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  1. Why would this surprise anyone? you want people to work hard, best way is to make sure they have skin in the game ie adoption. That is part why ive liked XRP, Ripple owns a lot, hence have self interest to make the asset worth something. Only in the land of rainbows and unicorns being chased by sugar fairies (and socialist democrats) would I expect people to work without the expectation of profit or compensation.
  2. Vvittin

    1.2 Billion XRP Sent By Ripple This Morning

    I wonder if they sit around the office and bet on how long it takes to be picked up on.
  3. Vvittin

    Kichiro Fukui

    I unfortunately think the rise in price will be a series of gains and crashes for years....and Believe 1 percent of twitter...and maybe 2 percent of the internet...lol
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong here..but this bell in the back of my head it telling that stock trading can be stopped ( believe it came out of Black Thursday?) can stock trading be postponed in “ crashes”.....ie can’t withdraw etc?....and if so....then I’m curious what stops would need to be in place in the future...I believe one day I will be able to insert my money in and out of say vanguard using RTGS...but since thing will be more instant am curious to what legislation and safety nets will need to be in place....I hate waiting days to buy stocks as much as I hate waiting days to send or receive money.
  5. It banks care so much about thier names and reputations....can you please explain the 2008 housing crisis to me again....that is how profit driven banks made bad mortgage loans then sold those same bad loans to public investors lol.....I sincerely doubt banks care much about twitter or “trolls”.... but more about thier bottom line.
  6. Would say it’s fair to say everyone works “hard” for thier money. That aside, I make the assumption that the SEC knows about ripple and xrp...based on general news, reaching out to goverment for regulation etc....so...what I have not seen is any action taken by the SEC in any way...ripple still sells institutional XRP. So rather then basing my decision on laws I will not fully grasp..I look st what they have done for the last few years...which is nothing......regulation will catch up...hopefully sooner then later.... so as a realist I’ve bet on an outcome. Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m right..either way don’t bet what your not comfortable losing.....and jeds settlement has been addressed many times...as has his monthly taco stands allotment of xrp....try the search bar up top.. problem with a name like balls deep is one....I can’t take you serious.....but two and more importantly the names leaves an array of places and objects to be deep in....cheers.
  7. So you want people to say you were right...an they were wrong? Well...despite prices the only question you should be asking is, is the xrp eco system better or worse than it was a year ago....I’ll even take that one step broader...is the crypto asset eco system better of or worse than a year ago? What’s equally as hard as saying your wrong....is...well....being modest about when your right...and remember your only right...at this moment....that may change, and if it does I won’t ask you to say I’m right or wrong..invest your money how you see fit...after all it’s your money.
  8. Vvittin

    More empty straws to pull at?

    May not be the only ones....Movistar is a joint venture of MasterCard...
  9. So got an email from western union today....cross border payments to mobile apps for amounts no more than 15 dollars...did a quick look up of Claro, which apparently is linked to bradesco bank of Brazil, which is linked to Mitsubishi bank of japan....which is trialing ripple net....and everyone on here should know WU changing stance on crypto....so more speculation lol.. no time to look this stuff up lol...food for thought.
  10. Never used the WU apt did It online, what’s not quoted are exchange rates.....not fees. And the exchange rate is often 6-7 percent net loss. Lost my atm card about two months ago sent 1k three WU think the fee was 50 dollars...the greater loss is the exchange rate (larger than the fee). As your point is to large sums....I unfortunately do not have the problem yet of sending millions around. But often production work has migrated from China to Indonesia Vietnam etc depending on labor cost etc...and the end game for me is when banks move away from nostro/ vostro accounts...and the exchange rates get worse depending on location...try trading pi pesos for rupiah...its horrible rates. I think and could be wrong but believe that the saving is not in fees, rather not bleeding out horrible fx rates...
  11. WU could act as a middle man between digital assets and cash.....people need cash....and will for years to come...most likely will see it best implemented in new starts ups...Personally don’t like WU....I have my reasons.....but Hey I’ll take positive news.
  12. Vvittin

    New Ripple XRP Channel

    at work so can't watch these...but am curious about gaming....not even a gamer but often wonder if you took COD or Fortnight.....had people drop digital cash....half to the tech supporting the broweser half to the guys that play....if you suck you pay to play if your good you make cash......im waiting for it....lol
  13. Interesting....watched a video on here months ago...the girl worked for ripple and one of the things that always stood out was during the interview she emphasize the use of trade secrets. Essentially bussiness as usual, and reap the rewards....only volume would tell in the future.... wish I kne The interview title, would send it too you...but if I’m not mistaken she was part of the legal team ...like I said was months ago.
  14. Vvittin

    BCH hash war

    Worst hash war ever.....Bring on the fireworks Craig!!!!!!!