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  1. he said acquisition, this is a partnership but either way he was onto something so I will tip my cap. Great news, momentum building.
  2. Great news, and even better it came on a Monday. Cant wait to see how the rest of the week plays out. Patience is starting to pay off. Cheers!!!!
  3. I'm sure finding you the "devils lettuce" won't be an issue, especially in Vegas. We will call it "MoonGrass" when the time comes
  4. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets interesting to see what happens when Asia wakes up
  5. Some trolls are waiting for a response, so here you go stun gun.
  6. Do we think this will actually attract new Xrapid customers? Don't think their target audience is getting reached here IMO unless its purpose is to promote services offered by Mercury FX and others utilizing Xrapid. Google is invested in Ripple so it makes sense to a point I guess
  7. Do you not see the current mess going on with "stable coins"
  8. either way I don't care, it would be greater for HODLERS regardless
  9. Great first post! Welcome to the forum! Stunning that you needed to edit and revise that complicated thought. Ironic actually.
  10. i found this link helpful in regards to filing crypto taxes with over 250 trades. I used turbotax and bitocin.tax and was satisfied with the results. Hope it helps ('m from the USA) https://bitcoin.tax/blog/turbotax-online-bitcoin-tax-crypto-import-8949/
  11. Impressed with the content in this thread so thank you to whose who contributed. After i finished my XrpChat visit, I headed over to twitter to browse XRP news as i normally do. Talk about night and day. Left twitter within 5 seconds and now I'm making this comment. Thank god for this forum, certainly helps me HODL thru the bear market.
  12. rule of thumb, never trust a fart, but welcome anyway.
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