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  1. Anything positive about xrapid. If im honest, i dont really care for xcurrent and the fact that i can save 30 quid on an international payment. I didnt invest in xrp because i think ripple is revolutionising the payments world. I mean good for them, but i honestly got into xrp to make a return on my investment. So I am really only looking at products that use xrp.
  2. Qasim_786

    XRapid in use within a month

    That'd make me....umm. ...swell
  3. Qasim_786

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

    Well, this thread went to s***
  4. I think people are more wise to it now. If xrapid doesn't go live this year and if it doesnt significantly impact the price a lot of people will pull out. Imho it would not be fair to judge xrp before xrapid has been released. If xrapid is not released before eoy ripple will have a lot of explaining to do, even to hardcore fans.
  5. Qasim_786

    $589... Really...

    Dont waste your breath mate.
  6. Qasim_786

    Ripple vs r3

    Missed that. Please delete mod.
  7. Morning, Something positive....finally! The legal case between the abovementioned has been settled. Reported in the media today and confirmed by JKatz on twitter. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180910005908/en/Ripple-R3-Reach-Settlement#.W5bfy15Q2n4.twitter
  8. Think .16 was the next level down. My GOD!
  9. So you mean one bank maybe using xrapid by maybe the end of the year will not make xrp go to 589. Well, thats news to me...
  10. Qasim_786

    Do you know what you shouldn't?

    Dafuq indeed
  11. When is the last time we made a recovery of any sorts. I remember a hour push from .45 to .52 but has been dire since then.