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  1. ... yeah, we finally get to hear a bit more about the specific processes and what differentiates their solution from anything else on the market. I love the part in the second interview where he begins to describe the process by which they make their attestations ('proofs' ?) and he makes the distinction that, rather than that the solution simply replaces the 'need for trust', it's more that it 'replaces trust with truth' ... can't wait to see this thing in full daylight.
  2. Last mention was that the project would likely roll out as initially planned, but could change as it moved forward.
  3. For those following along with Trustline/Probity Matt, from Probity Discord earlier today
  4. No worries … overall we get a look at the source video, of which the entire discussion is fantastic - and we get Darren’s take alongside Mickey & Patty; always interesting to have a few different voices in the conversation, and without much fluff. Which is by no means a shot at the lovely @CryptoEri
  5. Absolutely - some great discussion without a lot of the noise; I've been there all day ... time for a break ... about to head down to the beach while it's still light out ... cheers
  6. Discussion is ongoing here in the Flare Proposal Group https://t.me/flareproposals
  7. Well, I think it's been handled pretty well overall. Minority opinion though it may be ... to your last point, no it didn't really strike me as being as huge a deal as others might see it. An act of governance can dissolve the Flare Foundation and force it to burn all of it's holdings if that's what FLR holders wish, so I just saw it as a choice put in front of us. All better now though Happy that you got a reply on that one ... great question
  8. That’s one way to look at it. I see it as that they recognized the concern amongst the distribution recipients and facilitated a way to allow everybody involved to come to a resolution. The only bit of criticism I’ll offer is that I think they missed an opportunity to address the distribution mechanics around the time Hugo gave that last interview. It would’ve been timely to unveil the tax memo they received in order for each of us to weigh out whether or not it’s a viable strategy. But that’s just my take. For my money, no big deal, because I was always happy to wait for whenever they’d release that info. I figured we were close, and we now had a bit more information to go on; so much the better. Since they first mentioned their tax memo last fall, I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt that it was sound, but ultimately need to see it for myself to come to my own conclusion. In the interim, we have people everywhere that claim to have a ‘better’ strategy, meanwhile - how many of them knew about the forward contract component until Hugo mentioned it a few hours ago? Exactly zero, so how can anybody claim to have a ‘better’ solution if they had no way of knowing what Flare’s solution was? If there has been a main contributing factor in the confusion it’s been the collective rush to conclusion absent the facts. I think you and many others are severely overdramatizing this entire ordeal, but we can agree to disagree. But also - we can vote
  9. Sure, we could've had a clear conversation with all the facts present at the time that the tax memo was ultimately to be released. But people couldn't wait for the facts to emerge, and here we are. I think the right time to have released the memo/distribution mechanics rundown was immediately after Hugo introduced the topic in that interview. But that doesn't give license for anybody to have formed a definitive opinion absent all of the facts. We can't know that; this is brand new territory
  10. We talked about that in another thread. I've already finalized my tax strategy for F-assets with my accountant. Just remember that Hugo implicitly mentioned that you are trading one asset for another asset, facilitated by Flare as a cross-chain DEX in that regard. So you may be able to form a strategy whereby you're considering the underlying asset as being 'wrapped' but it's really not. My argument puts forward that the basis should transfer from the underlying to the f-asset by virtue of both the design and intent of the F-asset protocol. This seems the most fair to everybody involved. Or this
  11. Update to latest blog post: https://flare.xyz/flare-token-distribution-governance/
  12. It was always the case that an act of governance could dissolve the Flare Foundation and force it to burn all of it's holdings.
  13. I'm open to either option, but frankly - not looking forward to the increased amount of whining around all of this. That Clinton Donnelly blog post, while containing a lot of helpful and correct information, is sort of an embarrassment. And now there are all these freshly minted 'tax experts' on social media who keep pointing back to it for reference. First of all, he went to one of the early Flare ILP blog posts for his source material - back then, part of the vision for the project was that it would've had no native token, and was just a very different 'thing' by conception. From that he concludes that FLR is a 'stablecoin' : For as much as he keeps saying that his post is a 'working document' and to keep following for updates, I just checked, this is still there: https://www.cryptotaxaudit.com/blog/XRP-Investors-Spark-Token-Airdrop-Tax-Not-As-Bad-As-You-Fear Typo - fine, that's one thing, but to let that stay up for more than a few days is just garbage. And then he comes up with some convoluted counter-argument to Flare's tax memo, that he has never seen, based on his interpretation of Hugo's off the cuff summary during that interview. I'm sorry - can anybody point me to where Flare had released that tax memo by June 16th? He must be clairvoyant! I truly hope that people are consulting their own tax professional through all of this.
  14. Erez shared a working document in the public Discord a few weeks ago, but discussion is ongoing. Like everybody else I’m just waiting for more info to be released.
