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  1. which banks? some banks certainly, like those with the most vested interest in the status quo, but not all banks, like the MG sized banks (in relative terms) which operate in high friction corridors.
  2. 1. raise 2. call 3.4. fold5. maybe call 1.2. call 3.4.5 fold
  3. I think the BTC OG's still own large swaths of all the alts, and effectively control the exchanges, so it makes sense that it all moves in lockstep...its why the XRP institutional sales are so important for the decoupling to eventually happen, notwithstanding short-mid term impact on price...gonna take time, but if you believe in the IoV, XRP is the best long term bet imo.
  4. Negraneau...sitting to the right, famous player
  5. At present, more crypto liquidity is a positive, period. Gotta actually get in the game before you can win it. I chose XRP for the team...and im patient.
  6. i'd agree, but in fairness, DS does state "a sale of fiat" in his tweet...all about context and perspective, as with most things, i guess.
  7. yeah, i'm sure they don't care if the innovative product they've poured a ton of time and effort into developing is adopted...
  8. yeah, cause the endeavour and the Ripple team totally reeks of a lack of ambition...lol
  9. I've been following on CMC for about a year now and daily volume has gone up quite a bit on avg from the doldrums of this winter/spring, this fall in particular. FWIW, i still don't understand the purpose of your OP...i would think Binance's purpose for doing anything is to strengthen and expand their enterprise...and another base pairing for XRP on any exchange i'd think is positive, another opportunity for it do what it does best, move value cheaply and efficiently. anyways, thanks for posting!
  10. keep in mind you need to realize a Gain to be liable for taxes...short term trading using XRP as a bridge should not really be an issue given it settles so quickly, but the hassle is the need to track your cost, across all transactions starting from the original fiat used to make the 1st purchase...no different than reporting currency gains for folks who do that kind of trading...as with all things $, record keeping is key, but a pain nonetheless Canada taxes gains on crypto (crypto to crypto/crypto to fiat) in the same manner.
  11. you posted yesterday it couldn't be you computer? new computer, not used for anything else, etc...
  12. Regulators regulate, courts adjudicate...precedence is binding...all the while, legislators can legislate, which supersedes legal precedence, but then the courts can be asked to interpret the legislation...if the courts interpret the law in a manner inconsistent with the legislators intention, they are free to change the law. The SEC could make a determination at any time, which the courts may chose to enforce or change...and legislators can decide to change or clarify the law, from which regulation flows... That's the framework...in practice, it get murkier and various interested parties can inform the process at multiple levels...any guess as to why the SEC has not yet taken a position is exactly that, a guess...but to say they can't take a position because there are court cases outstanding is not accurate, though in practice that may in fact inform their decision to wait.
  13. xRapid allows banks and remittance corp's the ability to free up the closed pools of liquidity they use to move $ around...it addresses the nostro/vostro issue...the question is how much is this worth?
  14. i didn't post it, i was just pointing out what i observed this pm on CMC (and interpreting what i imagine OP was trying to post)...fwiw, i use M for million, not MM, when using it shorthand in my work...likely a regional thing though...
  15. million....it jumped on CMC just this afternoon
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