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  1. if i had to guess, probably cause the price is -93% since the ATH
  2. working now thanks! link not working just as a heads up, maybe its just me @LeonidasH
  3. interesting thread in regards to Accenture
  4. this point stuck out to me and sounds like you over invested. To be honest, I am too over invested while being roughly -50% in the red approaching 2 yrs now. ODL just turned 1yrs old. We now have 4 corridors open (more to follow) and actual real world usage. 300 partners and climbing, 24 of which utilize ODL. No chance I'm selling now just as the ball begins to snowball. Wish you the best with whatever decision you make but unfortunately in this wild wild west market, fundamentals don't always reflect price. For me all doubt is gone, this is a commercial grade product gaining traction by the week. Be patient and you will be rewarded.
  5. How can they be waiting on regulatory clarification but have the asset listed? Seems to me its one way or the other.
  6. Would of been cool if Ripple contributed to the 9/11 fund for first responders which was lacking funding till recently , especially on 9/11. Thank god Jon Stewart shamed those politicians into FINALLY doing the right thing.
  7. in focused on 3-5 years like Brad said in 2017. Were now approaching 2020 and we don't have "dozens of banks" using XRP, we have Exrim bank or however you spell it. Don't care for paying content creators.
  8. I agree its not necessarily Ripple branching off, rather them just funding these projects. My problem is what there funding. Moneygram was brilliant because it will directly increase xrapid usage, in fact its in the contract. Why not pursue other ventures that will directly increase xrapid flows? Maybe I'm missing something but funding projects for "content creators" is far from solving the N/V problem. In the grand scheme of things i can see it all contributing, but maybe this bear market and being in the red for the last 20months in wearing on me.
  9. your examples are 100% accurate as i can see both sides of the coin. I just prefer them being a "payment" company focused on banks and solving the N/V problem. While we have made substantial progress with Ripplenet, we barley have an xrapid volume. Now were branching off into Web Monetization and even music platforms (scooter braun). Maybe this change of direction is due to regulation dragging its leg, however I cant help but think the Peanut Butter Manifesto when I see Ripple branching out to all these areas. Hopefully all this will contribute to the IOV, but I rather focus on Cross Border Payments first. @Tinyaccount forgot to quote your above response
  10. I simply will never pay to see "content" or avoid ads. Maybe that's just me, but i will never pay to browse the web. Long XRP, but i don't see this taking off.
  11. Dilip is the Elon Musk of Ripple on the twitter machine, I'm sure he was spoken to about this matter.
  12. i work on a UK trading desk and they granted me permission. See you next Tuesaday if you know what I mean.
  13. I hear ya, but at some point the price will stabilize based on utility and from there speculation will drive price movements. I guess what I'm saying is, or assuming, is that most members including myself will be out before XRP hits 50$. However i will keep a few thousands XRP for the long haul just cause. Cheers from the USA.
  14. I'm right there with you % wise. To each their own, were all in different situations, different ages, living in different places. The point is we each have our own plan so I wish you luck as well. I always refer back is a DS quote i believe he wrote on Quora back in 2017 where he stated he believes 20$ is the ideal price fro XRP to function at its best. Can it go higher? Who knows? In the end we all want the same goal. Cheers
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