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  1. He's been away for more than a year. My guess he's out of the XRP game.
  2. Not sure why you say "absolutely not" as you seem to completely agree with me. I said in my quoted post we could go to 0.50 or the 0.40s. Then, if we don't bottom out soon in this drop, it could be lower.
  3. Well, that was fast . Hope it bottoms out soon, otherwise even lower lows become an option.
  4. I like the theory some other users here presented, that similar to 2017, maybe in a few months from now we get to a new bull run. That's not to say we're going down for months. I think XRP will consolidate and then be stable for most of the time, until the new run starts.
  5. Seems going sideways is the best we can hope for now, but more likely is a retrace to 0.50 or even the 0.40s. It's not what we want to see or some want to hear, but it's just that the strong bull run of course has to be reversed sooner or later and we definitely took that path it seems.
  6. Well predicted that outbreak, but unfortunately it didn't last long Sideways movement for now it is. For how long, that's the question...
  7. It's back to sideways action yes. I don't see actions pointing to a new bull run.
  8. Yesterday, it seemed XRP was dragged along with BTC climbing, whereas now XRP is tanking badly.
  9. Could also go sideways a bit longer, no? But if have to guess between up or down, I say down. It would provide a more sustainable base for future growth.
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