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    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thanks a thousand times @BobWay for investing your time and sharing your perspective. It's refreshing. Ripple's (the company) valuation has been discussed on Twitter a few times lately. Its valuation suggests that its XRP holdings are heavily discounted (90%+) by equity investors (and as if future license, integration and transaction fees are hardly reflected). Since quite a lot of Ripple employees are paid in/ own equity, what are their and your thoughts on this? To me there are probably only 2 possible scenarios: 1) equity investors don't believe (yet?) into XRP sustaining prices in the future 2) equity investors assume that the very majority of Ripple's XRP holdings will be re-invested into the ecosystem Thanks & good luck with your new venture!
  2. Michal seems to represent Bank Pekao? This is Polands biggest Corporate and Investment Bank.
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