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  1. flip side of things
  2. "if granted" it also says "both parties have filed a joint letter" so it seems both Ripple and the SEC wanted an extension. I'm not holding my breathe on this thou, as an XRP holder I'm used to only bad news
  3. seems legit lol. I had a sell order at $589, huge mistake on my part.
  4. doesn't Ripple own like 15% of Moneygram? I remember reading something along those lines a while back
  5. Dude take a step back and re read this. From what I gather your an OG and "in it for the tech." Your also a gold member on this chat which carries weight and influence. Now your chasing these overnight gains, trying to shave off years. Relax. If Ripple lost the lawsuit, then i get this behavior. But were looking okay. Lets all take a deep breath "I'll earn the same profits if XRdoge goes from .001 to .01 and I won't have to wait 4 years" Big If
  6. I remember hearing way back the phrase "multi hop" in the APAC region of the world for banks to use XRP, but using it in a way they weren't constraint to regulation.
  7. Saw this article on my feed this morning. While I wouldn't call the NY Post a "news source" its great to see the media giving this case attention, especially in a negative way
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