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  1. It can seem a bit confusing with the whole address thing - but FLR is not an ERC20 token - FLR is the native token of it's own chain, as ETH is to Ethereum. Both chains utilize the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and Flare will follow similar standards - tokens built on Ethereum include ERC-20, ERC-712, etc - tokens built on Flare will follow that same standard. The various Flare Finance tokens YFIN, YFLR & YMIN on Flare are comparable to BAT, LINK, QNT on Ethereum, etc. Should be plenty of options at hand by the time they launch This may make it seem even more confusing , bu
  2. To be clear @Montoya - those tweets are dealing with fXRP, not FLR - which I know is your main point - just including what I remember to be the last I'd seen from them on the topic at large.
  3. This is really all we know so far, we'll have to wait until they release more info as to the exact distribution ratio It's unclear what you're asking me here in the first sentence - are you talking about XRP or FLR holders? As for the second sentence, you're certainly entitled to your opinion We know that the FLR total supply has 'something to do' with XRP, and that this is by design: https://blog.flare.xyz/the-flare-network/ But to your point, I think the situation surrounding FLR is at least a little bit different than the situation surrounding XRP -
  4. Nor is the Flare Foundation a for-profit entity, and after the project launches it can be dissolved and be forced to burn all of it's holdings by way of a governance vote .... by FLR holders. So, here we have an entity that just relinquished 5 billion of it's FLR to people who could one day vote to dissolve it. And for that, they get ridiculed. The better comparison if one were trying to draw some parallel/comparison to Ripple would be Flare's corporate entity Flare Networks Limited, I suppose. Anyhow, looking forward to this interview next week
  5. There are a few straightforward methods, yes - apologies ... I'm swamped up at the moment so have to run, but there are several threads here to show you the way forward through those steps. I'm sure someone will point you in the right direction and there will be help along the way --- but for now just know you have until June to get set up, you haven't missed anything
  6. To the main question @itcdominic has asked - Flare isn't even live yet, so there are no FLR tokens - current estimate is that it will likely be live at some point in Q2
  7. The snapshot was already taken on December 12th, which is the only snapshot that will have been taken. If you had your XRP in self-custody at that time: You can enter your XRP address here to see how much Spark ($FLR) you're eligible to receive - @RareData/TowoLabs have made it easy
  8. Not sure, I only take a look at it every now and again. Happened to take a peek earlier and there it was - thought someone else might be more familiar.
  9. Would love to hear additional thoughts on recent Kraken ODL transactions That, but recently - as in, today. Can't recall ever seeing Kraken_EUR transactions? 2020-12-31 00:27:42 https://bithomp.com/explorer/2F39743401824991AC43F47E7E84E82C234607B24FCDBA2CF702D48D33FEAA70 2020-12-30 23:47:31 https://bithomp.com/explorer/872FE1AA3F8B9E1D6601E0F78A3585E575A2C748B93BDEF23BBE737936F37BA3
  10. I used MEW for this and had no issues. New addresses created offline; one for each XRP address is ideal IMHO. I can't speak for @Wietse but I can share his tweets MEW won't be 'accepting' any assets = you'll never be using it for holding Spark (FLR) - all you'd be doing with it is making use of the address which will become your Flare address. You can verify that the XRPL message key transaction has been signed properly by checking your XRP address in Bithomp or XRPScan.
  11. I think what they mean is that they will give you an IOU on your first distribution, which equals %15 of your total distribution. That %15 figure shouldn't change, unless Flare were to change it for some reason. To your point - the distribution ratio is yet to be determined. Whatever that number ends up being, the first distribution should amount to %15 of it.
  12. Just so everybody is clear, the video wasn't made by Flare Finance - rather by the same person that made this one about Flare and the Spark ($FLR) distribution:
  13. If it makes any difference, while Flare Finance has no affiliation with Ripple/subsidiaries or Flare, Flare is at least this comfortable with the team. In addition, I doubt they would continually retweet statements from Flare Finance if they thought there was anything untoward at play. Nonetheless - DYOR I can only echo @KarmaCoverage in saying that the team have been very open and engaging. I’m happy to judge the project on it’s merits in the interim before the team reveals itself, but that’s just me.
  14. Short paper has been released, outlining six financial products FlareX Spot and Margin Trading Platform with Swaps FlareFarm Yield Farming and Governance Platform FlareUSD Stable Dollar Distribution Platform FlareLoans Collateralized Loans Platform FlareMutual Decentralized Risk-Based Mutual Fund FlareMine Yield Mining and Liquidity Generation Pool https://flarefinance.medium.com/a-brief-introduction-to-flare-finance-225a66b6982a https://flr.finance/documents/ShortPaper.pdf
  15. Cheers @Flintstone ... I can tell you that the Flare team has been pretty responsive and eager to engage right from the beginning. There’s a slight disparity between discussions on Telagram vs Discord, so it might be worth it to read through both, if you’re interested in any of this. IIRC Telegram was where most people landed initially, though at this point quite a few people have joined either group. Flare Discord https://discord.gg/m3qSpY Flare Telegram https://t.me/FlareNetwork Additionally... you may have seen this post by @JannaOneTrick Flare Finance, a proj
  16. My favorite part is how greatly you seem to overestimate the degree to which I care if XRP gets listed on PayPal or not No more new lines of attack, please ... I’m getting the vertigo Even PayPal doesn’t want it! I don’t need to do all these mental gymnastics! [Edits post to minimize impact of being dunked on] You’re doing too many mental gymnastics! Let’s see what excuses you make for the thing that you never claimed! Just tell us why the NYDFS greenlist is crafted the way it is. We’d all like to know.
  17. That’s the million dollar question @Rutski
  18. I don't pretend to have any insight as to what direction this will take for them, but it seems like more of a starting point than anything. There will be some people disappointed for many of the reasons you point out, and then there will be others who are just fine with having a Robinhood type relationship with their DAs.
  19. Option A - scroll up, read, look at pictures Option B - DYOR DFS Complaints You may direct a complaint to the attention of the New York State Department of Financial Services at One State Street New York, NY 10004-1511 or 1-800-342-3736. Please visit www.dfs.ny.gov for information.
  20. Wherein you both continue to miss the point: Whether PayPal wants to list XRP or not - they're not allowed to
  21. LOL ‘looking at pictures is too hard’
  22. I thought that by literally posting a picture that explains why that it would help ... guess not
  23. I may be wrong - but it seems you should be able to if you're an account holder https://s1.q4cdn.com/633035571/files/doc_presentations/2020/10/Crypto_Buy_Sell_Hold_Announcement_Details.pdf
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