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  1. "Dear GateHub Customer, Recently, our Security Team learned additional information in relation to the June incident affecting some of our customers that we emailed you about in July. As we continued to investigate, we found evidence that the following information on your account was accessed without authorization: unique account id, email, date of account creation, hashed password1, encrypted account key2 and encrypted recovery key3. Any other information such as: encrypted XRP ledger wallets secret keys, phone number, address, nationality, citizenship, ID document(s), proof of resid
  2. They probably don't "care AT ALL" but I hope the community does in regard to their future plans... Yet, I have been patient all these years so why not now. They are doing a terrible work in terms of communication with the victims but I truly hope (believe) they are doing their best to fix this situation. Just put emotions aside and wait for the bloody official statement... Best, P
  3. I just did the same and filled the report at the Police department in Oslo after a tough day at work... Trying to avoid drama here, you can probably imagine. Let's hope this has a good ending. Thanks for the feedback guys!
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