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  1. Dude you will get banned if you are not a blind apostle of the @Chewiecoincult. This dude is messianic amongst the disciples of ineptitude
  2. @Chewiecoin just concede dude. You were awesomely wrong, misguided and irresponsible in your irrational exuberance. I was here a year ago giving the contrarian opinion and now even you, the self appointment and anointed crypto cult messiah, leading his lamb to the slaughter, sound sheepish and wayward. How times change. You owe it to yourself and a far from urbane community to concede that you have been malfeasant and profligate, espousing advice and opinion based on, a rudimentary at best and egregious at worst, opinion of a dead asset. What authority do I speak on.. The fact that my one correct prediction trumps all of your nonsensical ones. The same ones you've been unashamedly peddling. Check my post history. You sir, are an a**. But it is good to see you have at least now begun to recognise your errors. Hubris.
  4. Thought I'd restart this thread.. I WAS CORRECT WAY MORE THAN THE IRRELEVANT AND INACCURATE @Chewiecoin. I advised the short in 2018. How much money has @Chewiecoin and his advice lost people. SHORT XRP was always the way. The founders are sitting pretty on their billions. GET out if you can still at a profit
  5. Thanks. My whole life I've thought it was a nail. In hindsight nail makes little sense! Ha!
  6. Been bearish a while on crypto in general. Looking to get bullish at lower prices. Are people of the thinking that 0.01 signals a death knell or an opportunity to load up? In canary wharf (London financial district) crypto start ups are disappearing en masse and massive frauds in ico's have been busted, leaving the genuine start ups in damage control. Are these intrinsic levels of distrust surrounding crypto too much of a hindrance? Is safe custody a long way off?(hacks) Will regulation banish the anonymity of the market? These considerations, plus more, make my case for EOY 0.01 but also paradoxically for such price levels to signal a bull market re-emergence due to the weeding of the chaff, so to speak Thoughts? Are you a buyer or capitulator at $0.01? Sceptic.
  7. And the award for quite possible the most dire technical anaylsis goes to....
  8. Although I have been a long term shorter of crypto I do see it's undeniable value in the modern world. However, it is mired by scams, uncertainty and fear amongst vested interests. Regulation, I feel, will rather than be disruptive, be a bringer of stability. I'm so bearish on crypto at the moment but do see a bright future once the uncertainty is gone. EOY price target..£0.05 per xrp
  9. I know I'm persona non grata on this site but after profiting from shorts I'm beginning to change my tune. Only because at bargain basement prices xrp will soon look like a bargain in terms of a punt. I will start to buy when 15k sterling nets me 60-70 thousand xrp. This implies a sterling price of £0.22 ($0.29). Then I'll be a hodler. At these volumes xrp needn't moon to make me rich. Thoughts?
  10. Ok "invest 2 lose"....cant help but think your name has providence of sorts.
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