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  1. Here's my full opinion on DAs used as currency. 1. Stablecoins will be the main feature of currencies as we know them today 2. Utility/Exchange coins (like BNB, XRP, XLM and others) will not be used as a currency like point 1 because they have the ability to appreciate along with utilization. 3. At the end of the day, I expect ILP to facilitate the exchange of goods and services against the tokenization of assets (like real estate, stocks, exchange tokens). That's where they will be used like a "currency". I trade my 500 XRP for a piece of real estate, all of which is possible if assets are tokenized and exchanged through ILP or some other protocol.
  2. What goods are people buying with any cryptocurrency right now? The answer is not much.
  3. Do we have any speculation as to what this project entails?
  4. Non-privacy cryptos (outside of POW) are generally in line with AML rules just due to the fact that you have an immutable ledger with a history that lasts forever. As for the AML incorporation, as regulations become clear and certain cryptos, of which I believe XRP is in this bucket, will be designated as currencies and will be required to run under strict AML/KYC rules moving forward. It's the wild west out there now, but not for long.
  5. Ramsey El-Assal - Analyst And then I wanted to ask on the Ripple partnership, I don't know. Can you maybe help us get a sense of how much of the cost base you think you can save? Or -- I mean, clearly, there's -- I mean you guys communicated, there's some cost benefit. But just looking through the income statement, help us understand a little bit where and when we might expect to see that starting to come through? Alex Holmes - Moneygram Let me add one thing then I'll let Larry jump in on that. And I guess fundamentally, right, I love to say, there really is no way to instantly move money anywhere around the world, right? We run a giant net settlement engine and I think we do it better than anybody. That's kind of how you get money from point A to point B these days. And I think, you have two ways of doing that. You have the consumer side of it and then you have your back end settlement and trading processes. And what this product has the capability to do is actually completely streamline and transform our back end capabilities. And for the first time, I think ever really actually enable money to move instantly, or as close to instant as humanly possible. So if you think about hundreds of millions of dollars circling the world every day, waiting to be settled and sort of what we call, money trapped in transit. The ability to streamline that can drive a ton of efficiency. So I'll let Larry jump in. Larry Angelilli - Moneygram And I was -- you know, we've been ramping, starting with some pretty low levels. I don't foresee really much of a material impact on Q3. We're live. We're doing stuff. We did move money in Mexico in a minute 13 seconds. But it's -- I think we're -- really we're on a ramp, but we're not going to be maxing out or stressing their system. And so it'll build gradually. I think in the fourth quarter, we'll start to see some impact. I think due to the kind of confidentiality and the unique nature of what we're doing. I don't think we can really describe, at this point, what the P&L impact is. But I would just say that we're expecting it to influence Q4
  6. High risk scores? From a settlement time frame, XRP would have one of the lowest risk scores.
  7. Press Release here https://seekingalpha.com/pr/17546813-moneygram-announces-strategic-partnership-ripple
  8. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3471902-moneygram-plus-53-percent-partnering-ripple For more information regarding this investment/partnership - MoneyGram International (NASDAQ:MGI) skyrockets after announcing a strategic agreement with Ripple (XRP-USD). - MoneyGram says the two-year partnership supports the companies' shared goal of improving the settlement of cross-border payments by increasing efficiency and reducing cost through RippleNet. - Ripple will become MoneyGram's key partner for cross-border settlement using digital assets. As part of this partnership, Ripple has made an initial investment of $30M in MoneyGram equity, made up of common stock and a warrant to purchase common stock. Ripple purchased the newly-issued common stock from MoneyGram at $4.10 per share. - MGI +52% after hours to $2.22.
  9. Take this article with a grain of salt. Found this little gem in the details... "Using bitcoin for settlements is also speeding the time to market for fintechs and start-ups competing without large amounts of capital."
  10. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3470354-visa-launches-b2b-cross-border-payment-network "Along with Visa’s core assets, Visa B2B Connect utilizes open source Hyperledger Fabric framework from the Linux Foundation, in partnership with IBM."
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