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  1. Come on guys. XRP has increased by a factor of 50(!!!!) YTD ! You really think some profit taking isn't plausible, or a reason to be concerned...? Give the market a little time to absorb this HUGE price movement. I'm just astonished (in a positive way) that we seem to be holding the 30c+ . I mean, come on, relax. Good times ahead.
  2. @JoelKatz great talk today! Thank you! Enjoyed the Periscope live stream 💥🚀🎉
  3. Remember that it's not all about social media. There are important conversations/ meetings being held for Ripple. I remember in the past years, the weeks post Consensus were always good for a round of positive news announcements.
  4. OMG guys..pls stop being so f scared with every little pullback. Ethereum is HYPE. They have added 86 companies to their alliance. Are they supposed to buy ETH now? How many of those are buying or planning to buy ETH? How many banks does Ripple work with? 150+ !?! Some of them actually started using XRP already (see JoelKatz confirmation). XRP once again miles ahead of everyone else, and market WILL appreciate it, sooner or later. Some of us should stop being so scared all the time. Have trust in the folks at Ripple. It's a remarkable company with so bright people. They moved XRP from 0.005 to 0.300 now, in a matter of months. Let us give XRP a breather. It will dominate the whole market, I'm more certain o this today than I ever was.
  5. @karlos this seems like a rather emotional act, closing without any kind of pre-announcement, right at Consensus taking place... What is your agenda? If you want to be paid, you should have just started the conversation.
  6. He has been tweeting a youtube video of JoelKatz explaining XRP just yesterday.
  7. Is it possible to have a second shoutbox, where ppl can discuss all their 'coins' ex XRP? It's really annoying, there's a reason this site is called xrpchat. If one wants to discuss SIA coins 37 times per day, one should maybe just stop by the SIA forum. And if ppl continue to try to get the focus on other coins in the XRP shoutbox I'd just give them one warning, next time they get blocked.
  8. Hey guys - with Consensus 2017 coming closer and being one of the industy's biggest events, I thought it would be a good idea to have a seperate thread to share infos from events/demos/speakers the next two days. To all the Ripple folks: ENJOY THE CONFERENCE, HAVE FUN AND PLS TELL EVERYONE HOW AWESOME OUR MOST FAVOURITE CRYPTOCURRENCY IS 😎✌🏻
  9. I think Ripple needs to heavily invest into their marketing department as they grow. So many misinformed journalists around the world. Ripple would actually need to build a relationship to all single key journalists from the Finance/IT/mainstream media, to make them understand what is happening here. It's a painful process, but will be highly rewarding. I mean according to JoelKatz there are banks already using XRP(!), not "only" Ripple solutions. Banks using a cryptocurrency to save money, lowering fees for their customers! This should make a HEADLINE STORY in almost every mainstream media, would be a great piece of information for its readers.
  10. I like this approach by the way:
  11. If I wouldn't be such a nice guy, I would send out a Bitcoin 'analysis' EVERY freaking day with tons of bullsh*t in it! But my brain would complain, and I'm not the most creative guy on the planet. Instead I will counter these articles full of stupidity in the comment section and on Twitter. We all should do! Don't let the battlefield be controlled by those... they were doing it for long enough now!
  12. Can someone elaborate on Ledger S vs classic cold wallet wih regards to security?
  13. Looking at the updates validator guys know who Worldlink is? Haven't found anything in the forum. Mr Google brings me to a website from Citigroup!
  14. @JoelKatz all those Twitter BTC daydreamers are just ridiculous. Most of them really struggle to THINK. I'm happy that Ripple as a company was guiding XRPs way to the moon, making sure the strategy/setup is the right one, and executed properly. Now it's the right time to execute on decentralisation. Bitcoin instead consists of 100,000 ignorant people who can't agree on anything.
  15. How would you guys conpare it to a traditional cold wallet, security wise? I admit I haven't found time yet to research it.