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  1. Thanks. My whole life I've thought it was a nail. In hindsight nail makes little sense! Ha!
  2. Been bearish a while on crypto in general. Looking to get bullish at lower prices. Are people of the thinking that 0.01 signals a death knell or an opportunity to load up? In canary wharf (London financial district) crypto start ups are disappearing en masse and massive frauds in ico's have been busted, leaving the genuine start ups in damage control. Are these intrinsic levels of distrust surrounding crypto too much of a hindrance? Is safe custody a long way off?(hacks) Will regulation banish the anonymity of the market? These considerations, plus more, make my case for EOY 0.01 but also paradoxically for such price levels to signal a bull market re-emergence due to the weeding of the chaff, so to speak Thoughts? Are you a buyer or capitulator at $0.01? Sceptic.
  3. And the award for quite possible the most dire technical anaylsis goes to....
  4. Although I have been a long term shorter of crypto I do see it's undeniable value in the modern world. However, it is mired by scams, uncertainty and fear amongst vested interests. Regulation, I feel, will rather than be disruptive, be a bringer of stability. I'm so bearish on crypto at the moment but do see a bright future once the uncertainty is gone. EOY price target..£0.05 per xrp
  5. I know I'm persona non grata on this site but after profiting from shorts I'm beginning to change my tune. Only because at bargain basement prices xrp will soon look like a bargain in terms of a punt. I will start to buy when 15k sterling nets me 60-70 thousand xrp. This implies a sterling price of £0.22 ($0.29). Then I'll be a hodler. At these volumes xrp needn't moon to make me rich. Thoughts?
  6. Ok "invest 2 lose"....cant help but think your name has providence of sorts.
  7. Incredibly accurate.. Any other view is FUD LEADS one to believe people don't appreciate market dynamics. Every price move has an opposite. So...irrespective of people decrying sellers and contrarians as FUD...they are in fact vital to your 589 ambitions. I try hard not to mistake ignorance for insolence.
  8. There are a multiplicity of platforms offering shorting opportunities. Just research it. Will take you less than a minute.
  9. Didn't call YOU naive. Called the blind hope without rational reasoning naive. What's wrong with an opposing view. Let's say it does reach your target....you will one day technically be a seller at which point the sanctimonius pretence will be exposed for what it is/was. Your relentless optimismis no better than my pessimism
  10. Good point...dont intend to rub anything. Since I started on xrp chat I've always been open and transparent about my raison d'etre. I'm genuinely interested in the behavioural psychology involved
  11. More bearish because.... Technical levels have been tested and not broken... Hype around crypto is waning.. Regulation is coming... Xrp has never been needed for xrapid to be a success... Fundamental positives have not been reflected in price to date.. Media and crypto circles propagandise (disingenuously or not) that xrp is a scam... The halcyon days of unfettered gains are gone... Impending taxation legislation has tamed the wild west of crypto ....to mention but a few
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