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  1. Not sure if we'll be able to try this out during the current testing - but great to see it all coming together. Progress can be seen here: This is cool too:
  2. They've been having periodic sessions that people can join in on - earlier today another one around the testnet Other Logos related news: Nice pickup for Celsius, and congrats to you Carl
  3. Out of curiosity, I tried to sell a small amount earlier - nothing has changed for US customers: permission denied (error code 804)
  4. Appreciate the sentiment @BillyOckham... I can only echo what I'd earlier mentioned about my experience around the project. As far as any red flags, or issues surrounding anonymity - that's something that each person will need to reckon with. As with anything else in life, if something seems off to you, either get up as close as you can to investigate, or steer clear and let someone else be the first one through the door ... For my money, the anonymity was more of a curiosity than anything. It was known early on in the emergence of the project that they had revealed their identities to
  5. Are wrong … or maybe 'half-right' and 'half-wrong'. There are people who insist that it's dead, in that, it was a thing but is no longer a thing; based on misconstrued comments made by @JoelKatz ... In fact - an iteration of Codius had been deprecated alongside ongoing work on the ‘repurposed version’ (for lack of a better description) https://github.com/codius/codiusd/pull/157 So, half-right in that regard. However, it's very much alive as many of you well know. The current state of development/usage is another matter, but the Interledger community calls have featured some great at-
  6. Hard to say without knowing the specifics, but it sounds like that's what could've happened to you. I know that they've mentioned making changes in dealing with KYC/AML/compliance and I think it will end up a more 'up front/when you set up the account' type of process that would result in less unpleasant 'surprises' in the form of forced compliance checks on an 'as you go' basis. Hope you got sorted out
  7. I like your initial question and premise @brianwalden - my reply is meant in the sense that the system should be dynamic enough whereby it ostensibly requires enough XRP to be locked up at any given time, such that it would allow for scenarios where one agent, or a few agents might act as you mention, and would still be able to compensate the originator. I don't mean to say that all XRP provided by originators would need to be locked up at all times. I could've worded it better so as to be less literal in that way -- and while I recognize that you stipulate 'under normal conditions' you also
  8. In your example the XRP are in fact held on XRPL during the entire life-cycle of the corresponding FXRP, from origination to redemption. https://flare.xyz/app/uploads/2020/08/FXRP_Version_1.0.pdf
  9. Feel free to join the Discord if you like https://discord.gg/ehVRQt3j
  10. Hey @Tako - that was for the closed beta, which has now ended - and some of those instructions changed along the way anyhow, was nothing you were doing wrong. There will be a public beta that's expected to begin soon (I believe mid-February, but don't quote me) ...
  11. It's nobody's favorite, that's for sure ... you're not alone in that sentiment Tough spot for everyone to be in - you for having to sit there and wait to provide information for a compliance check, them for having to do it, and while getting crushed by increased volume and a throng of new members ... at least they remain one of a handful of options for US investors to access XRP. Hope you get sorted out quickly, but I'd expect at least a day before it gets resolved, if we're being honest.
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