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  1. It'd be interesting to review this chart based on $ amounts. XRP's recent rise started on 20-Nov. So while XRP based volumes clearly decreased recently, the USD amounts haven't (at least not with the same dynamic).
  2. What difference does it make? I think the interesting observation is that the ODL transaction share continuously increased despite an ever growing RippleNet.
  3. Thanks a thousand times @BobWay for investing your time and sharing your perspective. It's refreshing. Ripple's (the company) valuation has been discussed on Twitter a few times lately. Its valuation suggests that its XRP holdings are heavily discounted (90%+) by equity investors (and as if future license, integration and transaction fees are hardly reflected). Since quite a lot of Ripple employees are paid in/ own equity, what are their and your thoughts on this? To me there are probably only 2 possible scenarios: 1) equity investors don't believe (yet?) into XRP sustaining pri
  4. Michal seems to represent Bank Pekao? This is Polands biggest Corporate and Investment Bank.
  5. I think I never saw a Zerohedge article on this, but as part of a small write-up I did highlight a potential connection between rising interest rates and accelerating adoption of XRP/collapsing nostro accounts:
  6. Hey - yes, this is coming from Bloomberg (closed information/subscription system, so I could only share the screenshot).
  7. Hey @Amigo - I really like the idea. I‘ll have a think about it ??
  8. I think Cuallix is having an account at both Bitstamp and Bitso. Market maker A is having an account at Bitstamp, and market maker B at Bitso. Those usually have individually negotiated fees which are way smaller than the 0.25% that a small retail investor gets charged. My best guess is somewhere around 0.05%. And those will be priced into the exchange rate that the market maker is quoting (again, my guess). Cuallix will prefer to use XRP, as the fee for sending it (after market maker A has exchanged Cuallix’ USD into XRP) to Bitso will be near zero (compared to BTCs $20 or ETH’s $2). Als
  9. Great idea @OzAlphaWolf ! Also, thanks for linking my write up ??
  10. @Hodor ?? My favourite FUD is: “Supply is too high!“ Well, I guess the +36,000% in 2017 were the right counter...
  11. I have tears of joy seeing that stupid video from Tone and no observable price impact on XRP. FUD resistancy.
  12. That comment by @JoelKatz was in the zerpbox (took a screenshot), so no chance to find via the search function I guess. Anyway, I had regrets shortly after publishing that doc as it came to my mind that this might have caused trouble for JoelKatz (there’s certainly a reason you never hear any Ripple employee talking about XRP‘s price). And he‘s the last man on the planet I want to see having trouble.
  13. Well, my opinion to this thread is that it‘s non sense. And no, I haven‘t read it because I perfectly know what it‘s about after several years of xrpchat membership. There are 4 possible situations: - Ripple intentionally spreads false information to manipulate the market - Ripple partners indicated to be ready to announce their partnership in Q4, but Ripple asked not to announce as they don‘t want to deliver on what they had indicated in their quarterly report - Ripple partners indicated to be ready to announce their partnership in Q4, but partners or Ripple itself had to
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