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  1. XRP is dead!

    @madcat117 there used to be a place for people having the IQ of a slice of bread. I wish the Polo trollbox would still be alive. Anyway, I really don't know why you spend your lifetime opening threads like this. Your impact is zero. People who do impact XRPs price aren't stupid.
  2. @JonHolmquist for attokyo this doesn't seem to work?
  3. I just found a Microsoft IP with a 22% spam rate
  4. @JonHolmquist thanks - have 2 questions: - I randomly checked five other IP adresses from the topology site, and I found for all of them the same results, ie significant spam rates (30%+) via the cleantalk website you referred to. So can you rule out it's Alibaba, just based on that Spam rate (not sure where exactly this spam rate number comes from) ? - also, would you think there's a scenario where it makes sense for Alibaba to host their own validator via Alibaba cloud?
  5. (Debunked): Alibaba Running Validator Node!

    I think this is truly remarkable news. It gives the XRP ledger a lot of additional weight.
  6. @Wobile @Xrpdude Hi guys - thanks. I'm glad you found it interesting. You can reach out to me via twitter (see below) or xrpchat - I'm a big fan of both platforms and trying to publish even more frequently going forward.
  7. @alanwatts is he obliged to do so? I really don't understand what all this conversation here is about? What's the big thing in saying that $20 in 2yrs seems impossible? Are you disappointed about someone seeing your maximum return in 2yrs time to be 12,000% ? ?
  8. It was mentioned by JoelKatz in the zerpbox, so no link available. I agree with him, $20 in the near future does seem very very optimistic. But I do think XRP will be trading in dollars, rather than in cents - soon© Anyway, if you are keen to speculate on price scenarios, go check out my writeup, section 'XRP price scenarios':
  9. @k2love a great idea to make this translation! To answer your question, I think he means Silicon Valley is used to 99.999% , ie 0.001% error rates (and not 12% as for SWIFT).
  10. Ripple Coin A big rumor in Korea!

    Thanks @antripple ! Would be great if you could keep the XRP community updated on what's happening in Korea- much appreciated!
  11. Chat Box Run Entirely on Ripple

    @pftq is there any way to ensure privacy, in private chatrooms? Adfree, privacy, (almost) free - I tend to think there would be demand for this.
  12. Chat Box Run Entirely on Ripple

    Wow, thanks.. -What a great idea! ? I'll check it out later today
  13. @tulo Sure, there's a lot room for different views, as we're all lagging historical comparison. XRP is a worlds-first in the sense of an emerging (digital) bridge asset. I don't know yet which price tag to put onto it, but I think in my analysis I demonstrated that there's a strong correlation between ILP xborder payment volume and demand for XRP.