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  1. I was opening up a debate on a topic I deemed highly relevant but these kinds of comments are condescending and rude. The issue with market cap that I previously wrote about is the one and only problem I see with XRP. I don't know how you go about investing but I tend look at things from all angles. As one should. That being said I would love to join you on that drink if XRP were to rise to 5000 dollars!
  2. A tender offer is open to all holders of the token. I doubt someone had the intent or the assets to buy up all the XRP tokens in existence. That's what stops him from accepting one. An offer is not directed to one individual.
  3. Owning a large part of a company is entirely different to owning a large share of tokens. Jeff Bezos could sell ALL of his shares in a tender offer or a takeover bid. This would probably be at a 10 percent discount but you cannot compare selling digital tokens to selling company shares because large aquisitions are made on Wall Street.
  4. There is a difference between having skin in the game and owning 10 % of all outstanding tokens. (dont quote me on that percentage lol)
  5. There is no doubt that blockchain will become a new asset class but it is a bit worriesome that a high percentage of it is own by a few individuals. It would be quite reassuring if Brad Garlinghouse and Mr Larsen sold their tokens to clients ie banks for higher liquidity. An institution standing behind the ownership would generally be safer for the future of the token. I do not agree with @Ripple-Stiltskin statement that market cap is irrelevant for XRAPID. If the token is used commercially it's value will be rather stable because of the enormous volume of the daily transactions all around the globe. It's market cap wouldn't fluctuate or temporarily pump like other crypocurrencies might. This volume might even allow founders of Ripple to be selling their tokens without driving down the price.
  6. Hi, been lurking since february 2017. I am a big believer in the XRP tech mainly because it, unlike many others has a massive use-case but I am concerned about the valuations that many people in this forum throw around. At the start of 2018 the XRP token reached 3.75 dollars, an event which made Chris Larsen one of the wealthiest men on the planet with a net worth of 20 billion dollars. A lot of people are highly confident that XRP will reach double digits and even triple digits. If XRP were to rise to 100 dollars it would raise Chris Larsens' net worth to 533 billion dollars. I find this very alarming since things such as this just do not happen and are beyond the realm of wishful thinking. Now some of you will argue that this only makes him that rich on paper and that he would never be able to sell his tokens without the price plummeting which is why you cannot compare him to people like Jeff Bezos. Not spreading FUD but just voicing my concerns and happy to be proven wrong!
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