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  1. Then again it was probably all the btc peeps who transferred over in the past few days and had become accustomed to btc acting like a stable coin before this recent pummeling!
  2. Setting tight stop losses in crypto....you might as well go to your local high street and start handing your money out.
  3. Qasim_786

    Now its XRPs turn!

    Pricewatchers. Must be new accounts. Ah what a surprise lol.
  4. Or maybe, just maybe, months and years of hard work to increase the liquidity of xrp, and increasing it’s utility, includinng in its capacity to be compatible in xcurrent transactions, is having some kind of effect on the price stability and volume increase of xrp.
  5. I think a new round of fomo will kick in soon. Only we have the whole market looking at xrp as the only safe haven right now. Everything else is being relentlessly pummeled!
  6. Serious piece of advice. Dont get too greedy. If you are in debt and a portion of your gains will wipe the debt, take it. Debts paid, mortgage paid off, etc will change your life more than a rich man making another mill will change his.
  7. Argh id rather HE never. Proper tool...
  8. We are holding up relatively well. Utility + liquidity having an impact.
  9. Qasim_786

    Red Day

    Is this the decoupling we have been waiting for?
  10. Qasim_786

    Is everybody aware of:

    Ive said it before. Anyone who believes in 589 eoy is too stupid to have significant capital to have invested in xrp sufficiently enough to effect the price. Even as a group.
  11. Qasim_786

    Day Trading

    0101010100000101110100110101111000010110101010010110010100110 daytrading crypto is like guessing the next number in the sequence above, continuously, with the risk that with each wrong guess you will lose most of your capital. stupid idea.
  12. Nobody knows. Could be 39 cents in a week. Could be 1 dollar. Despite the good news dont forget we are also tied to btc. A likely etf rejection would drop btc and we would follow. Too many factors and unknowns to consider imo.