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  1. Hi Bob, I haven't been on the XRPChat platform for a while until there was a lot of talk about you on Twitter. Thx for bringing me back here. Terms accepted!
  2. more China news: https://theindependentrepublic.com/2018/03/22/how-easy-is-it-for-ripple-xrp-to-coast-china-entirely/
  3. Thanks for summarizing the interview @matinmontreal! Saves us a lot of time!
  4. started already in 2016: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/sap-and-ripple-collaborate-on-cross-border-payments-trial-using-blockchain-technology-1468862163/
  5. Vielen Dank. Uh, don't know what I should choose ?
  6. Thanks for the tips ! (Already knew about the Chicken ) Have only been buying more, and looks like this will continue for a while ...
  7. Well ... I'm only just coming out in this forum. My wife already knows, but I still have to inform everybody else. It does feel like I can finally be myself now. Thx for the comforting words. Nice to find so much support over here with fellow hodlers.
  8. If you're referring with 'how tonight goes' to Brad's interview on CNBC, I'm afraid there's not much news Keep up the good work. Already curious about your newest blog entry.
  9. Equally experienced lurker
  10. Hilarious! I've seen that one too
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