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  1. Yeah...I guess you could have made another post oozing with virtue signaling 🤣
  2. No doubt...that's decades away though.
  3. Ha...Just traded all my XRP for bitcoin. If I'm going, I'm gonna take everyone with me 🤣
  4. "should be disposed of".....Please explain.
  5. Only the weak minded would want to ban someone's free speech, opinion and then equate it to deviant behavior. Got to love group think.
  6. And lots of exclamation points.
  7. You sound like the only bitter one here.
  8. Someone you never met on the internet made you go broke? Listen, I'm in real estate...do I have some property for you!
  9. Be careful...you guys are going to owe apologies...lol
  10. This is from the same guy that said he is willing to accept apologies EOY...lol
  11. Man...I was thinking the same thing. These threads he starts are the worst.
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