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  1. The difference is here that I make these transfers for years already and they always take 3-4 days. Now, suddenly, both transfers clear in a day... Thanks for all your feedback people, will try it again soon.
  2. Ok , just sharing some very interesting experience. I'm a Dutch guy, living in Southeast Asia for 6+ years. Every now and then I transfer money from my local bank account to my Dutch account. Yesterday, Friday (!), I transferred funds from two different accounts from to different banks to my Dutch account and today (!) funds from both accounts have arrived already? Maybe even yesterday as it's Saturday obviously... I have NEVER seen a transfer go through even remotely this fast before... Can it be my bank(s) are using Ripple products? Or has SWIFT just become a 21st century thing?
  3. OK, great news. So then for sure XRP dies along! If you hadn't noticed, we're still in the same ratio to BTC as a year ago or so.
  4. I saw a similar thing here yesterday for Standard Chartered. Also a Ripple client....
  5. Good, another expert we don't have to take seriously anymore
  6. Anyone who thinks XRP can be at 589 EOY seriously needs to see a doctor. I'm investor and supporter, but not having insane expectations.
  7. Every coin saw its trading volume rocketing up..
  8. Where do you base this on? Why not 1-2 USD? Why not 50 USD?
  9. My problem setting up an exit strategy, is I really don't know what is a realistic value XRP could accomplish. 2 USD? 10 USD? Who knows... Nobody
  10. OK. This kind of jump, two days in a row, absolutely separate from the rest of the market in the absence of any news which could clarify such event... In my opinion this can only mean that some people have some inside knowledge and started stocking up after which of course the market followed. I see very similar patterns to earlier cases where inside knowledge pumped XRP or other coins. What do you all reckon? Agree? If so, any ideas what this inside news can be?
  11. What utter nonsense is this. I'm not impatient and I don't need "women in this space" to make XRP succeed.
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