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  1. they said they were going to be doing this in 2018 last year... also, from what i understand of the announcement is that there'll be a multi step process... with ERC20 tokens eventually ending up on coinbase based on Market cap. however, what was most interesting to me, was that they basically said they wouldn't be adding any new 'coins' until the government decided on regulations... so until that happens, don't expect anything to happen Coinbase wise. oh... and the government has already said they are in no hurry to tie that issue up in a bow anytime soon...
  2. i thought this was a given last october, when ripple had a meeting with china (about three or four weeks before the meet and greet in Canada...)
  3. i don't wanna start a debate with this comment... but... i have never understood the 'how much does Xrp need to worth for FI' argument... i really don't... there's more of a problem of transactions per second than there is supply of Xrp... (the average transfer over swift is $45,000, with $27 million every second on average.... thats getting very close to to 1200 transactions a second... and thats only swift's market...)
  4. i agree with this... its a new market... theres no right way to go... my ex girlfriends father is with a big HF, and he said normally the strat i'm doing would be in reverse, but after thinking about it for a few days, thinks the reverse is best for this market (purposely not saying strat here...)... like relationships, whatever works... (but make it work...)
  5. it's a weird thing here... people say they love owning ripple, when the price drops they consider it a 'fire sale' and everyone should hold and buy more (which is boiler room talk).... truth is, if you actually believed in Xrp in the long run, you'd try and get a feel for things, and accumulate as much as you can with the ebbs and flow of the market... ie. it's been crashing hard, but... technically, if your timing is right, you should have more Xrp than you ever had while it was booming... (i was doing well, for a while, but judged one night badly... but such is the nature of things...)
  6. look... i'm disturbed by the elephant in the room... crypto boomed over christmas... the crash has hurt way more people than i think anyone here is willing to admit (hurt new buyers... which means no repeat business... and no word of mouth of those people... very likely the opposite)... the elephant is: cryptos have been becoming less independent of each other, not more... we used to see runs from all kinds... ether would run for a few days, then ripple... while another was dipping... then two things happened... 1) bitcoin in october didn't stop going up, to begin with people thought it was the 2 hardforks that were coming... but after 'gold' and seg (which didn't happen), they realised it was the futures market... sucked the air out of everything... then ripple went crazy with the bitcoin rumor, which was the last time i saw 'independence'... since then, crash crash crash.... 2) the tax issue... in the past, you could jump from one coin to the next without the change in tax liability... then the tax code changed... since then people who have stuck around have picked camps, and stayed there... which isn't good for runs in other currencies... its still water... you need people jumping between cryptos for a healthy run in all coins (especially when new money has turned to a trickle...)...
  7. i agree that i'm totally sick of bitcoin being the pied piper... i'd like to see different currencies acting differently... they did used to last year... but now they act in suit... that said, i don't wish to see any decent 'cryptos' fail... whats good for one, is good for all.... and is better than the current system... but yeah, i would like to see some independence...
  8. true... but my main issue is that before the crypto madness, if the price went crazy up, or down, i could use these sites to work out very quickly why it was happening, (i remember back in, i think, october, korea said they were bringing in some sort of reg... and the price went down (a few cents, oooohhh, those were the days!), and i was able to work out why by going on reddit or these kind of sites, and act accordingly (holding, or selling, picking up more at the bottom, knowing it'll rise again))... you cant do that here anymore... maybe 12 hours later, someone will say why the shift happened, when things have stabilized... personally, i'd like the type of info on here which is quality... not links to a newspaper like 'the express' (which is a propaganda newspaper for the far right in england... the only news outlet that publishes regularly "ripple crashes!" when it goes up 2 points, or "massive ripple gains!" when its crashing! )
  9. now, you see... i like this damn comment!!!! and he's right... high risk, but like no other market...
  10. i agree... people say they love ripple labs... but they never say "screw Xrp, Xcurrent is awesome! its so much better(it may not be, i really don't know, when is comes to utility for FI, i'm really not an expert, but they both come from the same place...)", in fact the best you'll get from here is, "ugh! more Xcurrent news, but don't worry guys, in the long run, this will help Xrp!" i have the sneaky suspicion that they actually don't really care in ripple labs, their developments and changing the world, and just want Xrp to go up in price... so, perhaps another question is worth while... if ripple labs did a tweet saying that "tech has changed, and the seas have risen, we can now make a whole different value system out of icecream and sun beams... nothing like this has ever been done... and it works... how ever this makes Xrp worthless", would people here be happy that ripple labs have done this, or ****** off? ripple labs is about innovation, no? are we about innovation, or getting rich?
  11. subtly has never been my strong suit... (i've already written tonight that crypto essentially saved me when my bank turned into a monster, in another thread... further more, i've been holding Xrp since it was .16c, and holding a lot more than the average person... and still holding, so...)... but if you want to bring up FUD (which is essentially a strategy for censorship), during the most ardent times of European fundamental christian rule, it was actually the priests, who at the time were considered the most highly educated, were actually the ones who would come up with most sophisticated arguments for atheism... arguments to disprove the existence of god... they did this to test their belief, and faith... the idea being that, unless you really commit to the opposite point of view, and take it to its end point, how can you really believe you have any true faith, if you construct a bubble around yourself and others, you can only assume that your belief is a fragile fallacy... in regards to this... there are valid issues... ripple labs are all about regulations... established regulations require ripple labs to act on behalf of the stock holder... they cant just give up on it's stock, and declare it an experiment... that said, Xrp could appreciate in a way that stock in a company never could or never will... so... its a valid question...
  12. why? (do you not believe in the company? considering they are quite independent of each other...) interested in your answer... so do you think he'd do a swap?
  13. its a question, not a point... would you prefer Xrp, or stock? do you think he'd prefer Xrp to stock? (you can never have enough Xrp, right?)
  14. i mean... i would totally try and buy stock with Xrp... the great thing about stock, is that i get a slice of all their ventures including Xrp transfers...
  15. do you think david schwartz would prefer Xrp at half price or Ripple labs stock? i'm a big believer in ripple labs... if i could buy stock, i would... who else would? who would trade all their Xrp at half price for ripple lab stock?
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