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  1. Not sure if your trying to invest in Ripple (the company) or XRP (the digital asset) There's a big difference. Ripple isn't public so it wont be offered, however can acquire secondary shares if you jump thru hoops. XRP is available on many exchanges if your a US based. Based on your question I would suggest you do a lot more research before investing even a penny and I'm not trying to be a d*ck. Your very out of touch.
  2. The company's XRP or Brads' personal stash, just trying to understand. Please clarify and send link, for research purposes of course. Don't include what Ripple bough back either, makes it more complicated! I appreciate your pessimistic views because Hopium is addictive. Take a break, go outside, your bronze after all! it's okay to be in the RED, you have a voice too
  3. The charity Xpring was funded by retail investors (like us) and is now RippleX apparently. Xpring (now RippleX?) funded Omni, Coil, Cinnamon to name a few. Hopefully Flare saves us or we"ll wait for regulation and NDAs. Maybe an IPO? Maybe the security debate ends? XRP will never reach its ATH again till the "founders" escrow or distribute their holdings. 3 of the top 10 richest people in the world can't be Ripple Board Members when XRP hits or nears its ATH. Anyone with a brain knows this. Not saying they don't deserve this, circumventing the financial payments system is no easy
  4. correct, but Japans domestic rails are a mess so using XRP is not out of the question, in fact could be a solution.
  5. With you on alot of this, hated Coil from the beginning. I question the whole Xping or whatever it's called free giveaway to fund useless projects. However the only funding I can reasonably be optimistic about is this Flare project.
  6. I agree let's sell our bags and move on to the project
  7. I gotta believe banks and money transfer companies are held to completely different standards in terms of legality. Banks blew it in 2008 so they better not disobey Dodd Frank or else!! There are numerous ways to use ODL without touching XRP. Ripple just coined the phrase called "multi hop" and everythings fine. I think SCB was the the "hop" point because there was regulatory clarity there.
  8. "Just because the ODL transactions don't all look like they did before doesn't mean they aren't there. ODL is very much alive and growing." -someone in the know
  9. agreed, but i also believe there are 24 small time shops utilizing ODL, granted on a small scale but no one is arguing that. So why list the bottom 3 and start a thread? We've all been here long enough to call it the way it is. I wish that list was no longer, we all do. If your gonna post the bottom 3 here are my top 3 -SBI -Flare -Moneygram All Use XRP no?
  10. Excellent discussion!!!! Lets pick arguably the 3 lower end partnernships Ripple made and ignore the significant ones and then well have unbiased dialogue about it!!!! Thank God you started this thread. Mods can you Pin this to the top, super important. Glad your a member here. Mind if i follow you for important updates?
  11. Why would ODL, which hasn't been live for even a year yet, correct 10 years of mistakes? Western Union revenue for the quarter ending March 31, 2020 was $1.190B, a 10.99% decline year-over-year. Western Union revenue for the twelve months ending March 31, 2020 was $5.145B, a 7.09% decline year-over-year. Western Union annual revenue for 2019 was $5.292B, a 5.33% decline from 2018. Western Union annual revenue for 2018 was $5.59B, a 1.19% increase from 2017. Western Union annual revenue for 2017 was $5.524B, a 1.87% increase from 2016. saying they've
  12. Amen "Now I'm starting to question whether ODL\XRP utility plays any part in this tokens price movement." The ODL volume is simply to low to have any significant effect on price, or thats what i keep telling myself. If and when ODL volume gets ramped up, and the price isn't reflected upon that, then I'd be worried for sure. Until then we wait.
  13. This is no guarantee, as you finished with Yes we will see, eventually. Listen I'm long XRP and have the a sizable position (-56%, which is fun) but having the mindset that as soon as regulation hits, and regulation (which could work against us if its deemed a security) is the floodgate that moons XRP is not reality. FI's that want to hold XRP but "can't" because it's "illegal" can do so thru other means, 3rd parties etc. If a sizable and well respected FI wants a pool of XRP, they have it already or by whatever means necessary. No doubt. I love what Ripple is doing (except for
  14. we hope, that's why were all here. but again 2 years ago someone said this same exact quote on this forum and here we are, 2 years later. I don't mind waiting years, i know what i signed up for when i made this investment. Care to share what "big players" will be using this coin in 2 years?
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