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  1. Hey Kiwi ... there is a video interview with Jennifer Peve of DTCC, where she describes the testing in some detail: http://www.dtcc.com/dtcc-connection/articles/2019/january/03/settling-equities-on-the-blockchain Paraphrasing/TLDW: For the testing, DTCC chose two private DLT platforms: R3|Corda Enterprise - https://www.r3.com/corda-enterprise/ Digital Asset|DA Platform - https://www.digitalasset.com/products Accenture managed the project and created two ring-fenced environments within DTCC's AWS Cloud environment.
  2. Hey Bull ... hope all is well ... Either the author has left out key information from a 'FIAT ILP connector' demonstration that might have been given, or he's alluding to another presentation that we know was given, and that Vanessa had been tweeting about. He mentions this tweet: By which we can see from the slides that this is a presentation of Kava Labs' Switch-API (unless I have this wrong?) https://github.com/Kava-Labs/switch There is nearly %100 chance that I'm missing something - so please point it out. Either way, seeing all of what has come out of that event over the weekend has been a real treat, and I can't wait to see some video. Needing to brush up on Strata Labs. -- h/t @jn_r @RareData https://twitter.com/strata_labs https://www.stratalabs.io/mainnet
  3. Fair enough, in that 'administration' typically refers to the Executive Branch, of which: "Including members of the armed forces, the Executive Branch employs more than 4 million Americans." So talks could really be with anybody from any of the departments that make up the Cabinet. https://www.whitehouse.gov/about-the-white-house/the-executive-branch/ My point is that this topic is usually presented as 'Ripple talks to White House' when, in fact, we have no idea how high up the chain talks have gone. Again, from the source article I posted: BreakerMag: "How high up in the administration have you gone, as far as talks go?" Cory: "...we haven’t said who we’ve talked to. But we’re in regular talks throughout Washington, and we meet with regulators as well as politicians." Giving credit to Solomon Magawi, he never makes the claim that there are direct talks with the White House - and his entire article is based on the BreakerMag piece, which does mention the White House - I was making a separate point really, which is sort of splitting hairs, and is now interfering with my Sunday drinking ... so I'm off .. cheers!
  4. My two cents: From the outside, it seems reasonable (if not likely) that there would've been discussions with both the current and previous administrations. @Prince123 - I'll let the following information speak for itself - whatever it may or may not point to is up to the reader I suppose. Gary Cohn/December 2017 - Interview with AXIOS, while still Director of the National Economic Council (cued up- just hit play) https://www.c-span.org/video/?438744-1/gary-cohn-discusses-2018-legislative-agenda&start=1922 Gary Cohn/05-08-2018 - CNBC interview, after leaving the NEC Here, he sort of doubles down on the sentiment from the above interview: “I’m not a big believer in Bitcoin. I am a believer in blockchain technology,” “I do think we will have a global cryptocurrency at some point where the world understands it and it’s not based on mining costs or cost of electricity or things like that,” “It will be a more easily understood cryptocurrency,” https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/08/we-will-have-a-global-cryptocurrency-but-not-bitcoin-says-gary-cohn.html Finally, what you alluded to: Cory Johnson/ 10-12-2018 - Interview with BreakerMag BreakerMag: “Do you have a sense of what the Trump administration thinks about a product like Ripple?” Cory: “The White House in particular seems to be thinking about what it means to have 80 percent of bitcoin mining taking place in China and a majority of Ether mining taking place in China.” 'seems to be thinking' -- that portion of the quote could be taken to mean Cory is offering nothing more than his opinion on the matter here, and therefore can't be pointed to as 'evidence' of communication between Ripple and the White House in and of itself. https://breakermag.com/ripple-has-a-ton-of-doubters-this-exec-is-trying-to-change-their-minds/
