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  1. Sorry for the delay in response, life takes us away from things sometimes. Anyways, I'll elaborate so my point can be clear. Ripple, not a known partner with the IMF (meaning they don't use RippleNet currently), giving away a large stash of XRP over to the IMF along a similar timeline to the IMF announcing a partnership with Ripple would cause a lot of questions surrounding the ethical nature of the partnership. Yes, it would be good for XRP holders as it would skyrocket the price, eliminate the concern of XRP being a security, and many other benefits. But, it would be akin to the IMF announcing a new partnership with China after a healthy donation of gold or any other asset that the IMF can find useful. It poses many questions that would have to be answered for the IMF to be trusted with this new relationship. Not to mention the scale of Ripple is not nearly large enough to manage a relationship that large to give it away for free. They'd need 10 times the amount of employees they currently have just to implement the product, let alone support it. You're talking 1000s of banking relationships that would need to be implemented, 1000s of corridors that would need to be created, and trillions of dollars of value that needs to be moved. It would be a worldwide shakeup of the financial system that Ripple isn't prepared for. A partnership with SWIFT makes significantly more sense as the legacy systems, while obsolete, still hold a significant amount of data that Ripple could utilize to speed up implementation, not to mention the manpower at their disposal. There are challenges to scalability no matter the form though. Ripple is growing fast but never fast enough. This would be like asking me to go from being an mayor of a small town to the POTUS in the blink of an eye. Success is not possible in short order and would ultimately cause more harm than good.
  2. If the IMF ultimately decides to partner with Ripple in some way, this would look poorly.
  3. It depends on whether or not they still need to convert to a different currency. In that instance, xRapid would be utilized. If not, it would be xCurrent and you would not see the transaction on the ledger.
  4. I'd need slightly more evidence to validate that they are truly utilizing RippleNet. Mentioning it is nice but doesn't validate anything.
  5. I cannot find anything that proves that they JOINED RippleNet. It's mentioned along with Hyperledger, Ethereum and R3's Corda.
  6. Can someone point to me where they specifically say that they JOINED RippleNet. I see that RippleNet was MENTIONED, but they never announced that they joined.
  7. Agree completely. They're a very open company which I appreciate.
  8. When looking at Mercury FX tweets, they will specifically mention xRapid if they used it. Any other time, it's not xRapid.
  9. This should go in Alt-coins and other fin-tech. Nothing to do with XRP.
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