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  1. I may be in the same boat here shortly as well & feel your frustration. All the best to you as well. Thanks for contributing to this forum.
  2. Has anyone else diversified and invested in this coin? What's your gut feeling on it, will it ever recover? I've found it very hard to get any up to date news on coin. Thx
  3. I could argue that some national debt is a good thing. It can help rebuild infrastructure and boost the economy when invested in the right places. I know individual households cannot operate like that, but with the debts passed down from generation to generation it has become necessary for us to hold debt at this point. Albeit with a legitimate and responsible plan to pay it down overtime..
  4. IMO, at this moment the US economy is very strong. Strongest I've seen in 10 years. I work in an industry that sells items that people purchase with disposable income. Overall our industry is booming and manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with demand. I think it will be at least 5-7 years before we see the next turndown, but I am not expecting a "crash".
  5. I'm married, so just like everything else that comes our way in life we are on this journey together. We'd be happy if this helps pay for a portion of our daughters education. No plans to purchase a lambo here... ?
  6. Still holding here as well. But I did cash out enough fiat to get my initial investment back. So at this point, I am still holding strong but playing with house money. Looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for us...
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