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  1. This was my exact question 2 years ago. See my post: "Why does the value of Ripple (XRP) have to change?" There have been many responses!
  2. Hi Strangedays, clearly we have got off on the wrong foot. I don't know why you feel the need to attack me when all I'm saying is that we shouldn't panic and it's a good time to buy shares. Why are you questioning my employment status? It's not relevant to my opinions or comments. If you don't agree with me because you think it's a bad time to buy shares, that's okay. But not agreeing with me just because I say I'm retired and I'm a research scientist makes no sense. Can we please stick to the topic - which is not my employment status. And I do understand XRP - it's an asset with value - like a postage stamp. People have told me that the value (or price) of XRP must be high and will be high because it has to be high for the system to work. If you read my posts, you will see that I disagree with this. I won't repeat myself now. And how can you say that my advice on the virus is irresponsible when I recommend frequent hand washing, not touching the face, avoiding crowds and self isolating after exposure. All I'm saying is "don't panic" when considering your investments. Is this a bad thing in your eyes? Do you think we should panic? To be honest, I have no idea what your message is or what you are trying to say, if anything. I think you just enjoy attacking people, including Truckdriver. Please stop. We don't need this. It helps no-one.
  3. Oh dear, now you're trying to attack my credibility. Boo hoo, how will I go on?? But your case is weak and in fact has no basis in reality. I am a retired pharmaceutical research scientist with a research-based masters degree!! You seem to think this isn't possible, but I am living proof that it is. And I've just been offered 2 senior jobs in the pharmaceutical industry (one of which involves research on cannabinoids) so I'm considering coming out of retirement. But none of this is relevant to anything, is it? So why do you bring it up??
  4. Actually I'm a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, so please don't assume I'm not an expert. Re the WHO report, have you read it? It fully supports my claims. Let me quote from it... "Most people infected with COVID-19 virus have mild disease and recover. Approximately 80% of laboratory confirmed patients have had mild to moderate disease, which includes non-pneumonia and pneumonia cases, 13.8% have severe disease (dyspnea, respiratory frequency ≥30/minute, blood oxygen saturation ≤93%, PaO2/FiO2 ratio <300, and/or lung infiltrates >50% of the lung field within 24-48 hours) and 6.1% are critical (respiratory failure, septic shock, and/or multiple organ dysfunction/failure). Asymptomatic infection has been reported, but the majority of the relatively rare cases who are asymptomatic on the date of identification/report went on to develop disease. The proportion of truly asymptomatic infections is unclear but appears to be relatively rare and does not appear to be a major driver of transmission. Individuals at highest risk for severe disease and death include people aged over 60 years and those with underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and cancer. Disease in children appears to be relatively rare and mild with approximately 2.4% of the total reported cases reported amongst individuals aged under 19 years." But my post is about shares, not COVID-19. Let's not get distracted by the science. All I'm saying is: don't panic. Surely you can't tell me that's bad advice.
  5. Sorry Dogowner5, didn't mean to offend. Re the different odds, my point is that we don't normally panic about unlikely events, so why panic about this virus if you're young and healthy? Panicking serves no good purpose. Anyhow 1 death per 200 infected people seems too many for healthy people in their 40's. Can you give me a reference for this? Anyhow my main point is that we all should buy shares because the market is oversold due to senseless panic. This isn't investment advice, it's just my opinion. Could be wrong, but I doubt it. And I'm not taking advice from any ill-informed denizen, and I'm not an ill-informed denizen myself. My advice on the virus comes from a well experienced 60 year old doctor. Good enough?
  6. So do you think we should all panic? I don't think so. The probability of the virus killing you if you're young and healthy is similar to the odds of being eaten by a shark when you swim in the ocean or being struck by lightning in a storm. Yes it's possible but not probable. No reason to panic. I'd panic more if I owned a lot of XRP. Now that's scary!
  7. Italy has a large elderly population. As of March 4th, the virus has killed 79 people in Italy, overwhelmingly aged between 63 and 95 with underlying serious illnesses. The youngest person to die was 55 and suffering from chronic disease. If you're young & healthy, there's nothing to worry about. Help the elderly by self isolating after exposure and by following the rules (wash hands frequently, don't touch your face, avoid crowds) but don't give up on the stock market. It will bounce back quickly, especially when new cases start to decline or progress is made on a vaccine. We'll all look back on March 2020 and see that it was the best time in our life to quickly build wealth through shares.