  15. Nice find from our friend XRPDarren Entire interview is worth a watch
  16. Not sure how many people here are in Trustline Telegram - but there have been some very interesting ongoing discussions I'm sure a lot of people here might want to jump into. I'll let Matt speak for himself: June 10th So .... a lengthy discussion around Aurei pegged to gold and the potential for F-Stablecoins. There was also a discussion of a symbol change for Aurei for various reasons; overall some great discussion in that group! Sorry for the long post; hope everyone is well
  17. Not sure what browser you're using - I'm using Brave Browser - Connect Wallet > Ledger Device connect the device and hit 'Connect Ledger' enter your password This window pops up, so make sure you click on the 'Nano S' or whatever it shows in that field, and then 'Connect' It will ask you to confirm the account you want to add > add it ... sign the transaction. If you're moving on to another device - you can straight up just unplug the first Nano you were working with and all the account info will still be visible. If you go to the menu in the top right corner and click 'add account' you can plug in another device, go through the same steps as above ... then just do the same thing. Both accounts will have been added, and you'll be able to switch between accounts at that point. You can even have no device connected at that point, and still be able to switch between accounts to see all the information, but you'll need to connect each device associated with each account in order to sign the transaction.
  18. Try refreshing the browser each time you switch to a new Nano and sign in again
  19. Naturally, we'd all love to hear how anything might have changed from the experimentation being described here: I'd love to know what the design approach was back then, and how things may have changed along the way to accommodate various regulation/privacy concerns, etc. Would also love to hear more about WorldDB - but I digress
  20. Welcome @jackieblue77 ... not a dumb question, and don't worry - we'll help you get there. Plenty of time Let me get this right: Did you attempt to use your Ledger Ethereum account as your future Flare address, and wish to change that to something different? Or is is that you haven't gone through any of the steps yet? If you haven't done anything yet, the first step is to obtain a new Ethereum address. IMO the most practical method for you will be to use MetaMask. Then you'll go through the steps here https://docs.xrptoolkit.com/claim-spark-tokens We'll help you if you get stuck, so take it as slow as you need to. Maybe you already have MetaMask installed; if so, it will be best to create a 'new MetaMask', separate from the one you might already be using. I use Brave Browser, so what I did is create a separate profile from the main profile I use. MetaMask data is partitioned in each 'profile' - so you could have 5 different profiles, each with 5 different MetaMask instances if you wanted. The rub is in the terminology. When you create a 'new MetaMask' you're really creating a new MetaMask vault .. so when you add the MetaMask extension in the new profile, and go through the setup, you've created a vault. The critical thing is to write down the seed phrase, and not store it on your computer. Sort of like when you would set up a Ledger Nano. The seed phrase is the golden ticket to the entire vault. If you lose it, you lose everything. Once you have the vault created, and have copied down the seed phrase, an account is automatically created (Account 1) .... If you were to click on 'Create Account' again, a second account would be generated. These accounts have a public key - more commonly referred to as an address - so at that point you'd have a vault with two accounts, each with a public key (address) that you can give out to anybody so they can send stuff to you. But never give the seed phrase. The seed phrase can also be referred to as the 'secret key' -- the public key and secret key, together, are referred to as the keystore file - sometimes you'll be able to save both keys as one file. A bit long-winded, but just want to be clear on the terms! Somebody please correct me if I'm a bit off in my description .... Now then, go set up your MetaMask, and once you do - you'll automatically have created 'Account 1' - (I changed the name to 'FLR Distribution)' - you'll take that 'Account 1' address/public key, and use it in the @xrptoolkit tool -- this address will become your new Flare address where your FLR are distributed to. Note: It's best to use that first address (for Account 1, or whatever you call it) It's a lot to digest, but you'll get it
  21. Not sure what the conversation may have been about Julian, but maybe something about the Flare Finance platform rather than Flare. I think the gist would've been that you'll be able to do a lot of the same things that you can do on platforms built on Ethereum, but without the same limitations. And this is true for other DeFi ecosystems as well, but I think what Flare has done is perhaps a step beyond, in that you don't need to use FLR to secure the network.
  22. @Julian_Williams we'll be getting %15 as the first distribution, yes - but you likely won't be able to mint any F-assets for about a month at least; that seems to be the convention right now, but don't quote me. Makes sense that they'd want to see the FLR price stabilize a bit before cranking up the mint machine. But you can certainly buy more FLR during this period. Then, a month after Flare goes live, Flare Finance will be doing their own snapshot. This is based on one criteria: however many FLR you hold at the moment of the snapshot. You'll receive DFLR commensurate to the amount of FLR you were holding, and will then need to redeem the DFLR for YFLR on the Flare Finance platform. Originally you'll have had 7 days within which to make this claim, but seems that this has been extended to 14 days per @cryptofrenchie in his latest interview. FXRP has nothing to do with this, although it will certainly have it's place on FlareX, Flare Farm etc.
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