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  1. G-Men

    Are we back?

    A deity such as yourself should be able to whip this forum into shape. 🤣
  2. Oh please anointed one, forsake us not. Shower us with your copious expertise. 😆
  3. G-Men

    Charts - How To's

    When you finally whip this forum into shape, we will name a day on the calendar for you...let it be known.😉
  4. G-Men

    Charts - How To's

    Cast your gaze low to us, your wretched minions from your mighty pulpit...shepherd us into the light. 😂
  5. Our hero speaks the universal language of common sense. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Exactly...he may have mooned at .32...some people are butt hurt because they are in the red.
  7. Omnipotent one...judge us not for our foolish transgression...in time we can be more like you....sound the trumpets. 😉
  8. Please exalted one...forgive us for we do not know...lead us out of the darkness....release the doves 🤣
  9. O wise one tell us more...tell us what we are doing wrong. Show us how to be more like you. 😂
  10. another so called intellectual here to enlighten us...spew away 🤣🤣🤣
  11. G-Men

    One & only reason for XRP to succeed?!

    Think you guys are wasting your time with jasil/mods here.
  12. You can clearly tell here who can't handle being in the red.
  13. G-Men


  14. I see what your saying. Personally don't think it will get that low...could be wrong though.