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  1. I like your posts too, Eric, although I am yet to be convinced TA can be applied to crypto. Just wondering: can you also do the same analysis for XRP? Or is it the idea that XRP will eventually copy BTC's moves?
  2. Dropping further next week. 0.25/0.26 seem plausible.
  3. Not sure I share the positive sentiment (any longer). Feels as if we've reached a temporary price ceiling and more downward corrections are to be expected. Could see us retrace to 25 cents.
  4. Just put 0 as tag. I also use Nano S.
  5. Wanted to pick out this quote.. You are of course entitled to your opinion but I cannot fathom how you do not see the utility of XRP. If you read up it's hard not to see, in my opinion. Since you gamble on the greed of people and then invest in BTC and XRP, I wonder why you also picked XRP since to you it's just another altcoin without utility. Better focus on BTC only, since that's the herd coin, right?
  6. The difference is here that I make these transfers for years already and they always take 3-4 days. Now, suddenly, both transfers clear in a day... Thanks for all your feedback people, will try it again soon.
  7. Ok , just sharing some very interesting experience. I'm a Dutch guy, living in Southeast Asia for 6+ years. Every now and then I transfer money from my local bank account to my Dutch account. Yesterday, Friday (!), I transferred funds from two different accounts from to different banks to my Dutch account and today (!) funds from both accounts have arrived already? Maybe even yesterday as it's Saturday obviously... I have NEVER seen a transfer go through even remotely this fast before... Can it be my bank(s) are using Ripple products? Or has SWIFT just become a 21st century thing?
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