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  1. Just sold...heard the new corridor was gonna be traded only being traded in SV...so I moved my stash to 100% SV. When moon?
  2. Lol no I hear ya...guess that where we differ...I’ve always seen it as a long game.
  3. Tell that to anyone holding stocks between 2008 and 2012. I think it’s all speculative to different degrees.
  4. Why all the fuss...assuming you put in the stock market which in it self may be ready for a dip and still yielded the ( average SMP 500) 7% interest copunding interest 4 Times a year(dividends) you would be somwhere in the 150 k range by 2023. So if you bought At 50 cent than your expectation is by 2023 the price of xrp will be less than 75 cents....?? Crypto world is so inpatient lol.....if anyone had a magic crystal to see the future everyone would be rich....lol....take a practical view at things max out Pre tax accounts 401 k 403 b Roth IRA if your income is less than 95 k give or take ...then invest money where it should be...I would advise anyone to not to invest in speculative investments then rant about losses... and on a more practical side pay more attention to the news than the price...I may lose all or part of my money or I may make money....wash repeat and don’t put all your eggs in one basket....and if you really want that lambo...take the 100 k to Vegas put in on black or red...no waiting 100 percent yield or 0. And if you can’t hang with the swings find a new market...history has proven over and over money can made, but it can just as easily be lost. Crypto to me is fun, because it’s a speculative game and even i lose I have back up plan a b an c....it’s been a crappy year but the news and events around it were very interesting. Hope to see you on the lambo lot...if not find me the berbs. And grab a beer.
  5. Agree I expect well over 300, closer to 400 contracts by end of 2019....and according to brad they are on target...as long as ripples has increased market penetration....I’ll hold... view crypto and a transition of liguidiy from banks nostro/vostro act to private investors...
  6. You know your doing it right when your getting sued .......welcome to America.
  7. Yeah I’m in the same boat....not updated it since 2017.....but also essentially a computer handicap....cloning was my first thought....I don’t care about the 100....
  8. https://www.theverge.com/2013/11/19/5123724/league-of-legends-world-championship-32-million-viewers Gaming is a huge market, not including skins guns essentially a virtual economy. As pointed out its not rippple...But xspirng...and building and eco system....and when all those banks are connected using xrapid ....will be easy to transfer real wold income in and out of virtual accounts buying an selling whatever...KYC AML verification and working with the system to generate an internet of value transfer....do your research....who and how do theses other coins build the eco system....place your bet....i have.
  9. There was a video in part on this recently...it cost like 15 dollars a month to run .....cheap....done out of self interest....ie exchanges research places etc....or you are quarrying information off site....just takes longer..... the video I’m referring to was the btc maximalist interview...only a few days old....but interesting watch either way. Also best description I’ve heard of how the ledger works and why first 33k tx missing etc.
  10. ahhhhhhh its a BIG scam.....lol (sarcasm)
  11. May not see a pump, but the next bull run.....people won’t be buying xrp on eBay....just another domino in place... keep waiting, just a matter of time, and least another solid fiat on off ramp.
  12. Why would this surprise anyone? you want people to work hard, best way is to make sure they have skin in the game ie adoption. That is part why ive liked XRP, Ripple owns a lot, hence have self interest to make the asset worth something. Only in the land of rainbows and unicorns being chased by sugar fairies (and socialist democrats) would I expect people to work without the expectation of profit or compensation.
  13. I wonder if they sit around the office and bet on how long it takes to be picked up on.
  14. I unfortunately think the rise in price will be a series of gains and crashes for years....and Believe 1 percent of twitter...and maybe 2 percent of the internet...lol
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