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  1. One thing that helps is that Brad Garlinghouse has said that a bank will use xRapid this year. There could be a decent price increase because of that, independent of price action in other cryptos. Now when Bakkt opens, the hype around XRP may be at a boiling point and if Bakkt offers it, it will get huge action The added part of this is the type of people who will want to use Bakkt are looking to it because it is a legitimate institution. Those same people should tend to show interest in XRP because it is being used by Ripple, a legitimate institution for legitimate business reasons
  2. Business Development Director at Ripple confirming what you guys are talking about. Clearly the Blackrock thing is significant to them
  3. 2) Weirdest “this one time I was intoxicated” story Every time me and friends do shrooms together and are walking around outside we encounter a groundhog. I'd never ever seen a groundhog before in my life until the first time I did shrooms with my friends. Now every single time we have a "day out" we encounter a groundhog, no matter what city we're in and no matter what park or forest we walk through. Those are the only times I ever seen groundhogs. Never sober. Do groundhogs actually exist?
  4. Does anyone have/know of a summary of BG123's predictions? I'm trying to get a sense of his/her success rate and accuracy. I've searched through their reddit posts and have been following this story since BG first started popping up, so I have a general idea, but wondering if someone has done a more thorough check of the accuracy
  5. In the 20-25 bracket, been working my first full time salaried job for the past year so I've been able to set aside money to buy XRP. I heard about bitcoin way back when it was $50 and was going to buy some, but I didn't view it as an investment then, just a way to buy stuff off silk road, so I don't really beat myself up about that I'm lucky to have a family that helped put me through school, so I dont have any debt to pay off. So my mentality with my XRP holding is basically as an expensive lottery ticket. No doubt it will appreciate to some degree in the coming months/years, with the chance that it could turn into lottery money. If I lose the amount I invested, my life doesn't change at all. I don't feel the pressure of paying off debts or a mortgage, so I'm willing to wait until it turns into some life changing amount of money. Like start working part time/travel/do charity work level money
  6. The 20 XRP minimum for a wallet is likely to change over time, especially as the price increases. I.e. if XRP is $100 each, it won't make much sense for people to have to pay $2000 for a wallet. I think as the price of XRP increases, the required amount for a wallet will decrease. Therefore there will be less 24 million held up in wallet minimums if my line of thought holds up. I could be totally wrong, the wallet system could change entirely as XRP grows in adoption. We really don't know at this point
  7. Well...maybe making sure that today's children have a good education experience will mean they grow up and become the good teachers of tomorrow
  8. In Canada you can't buy XRP directly with CAD, so you have to buy BTC then go to another exchange for XRP. So you end up losing a decent amount of value in fees, conversions. However the price is so good right now it might be worth a purchase. Once a local exchange adds a direct CAD to XRP option I will definitely buy a bit more. Until that happens, I'm undecided.
  9. The jump from $0.62 to $50 is the same % jump as $0.006 (last March) to $0.48
  10. Only got into crypto and XRP in the past couple months, so this will be my first big jump experience. It's exciting to an opportunity to ride the waves
  11. Any sense of what % gain the next coiled spring event will result in?
  12. A really great read. You have a talent for explaining how all the dots are connected. These blogs have been so crucial in my education about XRP
  13. Wish I got in last Feb/March at under a penny and could have life changing money once XRP reaches $5 or $10. Instead, got in this Feb/March. These are the kinds of prices that would set me up for life.
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