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    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob, Thanks for all the knowledge you share here so genuinely Apologize if this question has already got out as i'm convinced many of us focus on this point. We are frequently wondering how to track xRapid volumes, in order to follow growth and dev... and to understand a bit what's happening. Could you indicate us how we could do it (partly or totally) throught the public tools available (ie on XRPcharts) or if it's so embarrasing that it's the impossible way to follow, at least for a while... That's my naive question. I hope that's not irrelevant question
  2. At first we can note it's birthday of escrow creation. And yes we just saw 40 x 5m created, seems unusual isn't it ? this amount will be released starting December 1st 2018 and ending July 15th 2020 out of escrow step by step every 2 weeks. It looks like some fuel for something at a level of 5 millions every 2 weeks, and starting in 2 weeks... this timing match with the expectations about xRapid. but not sure it is... will appreciate your comments PS : the XRP of october OTC returned to escrow on nov 1st were done through 3 'escrowcreate' for 200M / 500m / 100m, so ripple probably sold for 200m XRP on october (great score)
  3. correct translation is "finally" not "eventually"
  4. you can watch that only through weeks and months I've a "big" bag (that is relative) and i 'm happy to see my position is gradually getting down since several months
  5. desagreed ! If you follow your position on https://ledger.exposed/rich-index or check the https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats during several weeks and months, you should have seen that big accounts are increasing gradually since several months, making your relative position gradually going down . On the opposite if you were in a FOMO situation you should see the number of small accounts increasing and so, your relative position would go up (supposing you have a medium size bag of xrp)
  6. the dump doesn't focus XRP as all the market dumping except (for a while) some alts as LTC and XLM which are pumped by owners/community but they will join the altpocalips immediatly later, and except (for a while too, imo) BTC because people sales switch to BTC before switching to fiat i m not expert of such situation but seems to me that big players (about them, we said they will get in since 6 months, but didn't get in yet) want to shake your hands before investing massively. As we could track last days through escrow or XRPL, we saw them acting on XRP pricing (163M bought to dump XRP since a week, 10M yesterday) and we can follow their walls moves on exchanges. what they did for XRP, they do it for any coins. Many will die but main will remain. I m surprise about ETH, so strong coin and big market. so low.... Anyway it is historic time
  7. probably the number of cycles of his gif per minute ?
  8. if security, 1/ XRP would stay being an asset in crypto all over the world EXCEPT USA. 2/ Ripple is able to create a new named company, as to be the holding company abroad with juridic person outside USA in one word, if security USA will be a loser. investors will probablky have benefits later. success of ripples IOV can go on. in the cryptoworld, USA is a village
  9. i ve been reading about XRP customers hold at 90% or something like this. but can't check it anyway i suppose that a big majority of individual people are mainly holders for LT, expecting their life change
  10. same as you, i had many problems last year but since their upgrade the platform is perfect, very reactive, we will see what it will be during next FOMO but i 'm confident
  11. for now reality is following : sorros + rockfeler + ventures + 230 edges Funds + FIs + some few banks + personal traders = 25% of one trillion since i m in cryptos i hear "big money is coming" that's same as "to the moon" Alert ! Alert ! where goes the money when out off cryptos ?...
  12. maybe you are bro or son of Hodor
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