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  1. Wow! Haven’t been on here for a year or so, but what happened to all the 100 usd predictions!?!?
  2. Haven’t been on here since Jan 2019 when I lost 40,000 usd and the whole coinbase bloodbath happened or maybe that was the year before? Anyway, would be nice if people summarised what happened in the past year or so? In my honest opinion it just seems like a scam coin. Really regret believing in the coin base fan boys. Should have sold!! oh and is that chicken guy still here? Or some sort of chicken related bird hahaa
  3. Ok thanks for the support guys :-) I will invest more now to even out my losses. What happened to that chicken guy btw? He always used to make me laugh.
  4. Irresponsible - that's what you get when you mix aspergers with depression and a sprinkling of other personality disorders :-) yeah of course i'm not going to sell it; it just makes me feel better when I have a supportive community around me. So thanks for all the comments guys.
  5. Count me in!!! I bought at bottom - opened sell position when it started going down in Jan then panicked and bought back in - now i'm down 96% on some pretty serious bucks.
  6. So in December 2017 I invested all my savings in XRP. I opened a SELL position a few hours after COINBIAS announced they wouldn't list ripple; by that time it already went down 20-30%. I then panicked as the price started going back up since people where saying it's just a bluff and changed it to a BUY position; now I have come back a year later and i'm down 96%, DAFUQ P.S. It's BIG BUCKS! Which makes it all the more painful; now I could really do with the cash.
  7. As soon as an OP doesn't reply within the same day; that makes them a troll. I came here to vent my anger and that's what I done did. 8th of January. Malta. Apple. Amazon. This. That. The other. I really hope XRP will reach at least 10$ by the end of next year or i'm outta here.
  8. WOW . . . haven't checked this forum OR the price in a few months and its the same old blah blah blah. I know I only have myself to blame for not selling in early January BUT I would think all the hodlers here would be a bit more apologetic since you did largely influence my decision.
  9. BigFish


    Why do people use this forum anyway? I used to go on it everyday but I noticed it doesn't make a difference to the price. All the people who have made their money don't need the validation from all the folks on here - although I do find a certain poultry themed character on here quite amusing. Anyway i'm hodling till $4 - selling half my stack, then hodling until i'm 30. I'm only 23 now.
  10. Something was about top pop since January 4th when I wanted to sell my holdings but was convinced not too when people like you kept saying that Coinbias is simply misleading us and they will list XRP on the 8th or a week later. My mistake wasn't investing more than I can afford - it was listening to people like you.
  11. It's a communal pool of XRP tokens where FI's can offset loans, debentures or other liabilities for fixed periods of times.
  12. 1 = zerp 1/10 = drop 1/100 = droplet 1/1000 = riplet 1/10000 = globule 1/100000 = aqua-pura 1/1000000 = wazzar
  13. 1) It's cold coinbias 2) I hope it doesn't come - they don't deserve our precious zerps. I mean seriously...if they won't list a coin; then don't list it! No need to cause FUD by issuing a twitter statement.
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