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  1. Lol this place is ridiculous. Nothing changes. I don’t get why some of you even own XRP, if you think it’s not going to s higher price please sell. Really sell. You don’t deserve the gains.
  2. Really so you think Ripple is sitting around on their ass hoping it will go high? They will make it go high by any legal means necessary. Don’t sell too early.
  3. price needs to be high for liquidity. otherwise whats the point. might as well use swift
  4. 589+ eoy 2018 was delayed by regulations etc eoy 2019 is a very very good possibility. Lots of moving parts coming together. I always thought 589 was possible just never really EOY 2018 was realistic. According to this poll there are going to be a lot of sellers here in early spring. Hope you guys have huge bags cause this is alifetime hold for me. Selling at 10$ seems absurd to me. Going to use my nano as a ATM machine if it hits big time.
  5. Oh yes the twitter XRP police! I know them well. I like dreamers and riddles better, just a way to pass the time nothing more nothing less but I am configuring my Tesla 3 more often than not.
  6. Sorry most of my post was not directed at you! Most CFOs are complete lunatics! Glad you seem sane. Oh come on now you know they have done massive test runs don’t be silly. Thanks. I wish only the best for you and your loved ones. Thanks for your understanding.
  7. Lol. You ever heard of a NDA? And how do you know it’s not so? You don’t. They could be running extremely low volumes through Xrapid. Guaranteed they have done massive testing huge volumes they are ready for the biggest fckin change in global finance in history. These mofos are not screwing this up. Wait til May 2019. DTCC turns it on with R3. Naysayers will eat dirt. Sell now if I was you cause XRP is a failure! Lol!
  8. It’s odd that in early December he references the queen song don’t stop me now. A song that was used in a visa commercial like 5 years ago. Then today this announcement visa buying earthport. Also (V) ery (I) interesting (S) ituations (A) bound hmmmmm. EOY ain’t happening but things can get delayed etc. even Brad himself said so. Cartoon bears are fun. Something to pass the time. If you don’t like mysteries or riddles or cartoons just change the channel. No need for hate.
  9. Don’t stop me know. Visa commercial music. Dont stop me know. Clue. visa buys earthport Need real proof??? Market tanks.
  10. Is uphold pluggin to the coin market caps of the world? Some time ago when I first bought on Uphold they told me No. or maybe live coin watch told me no. Can’t really remember anything. 💊
  11. It’s weird that BG123 seems to really **** people off.
  12. Let’s see. 500 banks? That will probably be by Q2 of 2019. At least $ 200
  13. Day 12. Coinbase announcement: From coinbase to PayPal using Ripple/XRP! Here at Coinbase we want to move your funds quickly! Starting today when you withdraw your funds from your Coinbase account to PayPal, your funds will arrive in less than 5 seconds using Ripple/XRP! No more waiting! It’s your money, let’s move it fast!
  14. I really doubt people who are making decisions for FIs are sitting at their desks looking at you tube and Twitter and trying to figure out who BG123 is or what all those Riddles mean.
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