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  1. Be careful...you guys are going to owe apologies...lol
  2. You ought to look in the mirror.
  3. This is from the same guy that said he is willing to accept apologies EOY...lol
  4. G-Men

    November 12th

    Man...I was thinking the same thing. These threads he starts are the worst.
  5. Your post makes you look so smart
  6. Ha...he likes to play the victim.
  7. Why can't I celebrate and be positive all the time...are you the thought police? Your response is very sad
  8. Funny...you are the only one in this thread that mentions $589. Not everyone that's high on xrp is touting $589...nice try though
  9. ah...the publication that uses pink ink.
  10. Way to go genius...where in his post did he say he did this over 3 months...you come off as anything but credible
  11. Calling people greedy is not name calling? The last part of your statement says a lot about you.
  12. Ahhhhhh...the use of BOLD caps...I quess we need to take you seriously.