  5. I think we should let @Simoun have his thread back.
  6. You did share your correspondence with DTCC, but to say that ‘nobody wanted to believe’ it is disingenuous. You asked if they were working with Ripple and/or using XRP directly - which of course she said they weren’t. The question at hand was surrounding Corda Settler, not whether or not DTCC would be utilizing XRP directly. I replied to you, with this video interview of the woman you spoke to, where she describes the testing - and I remember saying something to the effect of ‘here it is, straight from the horses mouth’ — if for no other reason than to put it up alongside your correspondence for reference - so it’s funny that you present the issue here in the way you did. Anyhow - here is the interview for those that may not have seen it. Decide for yourselves what it means and what it might point to. http://www.dtcc.com/dtcc-connection/articles/2019/january/03/settling-equities-on-the-blockchain Think Big
  7. In another thread I think it was @Carmelita that mentioned the other picture (fireplace) and the Phoenix inside the fire. I can see that, but does it also look like eyes? Like the ends of the logs, but they're eyes. Longshot - but what if ... the Phoenix?
  8. I didn't mean to ignore the last part of your post @XRP-JAG ... if that does have something to do with the castle, look at this press release. Venezuela will be using their Petrodollar as you mention, and they are sourcing liquidity as we speak https://cointelegraph.com/news/report-venezuela-converts-pension-bonuses-into-state-issued-crypto-petro But look at his briefcase ... and then remember the flag on the right side of the castle. How does that tie in?
  9. Who assumes this? I'm just saying - what if the no mouth guy has infiltrated the castle. Wouldn't the guard protect the castle? Or maybe he broke the stick as a warning?
  10. I doubt Brad has anything to do with it. My guess is that as the leader of Ripple he has better things to do than guard a castle? But even then, who is the one that has no mouth? Doesn't make sense. Is 'Brad' the one that chopped his stick in half?
  11. I think that makes sense, but have heard a lot of theories frankly. I honestly don't think he would be involved in this.
  12. In all seriousness, can we PLEASE turn this around and get back on track? I'n trying to figure out who the Tin-Man one is ... best guesses?
  13. Look, it's all very simple. Points directly to a Coinbase listing on the 7th Day of FOMO. It was in our faces the whole time.
  14. I think we should get this topic back on track before we lose focus. The hooked X: real or photoshopped
  15. Anyhow, the saddest part of all this drama is that most of what I see categorized as 'secret information' is stuff like this You don't exactly have to plumb the depths of the internet to get there. As an investor I don't put my money into things because a magic bear told me to, nor do I live my life by the price prediction dates that people offer. Some people do - not my concern.
  16. Isn't that what posting a screen shot of a private conversation amounts to? Unless I'm missing your point in doing that.
  17. So - you have a screenshot from a conversation that took place two hours ago, in a chatroom that you were booted from. Which means that you're either still there under false pretenses, or know someone there who is -- and yet, you're here laying people out to dry, and lecturing everybody about transparency and integrity? That's pretty rich.
  18. Taking a moment to consider that, despite the run to the ATH, the chart looks healthy otherwise - doesn't really in any way seem to conflict with Newton's Second Rule of Chartmaking. He didn't draw anything on the chart by which to indicate that the price will be $x by a certain date, which seems to get to the heart of that particular rule. I see this as more of a post-mortem of a plain chart, and lesson on perspective if anything.
  19. It would be great if we could keep the focus on charts and not veer off course again.
  20. Still not 'uncharted' though. What is uncharted is that XRP is now firmly in 2nd place by market cap, and gaining closer by the day to Bitcoin for the rights to the throne. There are more XRP pairings being offered with each new week which will serve to decouple it from other DAs that much faster. And now, it seems that the fire-cleansing that we've all been expecting would happen is starting to happen. We weren't promised that it would be pretty. Let's see who rises from the ashes before we begin to get an accurate picture of what the market will look like going forward.
  21. November 19 , 2017 Bitcoin| $7,779.97 ------- XRP| $0.228721 November 16 , 2018 Bitcoin| $5,618.32 ------- XRP| $0.473229
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