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  1. Lol, there trying to privatize cross border payments. Think the goverment would just let it happen, I’m just glad I can purchase cheap again...crypto is an inverse bet...ride it out...look at kick, simple fine and on the way they went rebranded...just waiting out another storm....
  2. Looking to buy a chunk of land, thinking about moving a portion of my crypto to fiat...any suggestion on lowest fees, kracken vs CB vs Cb pro...might need it for a DP...hopefully market moves sideways for 6 month...buy back it back, lol. Suggestion from anyone that done this? guess what I’m confused about it CB has 4 % transaction fee? I don’t see it on CB pro...I get the ACH fee or wire transfer fee..but do they munch out 4 % of your total withdraw? Obviously not 10 dollar withdraw lol
  3. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-launches-partnership-with-al-rajhi-bank-to-transform-saudi-arabia-cross-border-payments-market-301070827.html Good times roll
  4. Love how people always say see what he/they said.....how many times in this space have you seen banks, countries and or people say one thing.....and end up doing the opposite lol....favorite example is Jamie dimon...do what you think is right and don’t always take words at face value lol.
  5. Ant financial and Euronet both tried to buy mgi in the past and WU did nothing. My bet is between libra and the Chinese digital yuan...WU is seeing the writing on the wall, combined with the digital growth noted by MGI over the last few months. My guess is there are agreements and partnerships being bought along with the company, and its a good time stock is cheap and mgi has 800 mil in debt....time will tell.
  6. Ant financial and rai tried to buy mgi in 2018, western union sat ideally by.....what’s changed since then?
  7. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-01/western-union-is-said-to-make-offer-to-buy-moneygram Checked my mgi stocks today...saw big after hours bump in price, had to find out why.
  8. But money gram had a bad quarter .....or I think so....so ODL can’t work right?.....sarcasm for the non English group members.
  9. Lol, panties in a bundle.....who cares if it’s spec or leaked....get that social justice.
  10. Amazing what you find if you read the articles......good news is I hope my Moneygram stock goes up. Just more false narratives ...typical In the space. With Legard as head of EU see how long the Spain corridor last....just keep waiting...this game won’t even finish for another decade.....just keep sitting.
  11. " fast send charges a 1.99 fee with a 10000 maximum per transaction. The service is currently available for transfers in the US and remittances from US to spain"
  12. So money gram should not expand?...lol.....from what I understand setting up payment corridors can be difficult, regulation,liquidity etc....I’m guessing back end settlement is all the same...days...lol....lm glad to see money gram is expanding, but don’t see this as anti XRP. But I don’t look threw glasses trying to find reasons to hate xrp..lol.....I guess I’d look at liquidity in Mexico phillipines etc....to determine moneygrams view...all which have ramped up....so I made 2018 2019, I’ll keep waiting.
  13. had the same, usually have websites address in the text below...i just ignore and move on with life.
  14. xRP May or may not work long term TBD....it’s still early....only question I ask is what if I’m wrong.....so I bought a bunch and have for years....I could care less about price.....ripple is solving a problem.....and xrp is part of the solution....I literally could care less about the price....if people are to blind to look at the news and follow it then leave....there will be downward pressure for years to come, ups and down etc....if your emotionally attached your better off to sell....rather then wine to others.....I remember when Facebook launched and they said it would flop etc....they d
  15. And I’m regularly in Pi...be back in 5 days....would argue 700 pesos is enough for someone to choose WU.....average labor wage in manilla is I believe 500 pesos day...or 5 usd....and I hold xrp and MG stock....so save yourself the hate mail.
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