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  1. Just wanted to touch on escrow sales. Obviously 1 billion XRP are released each month with the majority being sent back to escrow. These sales fund the ecosystem, Xpring, operational costs etc etc. Each month they sell roughly $300mm (don't quote me on that) roughly, depending on the month. My question is, who are they selling to? FI's are the obvious answer, but do we know any which one in particular. NDA's probably protect such sales confidentiality, but I frequent this forum pretty much daily and I've never seen any discussions or "TinFoil" hat theories who the actual buyers are. Our answers are pure speculation but if were going to entertain "Bearable Guy", "589", and SamIam to "50$ overnight" we might as well speculate on something that is concrete. Any breadcrumbs to follow in regards who the actual buyers are? Cheers and HODL
  2. agreed, except everyone in this forum would spin it "competition is good" before they were partners.
  3. I believe Schwarz chose to have a salary rather than a stack of XRP but I'm not 100% on that if someone informed wants to chime in. XRP security debate is my main concern. Although all signs point to XRP Not being a security, an unfavorable ruling could spell the end. I know the rest of the world doesn't care what the SEC rules, however this would be a huge setback.
  4. define rich and ill plug your answer into my algo and let you know
  5. @Hodor appreciate all the hard work your doing. Many thanks and cheers to 2019!
  6. just look via the world wide web. Nothing to decode or decipher about that.
  7. is this thread going to continue in 2019, asking for a friend.
  8. I think Twitter is absolute garbage in regards to sourcing relevant information, besides a few knowledgeable individuals. Other than that, I avoid it all together. How can anyone have a adult conversations when your limited to 280? characters. I search #ripple and #xrp occasionally and its honestly embarrassing.
  9. that reminds me of the video posted couple weeks back of Brad and an IMF Rep (can't remember who) on stage fielding questions via a Powerpoint. They both "laughed" when a question proposed to them was "if the IMF will ever hold digital assets." Th IMF Rep, carefully watching his words, stated in order for the IMF to hold a digitial asset/currency, a country would have to adopt it first.
  10. Bitcoin was 100% necessary. Just like Napster. Brought a whole new train of thought to a space that was imagined. However once its out there we can pick apart its deficiencies and make improvements i.e XRP. Either way I agree Blockchain is undeniable, how its applied and to what use case is the question.
  11. Just curious, what amount does it cost to finance Ripples operations in your eyes?
  12. if we see a pump before these "12 days of Xmas" are over, then i think CB will add XRP cause insiders always get first look.
  13. Imagining yourself 5 years early to an investment in hindsight is fun I guess
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