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  1. All I say to this: FUD from a Ethereum holder. We will see way more of this, and those 'insiders', the more XRP is rising.
  2. It's just for trade finance..and the payments part of trade finance is not even considered in the first place. And in the end it's 7 banks, whereas Ripple is already at 75+ . It's getting more and more difficult to successfully build networks/consortia, as the early ones (like Ripple) are seeing actual network effects already
  3. In my view a path for XRP to overtake Bitcoin (which should take place at step 2 at the latest) could be as follows: 1) Japanese bank industry going live on ILP in Q3 2) truly institutional (ILP) payment volume for the first time, especially in JPY vs more esoteric currency corridors (XRP volumes to already pick up given Ripple's market maker incentive scheme) 3) quite a few JPY corridors are 'sucked in', so other market participants are almost 'forced into' the ILP universe as 'traditional-world' market volumes decline in those corridors 4) bigger payment volumes in that corridor introduce more market makers, resulting in tighter (XRP) spreads, which in turn attract more payment providers to join the ILP universe 5) more payment providers/higher payment volumes introduce new inefficient currency pairs that Ripple can target via their market maker incentive scheme 6) which gets you again to 2) for this new currency pair
  4. I'm super curious to see those not-yet-public liqudity strategies!
  5. Interesting paper it seems, will read later today. I see the program only having advantages for Ripple. Cost neutral (as you can allocate the *XRP* rewards from the exisiting marketing budget) + incredibly positive effects on reach + engagement of (so far) non-crypto groups/people + alignments of interests. For professionel participants with potential conflicts of interests: Wether eg a WSJ journalist wants to additionally monetize his article for his employer is the employer's decision. No matter how they decide, I don't see how the Reward Program could negatively affect it. If they see a conflict of interest, they just don't submit their article to the Ripple mailbox.
  6. Hi guys , something just came to my mind. What do you think of: Ripple to announce a "XRP Research Reward Program" - open to everyone (private persons, scientists, professional researchers, journalists etc), people can send a copy of their masterpiece/article/writeup to a specific Ripple mailbox. - once every month, Ripple pre-selects the 5 most insightful/interesting - Ripple let's the community vote the winner - the winner is going to be rewarded with, let's say 100k XRP or so. It's a strong, ongoing incentive for people to familiarize with the concept of XRP, do a high quality analysis, and advertize their masterpiece in the voting process - but most importantly, it's fun! cc'ing @JoelKatz @nikb @warpaul for thoughts
  7. I know it's hard and annoying, but we really HAVE TO FIGHT THE FUD. I personally can't ignore seeing people mislead other people in front of my eyes. I'm doing my part on Twitter, and I thank everyone who is doing his part (on twitter, reddit, xrpchat etc) as well. And a special thanks to @JoelKatz for taking his time, it is incredibly valuable and means a lot for XRP holders to have you.
  8. Hi guys - I started a new initiative. I hope everyone can see the bigger picture, and how it helps XRP. Please share, like, retweet if you agree.
  9. For less efficient currency corridors, Ripple aims for XRP to indeed become a cheaper bridge asset than USD (predominantly via tighter, subsidized bid/offer spreads).
  10. @TiffanyHayden banks today have multiple nostro accounts, one for MXN, one of CAD, one for INR etc.. idea is to just collapse all those into one XRP account, and just source FX liqudity instantly (only the seconds it's needed). It saves an tremendous amount of liquidity (and therefor capital).
  11. @tulo They have $18bn convincing arguments. It's tough, of course I agree. But: if there's any company/institution that I think could get it done, then Ripple. I always have to remind myself on what they already achieved. And it's -just- 150 people and some 10s of millions of funding. Compare that with all those sleepy, corporate giants. It's amazing.
  12. @TiffanyHayden Banks going to replace their nostro accounts by XRP once market makers managed to bring down both bid/offer spreads and volatility as a result of Ripple's incentive programs. Before banks starting to use it, we're already talking about a highly liquid and valuable digital asset.
  13. @tulo I think it's great to always have an eye on competing assets and how they evolve (don't wanna end up like a BTC maximalists, who is too ignorant and gets defeated). Having said that, BTS does make a shady inpression though. Anyway, good to have a discussion!
  14. @zak833 @tulo and don't forget Ripple holds USD ~15 billion (!) XRP equivalent to subsidize XRP bid offer spreads in the less efficient currency corridors, to kickstart usage und enable network effects to grow substantially.