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  1. Thanks for your response - I am unfortunately very low on the knowledge spectrum and was hoping there was a service I could use and pay for... I'll keep digging!
  2. I have been trading a number of pairs through Gatehub and would like to automate a couple of my strategies - any clue on how to do that? Doesn't seem like I can do directly through Gatehub - are there third party services that I can go through?
  3. I had some ETH and BTC Mr.Ripple IOUs (now Mr. Exchange) that were stranded when they went offline - I am working with their support to get those back and it seems that I am approved to receive back my ETH/BTC this is their message: provide us with your designated refund address for both BTC and ETH, these two currencies we can refund it as native currency. (Please refrain from using other exchange's deposit address/wallet/account and make sure you do own the secret key for those wallets.) I currently use Gatehub, what solution works best here? Thanks...
  4. Sorry for the dumb question but I trade a lot of USD vs USD, any combination of Bitstamp, Gatehub and MrRipple - all on Gathub... if that makes sense. I am noticing more and more crossed markets, i.e. bids and offers, through the other side of the market. What is weird is that the spread between these crossed markets has gone as high as 1.5%/2% meaning the market at one point was 1.02 bid/1.005 offer What is weird is that my posted bids and offers don't interact with these crossed quotes but if I create a new order I can get executed... Can someone be so kind to explain what i
  5. @JoelKatz - am I right in thinking though that is say Gatehub USD are expensive to all my other USD trust line that rippling won't have an effect as no one would give Gatehub USD for my cheaper Bitstamp USD? If that is the case though, is there any advantage to be gained from rippling ever?
  6. We are now in at least the 3rd day of this...for those of us who are tech morons, is there a solution? Have real orders out there stuck that I can't cancel
  7. Still unresolved for me - issues logging in but also trading and moving around the site
  8. I just found out that Gatehub doesn't display Bistamp USD by default as a leg of a pair - didn't realize I had to manually add
  9. Hi, I am new to this and I have the same issue as Verndoggin but my problem is simpler - have Bitstamp USD in my Gatehub acct - how do I even go about trying to exchange those?
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