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  1. Fairly new member here trying to make a decent first post. I've tried to remain unbiased and follow some sound advice from members of this community to do my own research and I keep coming back to the same conclusion..... The sky seems to be the limit for XRP. First you all educated me with the ever expanding list of partnerships that Ripple is creating, then you educate me with how xRapid will create cost savings and immediate liquidity to those seeking to employ the benefits of xRapid. THEN you drop on me Codius, which admittedly I don't fully understand quite yet, but if I'm on the right track the ability to bridge the crypto-verse and also crack the derivative market. These are incredibly large markets that truly make me believe that XRP can provide a return of 100x or more at some point in the future. I appreciate your attention and here's to my first crypto quote ----- HODL!!!!!
  2. This is a great obswrvation and great way for newbies (people like me) to educate themselves on what could impact the price. Great critical thinking!
  3. There are mechanisms in place to mitigate that persons situation but they certainly need to talk to a CPA.
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