, creating a market and consequently xrp liquidity...but so long as xrp maintains its worth, whatever that ends up being on a unit basis, the value that currently sits dormant will instead be moving around the system, its use unleashed...i guess?
  16. Gonna break some eggs making an omelet...gonna make some mistakes trying to execute the most ambitious plan in the history capitalism...where you see ineptitude I see enterprise, it's always messy and sometimes it work. I've bet on them. Time will tell if I bet on the right team. And fwiw, you always make me think, but your tone is insufferable. Nonetheless, thank you for posting.
  17. xrpmeplease

    Cashing In

    Dare to dream, but if the all the required infrastructure gets built, facilitating the ultimate objective of substantial FI adoption, resulting in desired cash out price points (say triple figures), i'd like to think FI's will be able to offer account services for XRP directly. Thoughts?
  18. This! I've had a hard time articulating it (to myself even), but this is the chicken/egg issue that i'm hoping the SBI exchange addresses. Lots of XRP liquidity and multiple currency pairings...and specifically favoring pairings in high friction corridors where institutional adoption has taken/started to take hold? If so, this all really starts in Asia and goes from there...
  19. Ok thanks, that's clearer. So for example the new SBI exchange could also act as a custodian, or offer custodian services in addition to the exchange. And since the scale of the market sought doesn't exist yet, there's been no need for custodial services beyond exchanges so far I guess...
  20. So the Market Makers alluded to in various scenarios would be custodians (or use custodian services) then?
  21. In various discussion relating to pre-conditions for adoption by FI's, hedging and custodial services come up. Hedging I understand, but what is meant by custodial services? I had a quick look, but I'm having a hard time framing it within the context of XRP. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  22. Bob, you get my 1st post . And fwiw, i'm no expert but I work in financial services and have been reading about crypto, mostly ripple, obsessively since early December 2017. And while it is a bit of an echo chamber in here, populated by true believers, I have learned a lot poking around here and sourced lots of great links to more information. To your question, and your subsequent posts, it sounds like either you don't get the concept of settlement or you don't trust the business case. As to the former, XRP needs equivalent value to the payments it is being used to settle for it to work is the short answer as to why it can't be at a set price. As adoption increases, value needs to increase if there's a limited number of XRP in existence (which is decreasing as its used). XRP is used in a messaging system (i.e. xCurrent is the messaging system, which xRapid can be added to), but the conveyance of XRP is a transfer of value, not a message. That's how I understand it in any event. As to the business case, well, either you're in or out. I'm all in. It's still early days and while the risk of XRP not being adopted, or being superseded, or any other reason it might fail is real, the risk-reward proposition is way too appealing. While I can't argue with wanting to get in as low as possible (my DCA is higher than id like sadly lol), the cost of missing out would, frankly, be devastating to me. Opportunity of a lifetime with prices under $1 in my opinion, even if it takes years to bear out. The scale of what it's trying to accomplish that makes its so appealing (the potential reward). The entrenched interests will fight adoption tooth and nail, and the competition will be fierce (the risk), but the technology (block-chain I mean) is widely acknowledged as the future best I can tell. And I can make sense of it that without needing to be all that computer savvy. Further, Ripple is 1st in the space (cross-border payments, but more specifically, corporately managed and adopted block-chain) and the team behind it is very strong. This is where i spent most of my research, and the people involved have the right background to implement their plan. As always, this is not investment advice and invest only what you can afford to lose. Good luck with your decision.
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