  8. Best thing to buy now... Shares. Hot tip: the coronavirus or Covid-19 is no big deal. My doctor friend Harry who bought XRP at 30 cents and lost everything in a pyramid hoax investing scheme linked to XRP says he's seeing lots of panicking people who really should just calm down. He thinks we'll all probably get infected and "the sooner the better" so we can move onto more important things. (Half the virus infected patients on the Diamond Princess cruise ship had NO symptoms whatsoever.) Harry says it's just a media beat-up and manipulation of the stock market by short sellers who'll make huge profits from our panicking and stupidity. So sell useless XRP and rush out to buy as many shares as you can afford. That's how to get rich in 2020.
  9. Glad I didn't buy XRP. Anything else is a better investment. This is just an illusory "asset" with no real value. Now I wouldn't even buy at 10 cents. It's over folks.
  10. Not sure what your point is - do you mean I need to provide an acceptable reason for why I'm interested in XRP? Ok then, how about this... I want to be rich and I see this (XRP) as a potentially useful tool, but I'm sceptical since it continues to drop in price (and anytime I buy shares, they always drop in price, so my experience tells me to stay away). I almost bought in at $1.30 based on advice from an excited friend (Dr Harry, who bought in at 30 cents) - I'm really glad I didn't. Maybe I'll buy at 10 cents - not sure yet, still learning, first need to feel comfortable about owning an asset that can't easily be safely stored (hackers!) and could be lost if I die without passing on my secret numbers or get dementia. Hope that's a good enough reason. When people respond to my posts like Hodlezerper, it helps me. When people attack, it doesn't. But it doesn't upset me. I just hope my posts (and the responses) help other people who may, one day, invest in XRP.
  11. Thanks Hodlezerper, I agree with you 100%. You make me want to believe in this, that it's real and will succeed. I guess I'm just a pessimist and need help to see the light. Appreciate your insights. Good luck!
  12. I was taught on this forum that XRP must be highly priced to enable it to function (to accommodate huge daily flows of money when Ripple replaces SWIFT) and that the price would rise over time. I was ridiculed for my comments & ideas and accused of FUD. But, if I was wrong, why is the price falling rapidly with ever diminishing peaks and diminishing volumes? Is there really a clever plan (or conspiracy) by financial institutions who are manipulating the market to get it cheaper before it takes off? No, I don't think so. I predict XRP will fall below 10 cents by the end of the year. Let's see who's right. PS. I don't want people to lose money by gambling with XRP. It will ruin lives. The house always wins! So I'm trying to be the voice of reason. But gamblers never listen - it's an addiction - so I'm sure you'll continue to ignore me. But at least I tried. Cheers, Bob
  13. I accept of course that Euro has real value but it's not predominantly due to its utilisation in currency transfers, is it? But I understand your point. So, accepting that XRP has value, now I have to work out what is the real value of XRP relative to other currencies - which is probably different to today's market price. I guess that's the million XRP question. And my guess is as good as yours - but I don't have a clue!
  14. Maybe all this means is that they (Ripple) haven't created enough of them. I wish my house was worth $1 billion so I could do lots of things, but it's never going to happen. Wanting something because it's helpful or necessary doesn't make it happen. Unfortunately.
  15. I think this is the crux of my problem. I see XRP (or maybe I mean Ripple) to be like a data stream which transfers a number which represents a currency value (eg, $100) from one place to another place where it becomes the same value in the same or different currency. I don't see XRP as having any value itself (or any persisting value beyond the transaction). Seen this way, it is like a postage stamp which does its job and then is worthless except to collectors. It conveys something of value without being valuable itself beyond the transaction. Yes, I know postage stamps are a weak analogy (since, unlike XRP, they never assume the value of the items they convey) but it helps to oversimplify since it's a complex topic. Thanks for not accusing me of FUD - I genuinely am trying to learn and I hope my ignorant posts help other people who are too scared to ask questions.
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