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  1. Well predicted that outbreak, but unfortunately it didn't last long Sideways movement for now it is. For how long, that's the question...
  2. It's back to sideways action yes. I don't see actions pointing to a new bull run.
  3. Yesterday, it seemed XRP was dragged along with BTC climbing, whereas now XRP is tanking badly.
  4. Could also go sideways a bit longer, no? But if have to guess between up or down, I say down. It would provide a more sustainable base for future growth.
  5. small batch at $3. At $9.5 I've sold half of my stash. And after that some further goals which would make it interesting. If I had enough of it I sell faster
  6. I've accumulated at 0.28 and 0.44. I don't need the money now and goal is way higher than where we're now. So those XRPs ain't going anywhere.
  7. Would be fun to see another leg up, that's for sure!
  8. Yes of course I have been in crypto a while. Since May 2017. Always holdled XRP. 10% doesn't faze me at all, but in my perception XRP has cooled down. No panic, no drama, that's all.
  9. If we end at 0.40 it's a big increase still compared to a few weeks ago, so I don't see that as a bad thing. Think we should just temper our wild expectations. The downward corrections seem to become more pronounced every day, so I'm not very bullish anymore now indeed.
  10. Seems to be the bull run is absolutely over. We'll level out somewhere between 0.40-0.65 and then we have to wait for the real bull run to happen, maybe somewhere next year.
  11. Haha you don't know anything about me, luckily. Kinda hope you lose your bet, even if it dents my gains Bye bye
  12. Either you're dreaming this whole sh*t up, or it's true and you're a sick psycho. Is there a way I can block your posts?
  13. Maybe you shouldn't be fishing for other people's holdings..
  14. You're beginning to sound like Bearableguy. It's nice to be optimistic, but if you're not careful soon everyone here will think you're mad.
  15. Yeah great prediction, really quite bizarre how accurate the bull run was predicted. To be fair, I think the vertical part won't be correct. Simply too extreme in my mind. But boy, do I hope tar is right.
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