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  1. this might be a dumb question, but when FLR goes live, would I add the the FLR network to access my tokens the same way as described above to access SGB for MM. I used MetaMask to claim my FLR tokens by setting my message key
  2. What? Don't expand on anything and do a lick of research and you can answer your own question.
  3. I often think if you can take 30 seconds out of your busy day and google ETH chart and answer your own question
  4. While DS is definitely the smartest guy in the room (tech wise) As @DannyRipple pointed out, he sold ETH at $30. So his rationale on crypto markets is anther thing DannyRipple Bronze Member 1k Posted 1 hour ago DS, for as brilliant as he is, also sold most of his ethereum for like $30 each thinking it wise to pay for some solar roof panels at his house. Sometimes the regular peons like us have a better chance at predicting the next crypto all time high than a genius like David Schwartz
  5. the only reason I ever click on these type of threads is to see the sarcastic comments. you guys never disappoint
  6. Bitstamp listed XRP in 2017, so I cant imagine them asking the SEC 2 years later for approval. UPHOLD----listed XRP March 2018 KRAKEN -----listed XRP 2013 not sure when Binance.US became a thing (maybe 2020) so another possibility i think these are the major exchanges referenced *these are just basic google searches so don't shoot me if inaccurate
  7. So which "major crypto exchange" asked for clarification in 2019? I guess we can narrow it down to exchanges that do business in the US since they're asking the SEC for guidance. Obvious choice is Coinbase, which listed XRP Feb 2019 to the public. Does Coinbase, or any major US crypto exchange for that matter, ask the SEC if they can list every single crypto they plan to offer?
  8. this exactly, People associate dramatic rises or fall price wise to "news" Remember when XRP jumped 107% in a 24 hours, roughly OCT 2018??? "x-rapid went live, BAKKT test. insiders from 3 household names" We simply don't know, From what @Pablosaid Feb 22 is meaningless (2 lawyers on a phone call) and nothing could possibly be "settled" till after discovery period. I mean there's an interim SEC head honcho at the moment. * these aren't Pablo's words but possibly mine
  9. ~9 USD per XRP isn't a bad return depending where you got in. What was your entry price?
  10. To be honest, I don't know what this means or what your saying but i wish both us well. Cheers.
  11. It boils down to this IMO. If both DOGE AND XRP both pump at the same time, which one are you getting behind and for how long? I also think pumping on a random Tweet # and Pumping on partnerships, pending lawsuit development, etc. are completely different
  12. haha your gonna need to edit this post by the minute
  13. just wait till XRP is used at the Olympics in Tokyo!!!!! MEgA BuLLiSh
  14. exactly this. Besides @Pablo opinion, I tend to ignore everyone else's opinion as they tend to be more emotional than factual. And I can understand where they are coming from. I sold at a huge loss on x-mas eve after holding and believing for 3 years. It is what it is, for now...
  15. I've come to learn in order to be a "twitter" or " youtube" influencer you have to take a position before you or anyone has any idea of the outcome. If your right, you gain a following because your a "insider" If your wrong, lay low, till the next coin flip you predict and hope your on the other side this time.
  16. Ripple is a private company and based on your posts you need to do more research. This will only benefit you
  17. Uphold and Kraken, American exchanges that have not halted delisted XRP.
  18. American exchanges are up. Any American that wants to buy XRP, can. The question is, did exchanges that de-listed XRP sell their hoard of XRP? And when they relist XRP will they have to buy up a boatload to facilitate trading on their exchange? This demand could cause the price to skyrocket IMO.
  19. your opinion is now diluted, stop spamming every topic. Very easy to understand. Your ruining threads with this nonsense. "check time of my post it's the time to buy xrp and compare the price. trading without knowledge, don't gamble." please stop
  20. This guy Jack321 was a automatic block for me. Not sure thats his exact handle but his user name was close to that. He was posting verbal diarrhea non stop. I'm not a moderator but new members should be capped at 10 posts per day till proven worthy.
  21. You believe XRP is going to hit $10 by the end of this bull run? Do you have a timeframe on this, or do you believe this once the SEC case is settled? Thanks
  22. i think its just traders taking profits from XLM and going into XRP. My guess. Dangerous time to buy IMO
  23. Since when has anyone been right about timing the market? We're all wrong more often than not whether we admit it. agreed Absolute gamble selling right now. Nothing says other coins will go up and XRP will go down. Other things could happen too. And what if you want to get back in at some point and can't? 100% disagree, All coins have risen and will continue too, except 1 (XRP), were in a bull market, if those coins deserve it or not. BTC rises all boats. (see historical data) but I'd have serious concerns holding BTC or ETH. Both cannot scale and therefore are very limited. BTC is also susceptible to being double spent. Closer to fool's gold than digital gold. agree but obviously market doesn't care, There non securities
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