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  1. Neither am I. It is too perfect. Especially the part where they from xrp to Rwandan Francs. Correct me if am wrong but I don't think you can change from ripple straight to most African currencies at the touch of a button as of now and yet it would be awesome if it was possible. I am currently based in Uganda and to get Ugandan shillings I have to first convert to BTC then send to an exchange in Africa where its changed to my local currency and then sent to me. Most of the exchanges over here focus on BTC and I believe that ripple is missing out on a huge market. Africa has a population of over 1.2 Billion people and most of them have phones with most being smart phones. U find a guy deep in the village with no car, no computer and with only a bike he uses for transport but he has a smart phone which he treasures so much that he invests in and installs a small solar unit just to charge that phone or he makes daily trips to the nearest town a few miles away to make sure that his phone is charged and then waits for it to fully charge up. He then rides his bike back home. I think ripple can benefit greatly by putting more energy in Africa and I have tried to promote them over here but there is only so much I can do and with so much potential waiting to be tapped I have no idea where to even begin so I can make a real impact. That would be my one appeal to ripple. We Africans who support ripple and are so passionate about it will be happy to see them making more progress on the continent and making it easier for us to convert xrp into our native African currencies. Before even introducing the internet of value over here ripple can contribute so much to changing so many lives on the continent for the better. Wouldn't a ripple fund to preserve wildlife like elephants, gorillas etc be the first of its kind in the crypto field in the world? Even the royal family of England cares about that issue...hence more exposure. 2 birds with one stone and thats just one idea. Its just my 2 cents
  2. Am hoping for 0.3-0.4 range then reversal
  3. I have been on the sidelines watching as so many started freaking out over this downside that we are currently experiencing. It makes me wonder if people really have any idea what they are involved in. A market usually has some simple rules it follows like if it goes up, there will be a correction and if it plummets there will be a reversal unless something catastrophic obviously happens and I doubt think that banks would still be continuing to adopt ripple if something catastrophic was happening. I also think that it does not hurt taking some of your assets be it 5% or 10% out of the market when its obvious that we are trending downwards like we currently are. Whats the worst that can happen? This not only gives you a little piece of mind but it also frees up funds for you to put back in and increase your position as the market tumbles. If you have locked up your assets and you do not want to touch them then I respect that. Good for you. That's your plan but if you have decided to stay in the market on the way down and you are crying about it...then why are you even in the market? Crypto is not your space in that case because these moments will be many. All am saying is...having a plan and doing some preparation does not hurt.
  4. Oh. Wow. Where hav I been? This conversation got interesting. However I must say. TA is the reason I got out at 3 and almost more than doubled my holdings. It’s the reason am still out of the market for now. The biggest mistake people make with TA is trying to make TA fit their predictions and hopes instead of following what it is telling them to do. It’s a guide that works well with FA. Not a tool you use. To fulfill yo fantasies whenever you want. If you asked me now what might happen according to TA I would say that we seem to be heading lower for the next few hours are and at the start of the next leg down but it being a weekend with low volumes we may consolidate for a while.
  5. It looks like ripple is further ahead in Korea and Asia than it is in Africa. If we can also have the same access and trade at the same level as you guys it wud do wonders for price.
  6. Really? Ripple is working with ecobank? I feel Like I should have known this. So they are trying to slowly get a foothold on the continent I see. Maybe we Africans on this firm and whoever is interested should create a firm to help them out. They could go thru that company to as they expand.
  7. I have been in crypto for a while. But I had never really bothered to withdraw since am a long term hodlr. I am currently based in Africa. So last week I got to thinking that what would happen if I needed my money incase of an emergency for example. So yesterday I tried making a small withdrawal and I was really impressed by the power of the blockchain and its possibilities. I signed up to BitPesa a few weeks ago and it so happened that the verification of my account was completed this week. So yesterday I go to my computer and signed into an exchange where I converted some XRP to bitcoin then sent it to BitPesa and wouldnt you know it. Less than 30 minutes later I had my money not in my bank account but on my phone and in my native currency and I could make whatever payments I wanted like bills. Am pretty sure if I had enough money I would have been able to buy a new car or even a house while sitted on my bed in my pyjamas using mobile money on my phone. Now I doubt BitPesa are using ripple but imagine if they were. It would be instantaneous and I was overwhelmed by the possibilities that came to mind and how the blockchain is really going to revolutionize the world if used to its full potential. Am honestly imagining how Africa will be transformed by this tech as more and more people gain instant access to the global financial scene. Even though the transaction took 30 minutes and cost me more than 8 bucks I must say I was impressed although they can do so much better by using ripple. Then not only would they be faster but the costs would reduce as well. Big things are surely on the way.
  8. Plus I still have the client on my desktop. Is that the path?
  9. Oh. I actually have the wallet on my PC. And I know one of the passwords I saved is for the wallet. How did I forget that? Ya. Its saved on my PC! Isnt it the .js file? or is it the .txt file? How do I access it?
  10. Tikrp


    Haha. Sorry guys. I didnt know how to delete the topic after putting it in the wrong section. I put it in general under the topic wallet access
  11. I am usually very hands on and very careful but it has come to my attention that I created a wallet and forgot about it. I cant seem to find its secret anywhere but When I watch it I can see that I accessed it after creating it and I even sent XRP from it.. Its a cold wallet. Last access seems to be Dec 2014. Those were the days of ripple trade and I didnt migrate this particular wallet. It has atleast over 600 XRP that I would like to redeem. I thought I had migrated all my wallets but not this one. I however seem to have its login info. Is there anything that can be done or is it a lost cause?
  12. This is true. Most people that speak negatively about the crypto world have no idea what it is about. They forget that the crypto space represents a major shift on the global stage when it comes to finance and that the blockchain is as real it can be. This is coming from a guy who had vowed never to buy tech stocks then he goes and buys IBM which ended badly. After IBM he goes and buys apple. He is just starting to understand the long standing tech companies and by the time he gets into crypto (if ever) it will be a mature space. I think we have all seen many crypto naysayers backtrack recently led by Jamie Dimon. I strongly expect that trend to continue.
  13. Buy when there is blood in the streets!
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