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  1. Ok thanks both. I'm gonna put it on my Ledger, so guess that should be fine too. Thanks again!
  2. Okay, thanks for that answer. So my current ETH address is also an FLR address ? And later on it should simultaneously hold FLR, even if I'd put ETH on it now?
  3. Hi guys, maybe a stupid question, but yeah.. I'm stupid I guess. So I created an ETH address when this was required to register in time for the FLR airdrop snapshot. So obviously, as I've done nothing with it yet and FLR still has to be airdropped, the balance is still 0. Now, what happens if I put some ETH in this wallet now? Could I still receive FLR on it later? Would ETH arrive if I'd send it now? Thanks for your input!
  4. I asked why in August it had this humongous drop.. Trying to understand what happened.
  5. Why did DOT go from 350+ to a few dollars overnight?
  6. Looks like we're in the Capitulation / Discouragement stage on these boards... Just saying.
  7. Yeah but no evidence is presented that the leverage trading is the sole or predominant reason for BTC's price increase. I'd say that's highly unlikely.
  8. Interesting article and yes, reason for concern. However, I can't agree with this statement: Bitcoin might be trustless in itself, but if it’s being bought for fake dollars, its valuation in dollars will be fake as well. In the end, people who buy BTC, start off with transferring their fiat money to an exchange to get BTC. BTC is valued in USD. To say that an intermediary instrument which might or might not be used to obtain the desired BTC determines the value of BTC, doesn't hold water. But yes, clearly an USDT implosion is not gonna be good for the crypto sphere.
  9. To me it's not hopium, just a given. XRP/Ripple are way ahead of speculative projects like Polkadot and the likes. Not saying DOT won't go to the moon, but XRP just has better cards in my opinion.
  10. 100% agree with your opinion. I was thinking the same earlier today. If you can be certain about one coin to increase a lot in value from where it stands now, it's XRP.
  11. Can you please explain what is blocktoswap? Can't find what it is or how to get this?
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