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  1. holy assumptions and generalizations..."probably"..."generally because"...I don't know if you're wrong, but you've offered nothing to demonstrate you are right...
  2. Two very big "if's"...but a great way to frame it. I've been struggling with the OP issue since i bought (i'm long term HODL until i'm convinced otherwise, still early in the game IMO), but what you've posited is what i hope ultimately happens (and maybe it's in effect already).
  3. I don't understand the drop dead dates people arbitrarily choose and the supporting argument that the competition will catch up...liquidity will be the base utility grows from (as far as I understand it anyways), and that's going to take time to build, so as long as that's improving over time, how does someone magically "catch up"? and I think people need to reconcile themselves with the idea its gonna take years to get there, i'm resigned to anywhere from 3 to 8/9 years before we see any appreciable sustained price upwards movement (which admittedly are totally arbitrary figures as well).
  4. u know, the Zerpening is a chicken thread...its time for the Zerpening 4...just saying
  5. I love the certainty behind your statement...the exact thing you hold against the folks that hold contrary opinions to yours.
  6. don't agree with your characterizations and conclusions, but otherwise a very informative post, thank you.
  7. one could argue that every investor in Ripple would have a vested interest in seeing the price of XRP maximized seeing how much of it Ripple currently holds...i have no idea if Ripple as a public company is the best framework for that to happen, but it would surely open the XRP marketplace to new batch of motivated investors. in any event, i'd be surprised to see this happen, but interesting to think about.
  8. a lot of assumptions around strategy, timelines and the purpose of xPring in this thread, and in this post, but the last part re "distribution centre" make sense to me...it all (XRP), or substantially more, needs to circulate ultimately, and ideally its being distributed in a controlled and strategic manner (i invested on the premise it would be)...every time there's one of these threads, the unknown is always on what terms the XRP were conveyed, which imo is a critical part in assessing whether the distribution event in question is favourable to the growth of the ecosystem, or not, as well as what the impact on price will ultimately be (long term). its one thing to traffic in hypotheticals, quite another to draw conclusions with incomplete information. coin burning their "warchest" as its been called doesn't make any sense to me. it's part of their competitive advantage. time will tell i guess. and my take on the Dharma tweets, fwiw, is that its either a question of timing ("at the moment") or there's a broader purpose at play...i'm aware those are charitable views, but i'm still in a charitable mindset with a view to my investment, i hope i'm not ultimately proven wrong...again, time will tell.
  9. you can mitigate the risk of being sued but you can't eliminate it entirely in an area where the law/regulations are unsettled, and even then, a motivated and adequately funded party can still bring an action in court if they are determined to, even if it ultimately never goes anywhere. spurious litigation happens. period. so i'll say it again, innovation is messy...and hindsight is 20/20. i'm sure some things could have been better planned out or executed, but that's true of any worthwhile endeavour. the scale and scope of what they want to accomplish means its a given that they'll be adjusting plans on the fly, as they say, and asking for forgiveness instead of permission on some fronts. so, its still too early to know how big of an issue the securities thing will be ultimately I think, and anyone who pretends to know for certain how it will play out is full of it, but what do I know...
  10. avoidable how? you can't stop someone from suing you, particularly if what the area of law/regulation is unsettled...innovation is messy!
  11. or defend themselves against spurious claims? are you proposing they not do it? innovation is messy, who knows what other challenges might pop up, doesn't mean you don't try, you just deal best you can...and one way of mitigating future risk would be to allocate resources to said lawyers and former sec employees, no?
  12. Not great, but not out of line relatively speaking I think...it likely speaks more to the fact that they consider Canada such a small market (it is) and they probably made a business decision based on cost/benefit.
  13. when the glass is half full, you can find nuggets of value everywhere and anywhere
  14. i'm not a securities guy so i'm not going to argue with you, but i consult in a regulatory environment as well and the thought that comes to mind when reading through this thread is that innovation is messy and it seems like you're being unduly harsh in assessing Ripple's intentions. or maybe not. we'll see, i'm still comfortable, though far from an expert. plus its a private company, so most of what gets discussed here is speculation in any event. but your posts were interesting and had substance to them, even if i don't agree with some of your conclusions, so please don't stop posting.
  15. agree with him or not, he's added value here so don't push him out the door...notwithstanding his tendency to represent opinion as fact, which in fairness he did redress in later posts.
  16. That's not what I said, but what I (or you ) want is not material. I'll assume they're compliant with whatever regulatory disclosure requirements they are subject to.
  17. you're an expert on what most people do huh? and your take on financial disclosure practices for private entities is wanting, imo.
  18. your opinion of what might happen is THE TRUTH, huh...you're no better than those you attack..no one knows how it will play out, some opinions have more knowledge and/or experience behind them, but are still only opinion nonetheless.
  19. gambling another way to say speculation? so you only invest in things that you've determined are sure things? must be nice to have such foresight...what's an undoubtedly successful investor as yourself doing slumming here then? they're rhetorical questions, don't feel obliged to respond, as i don't care.
  20. you don't know me or what research i did, my capacity to do so, my ability to process...you just generalize and look for opportunities to grandstand and put people down best i can tell, pointing to past results and using your experience to glorify your opinions as to what will happen and shut down anyone with a contrary view...learning is a process, which can lead to confirmation bias, even amongst the brightest of people...or maybe not, depends on the person and the situation...however one's ability to think critically, question everything and come to a reasoned conclusion could nonetheless lead to the same conclusion as confirmation bias, can it not? who are you to say what my path has been based on what i've posted so far? FOMO lead to me discovering something i hadn't been exposed to before, but what i did once i acquired that knowledge, and i how i processed it, you have no clue, how could you? it's not ego, i don't need to be right and i haven't invested more than i can afford to lose...and i'm comfortable with how i got here, not to say that couldn't change if evidence presented itself leading to a different conclusion...we'll see... but i'll remind you this entire thing started with me pointing out your conflicting statements made within about 8hrs of each other (will this entire market, including XRP, always be lead by BTC or won't it?), which i questioned and you responded to with sarcasm rather than acknowledgment...i own what i say and what i put out there...can you? or is the need to be right so powerful that your ego can't stand being questioned and that it arrogantly requires you to draw conclusions about my abilities and motivations without having enough information to do so? for myself, i'm drawing conclusions and making assertions about your overall douchiness from what you've written and its overall negative tone (which i've pointed out to you in the past if you look back far enough)...plus you called me low IQ and it ****** me off for a minute... anyways, i hope we both make money, time will tell.
  21. certainly not a pro lol, glad to grease the wheel I guess, still think i'll ultimately make $ (if not i'd sell)...and not that its any of your business, my DCA is a little under $1, and it would be lower had I managed to get an exchange account faster... to answer your condescending question, I did initially FOMO into crypto, but by the time I got done doing more reading/research/thinking and decided XRP was where I was going to allocate my capital, a long term hold was a given the nature of Ripple's plans. life is timing and I applaud you having gotten in earlier than me, but while I may be "less than" in your view as an investor, you'll still be an arrogant a**hole when you wake up tomorrow ...life is too short to spend it being that way, peace out.
  22. not lazy, just not interested and no time, i understand and respect what needs to go into trading but life is busy and i'm not missing out on what's in front of me to faking trade...i did study market before i decided what to buy, i do keep stay informed and long time hodl is a valid investment strategy...you continue holding yourself out as a know all see all contrarian if it suits you...such a knob.
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