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  1. Can anyone confirm what the measurements are to the right of the chart window? Bid / ask - 21.485 / 21.78 ? Bid / ask volume - 5'501 ? Is the USD value per single XRP or for a quantity bundle?
  2. Ok, if you add an asset to your watching list - which you can only do on the website - it updates the first screen of the mobile app. Mystery solved.
  3. I am UK based. The other day when ZRX was announced I updated my Coinbase app and noticed that they are showing other coins not yet available to buy or sell on their system in their All assets - Not available on Coinbase section. XRP is listed at the top of that section but you cannot trade it currently. I suspect they are collecting user data metrics on it and other assets popularity. Interesting to note is that they have carefully gone to the effort of colouring certain coins, wonder how black themed icons fair against each other . Anyhow, today I view my accounts page it now
  4. Oops, sorry folks. Here are some quotes: A summary of the article ... - One Pay took two years to develop. - It will become available for the bank’s customers in Spain, the UK, Brazil and Poland on Friday. - Santander aim to make it available as a standalone app so it can be used by customers at other banks. - Reach will cover around half of the annual FX transfers made by individual Santander customers. - Plans to expand the services to more countries and types of customer in the coming months.
  5. https://www.ft.com/content/1e47733e-3e2a-11e8-b9f9-de94fa33a81e
  6. Hi @peebo38 Congrats on your new role at Ripple and welcome to XRP Chat. Noted that you also joined the Discord, I think a bunch of us are on there also... I'm based in the UK and work in London. Was wondering whether there are plans by Ripple to host regular community meet-ups for developers and technologist interested in developing on the platform, or for any community members who have a general interest in Ripple, XRP and XRP Ledger ? And also, will David Schwartz be extending his tour to Europe...?
  7. Same here. I panic bought at $1.33 and $1.40 after the first dip of the day. Did not see that second dip coming!
  8. I just noticed the volume independently. This is incredible!
  9. https://twitter.com/chrislarsensf He's still on the board of Ripple, I believe.
  10. These are the exact conversations I've been having with people. It's hilarious. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I've just ordered a Nano S. I am a little worried though. What happens if that **** fails? I'd like to hear from people who have held coins on their Nano S for the past year, and get some feedback from zerpers on the product from an XRP perspective.
  12. Lando

    Gatehub XRP

    The order may have been filled. Check your XRP balance.
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