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  1. Exciting to see the massive XRP volume on Bitso (x-rapid partnered exchange) Today, XRP counts for 70% of bitso's total volume. If you look at bitso's XRP volume for the past 4 weeks, it's about 70% of what it was during the 2017 bull run.
  2. How about opening an account on bitso.. send over some XRP from an exchange in the UK and convert to pesos. If you want to hold the pesos yourself, maybe you can open a "peso account" in your local bank and withdraw from bitso?
  3. What a fun experiment! I'd imagine that the results are even better than this. Being an xRapid partner must mean that there are some reductions in trade fees don't ya think? Also, yea, you get 86 512 MXN with Transferwise, but you also have to include the transfer fees of 20.32 EU, which is ~442 MXN, meaning that it would be 86 072 MXN transferred after fees. Fees are in the price, my bad.
  4. So why can't a country like the US just make all their cash into a USD coin? Then you can use all the liquidity that is already there? Why does it seem so hard to take a local currency of a country and be able to use it in the same way as a cryptocurrency? I suppose a lot of other countries/banks might be against holding and using USD coin... but a lot of them already have a big pile of USD anyway, right?
  5. Also asked some questions through the coil website: 1) You use bits to donate money on twitch. Does coil utilize XRP for this? Or is it just a straight USD to bits conversion? 2) How does this look on the twitch streamers end? Do they get the bits instantly? It seems impossible to convert 30 millionths of a dollar per second to bits? Does the amount not really get streamed, but released in 10/30/60 seconds intervals? 3) How does coil stream payments on youtube? So you take the USD that gets charged from my credit card and convert it into XRP, and then bits?
  6. Just saw this update on the coil website, thought I'd share. Nice cross-border payment going on here (from XRP/USD to bits)
  7. Why the need to name the "cooperative arrangement" for "Currentz"? I guess maybe they have some personal software that integrates with xRapid? Or is there something else that I'm missing? a bit confuzzled.
  8. I like OPs question as most of the crypto forums are echo chambers. It is hard to imagine that Ripple is not capable of making any mistakes at all, so having discussions trying to figure out where they fall short I think is valuable. Also, why write 20 posts about how this question has been answered before, use the search engine, etc. Why not spend that time linking to the so-called discussions that are already there. I have always been worried about the coupling that XRP has to bitcoin. Price today is very speculative and all the coins seem to move with Bitcoin (including XRP). I have never been able to see the value of Bitcoin. It is slow, expensive and uses a hell of a lot of electricity. It is difficult for me to see a scenario where it would further increase in price, and easy for me to see a scenario where it drops like crazy. This will make XRP drop as well unless adoption of cross-border payments kicks in. If the former comes true it might discourage people from utilizing the technology.
  9. I recently got invited to join coil. Yay me! Under the youtube/twitch section, it says that "coil will send money to them using their existing donation systems". I'm curious as to how this works. On Twitch they have subscribers and bits as "donation systems", youtube has the option of donating directly to the channel (as long as they are streaming). How does coil integrate with does services? Are there other donation systems? Also, how does it look on the other end of the youtuber/twitcherrrr receiving the money? Where does the money show up? Is it simply just a donation with a "coil" message attached? Can you decide on what currency you want the money in? And finally, does coil utilize XRP today? The coil subscription is paid in USD so my guess would be no.
  10. Looks easy and delicious. Gonna have to try this, just need to track down some of that seitan.
  11. Kinda interesting to see high volumes from ZB.com again. Last time that happened we dropped like crazy.
  12. Aye. I am trying to jot in some information at the western union website as we speak. It would be cool just to see it in action, especially when it comes to the time per transfer. ^^ EDIT: 2). With Western Union, I got these numbers 100 USD - 5 USD (WU service charge) = 10.057 JPY (90.12 USD) Estimated time: 7 days. -> Funds transferred from my bank account to my friends' bank account in Japan. With the XRP transfer, you gotta know the fees of sending USD to the exchange, then the conversion fees (USD -> XRP -> JPY), and lastly the price of sending the JPY to your friends bank account. In my country, domestic bank transfers are free (that's the deal I got with my bank at least). Unfortunately, I do not know anything about the prices of banking services in the US nor Japan.
  13. It would have been so cool if someone tried to do x3 cross-border transfers. You would obviously need a friend that's living abroad. Let's say you live in the US and know someone in Japan. 1) You do one transfer to your friend through your bank. 2) One with western union. 3) One where you transfer USD to an exchange, buy XRP, then send the XRP to your friend who converts it into JPY and withdraws it. You transfer, say, $100 per method. How much JPY does your friend end up with?
  14. Scammer or not, I agree with him 100%. Bitcoin has no utility and is a complete waste of resources. I kinda wonder what will happen to XRP if bitcoin crashes. Will it drag XRP down with it? How will this affect the use case of XRP? If it were to happen I hope XRP will be more use-case priced than speculative priced.
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