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  1. I'm old enough to remember a famous 60 minutes segment where the subject of investigation rounds the corner of his home and sees Mike Wallace. He shrieks and runs away as fast as he can. It was hysterical. I can only hope Arthur does not round a corner one day to face a TMZ camera crew. But it would be funny if he reacted in the same manner. And so a legend is born.
  2. I know nothing regarding patents, but this might be in order. I've also been thinking about streaming payment applications in healthcare. But my epiphany came when my PCP of 20 years switched his practice to concierge medicine (for many reasons but mostly inadequate reimbursement issues). To his continuing regret, he lost many patients who did not have the ability to pay the upfront $1500 annual cost for the service. A streaming model would have made that unnecessary and completely changed his practice model. He had never even heard of XRP or cryptocurrency, and when we discussed how COIL
  3. I'm in Dallas. If you're ever in the area, look me up!
  4. Perfectly valid request. If we are privy to the potential pitfalls, and we see that Ripple is dealing with them properly; we will feel that much more secure in our investment.
  5. We had some nasty severe storms move through central Texas this morning, but they are all gone and the drive should be great. Beautiful sunny days today and tomorrow in Austin high 70's for temps!
  6. Hi Bob, thank you for joining and sharing. As you've discovered, the crypto (especially XRP) space has a huge pent up desire for accurate and trustworthy information. Combing through YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, etc. looking for it is mind numbing. There are some great people out on social media doing yeoman's work, but also some very sketchy and some downright fraudulent individuals and organizations. I salute you, and promise if I build that "better mousetrap" with XRP, you'll be coming right along with me!
  7. Uphold here also. I connected my checking account. You can then buy instantly at current price. It then normally clears my bank via ACH in two business days. Be aware that Uphold will not release your XRP for 7 business days no matter how quickly the ACH clears your bank. I've made probably 20 or 30 purchases and it always clears my bank in 2 business days, and is released exactly 7 business days by Uphold. I can't move it to my Nano until they release it. That is not a concern for me, as I am a hodler and not a trader. I bank with a small credit union and my debit card is denied at al
  8. At 57, I'm definitely one of the older ones here. I've worked in IT (software, hardware, and coding) most of my life, and it was blockchain technology that initially captured my interest. Unimpressed with the technical limitations of Bitcoin, I discovered XRP and its superior algorithm, which led me to researching Ripple the company. I have been saving for retirement for many years, but like many Americans my age, I have enough to cover basic retirement; but more money needs added for it to be considered "secure". So I rolled the dice last summer and took 20% of that money and purchased X
  9. Let's not get lost in the details here. Ellen Degeneres has 78 MILLION Twitter followers. She just tweeted about this 24 minutes ago and already it has 24,000 likes. I guarantee by the end of the day every influential person in American media, finance, and politics will have seen it. HODL
  10. Welcome Claire. As you've no doubt seen, the communities on social media revolving around Ripple and XRP are as diverse as the world population itself. But unlike other cryptocurrencies, the holders and believers of the only true digital asset, XRP, strive to be well informed, factual, supportive, and are fiercely protective. I'm so glad you are here!
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