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    Busa_ got a reaction from Nicolas in Crypto Eri interviews FlashFX's Nicolas Steiger   
    Hi Nicolas, really appreciate you reaching out to the community and offering your time. I think you’ll find a lot of support on this forum for your proposed AMA.  It’ll definitely need its own thread 👍
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Gilligan in Crypto Eri interviews FlashFX's Nicolas Steiger   
    Hi Nicolas, really appreciate you reaching out to the community and offering your time. I think you’ll find a lot of support on this forum for your proposed AMA.  It’ll definitely need its own thread 👍
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    Busa_ reacted to Nicolas in Crypto Eri interviews FlashFX's Nicolas Steiger   
    Hi, just catching up on the feedback here. What question would you like to ask then? Happy to explain where we can and organise a community live Q&A using a suitable medium. 
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    Busa_ reacted to ledgerobserver in Is anyone making (even a little bit) money with Coil?   
    In form of a link maybe?
    So to explain our participation in that thread, we are certainly entirely underwhelmed of coil. The reasons are:
    1) The earnings are underwhelming. We created a website with users spending long sessions on. The earnings are far beyond everything that was tipped. Actually, in the early days, our first three tips withing the first 20 minutes exceeded our coil earnings we are having starting from the re-release. 
    2) Coil is opaque about...  everything. Nobody knows what exactly is earned per second. Even the "Terms of Service" on their website give no clue about that. The website is so rudimentary that it nearly hurts from a contributor perspective. No stats, nothing. Integration might be simple, but that's it. Relying on coil for a main income as a content producer must be very frightening. Nothing compared to twitch platform or youtube overviews.
    3) Coil was very generous and non-transparent about data-collection. Having a browser plugin running is one of the most critical things according to security and data, we can do nowadays. 
    A lot will argue that coil is a startup in their early days. However, transparency must be a day 1 quality goal. And as a contributor we are constantly left with asking what, when & why. 
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    Busa_ reacted to BobWay in Answer: About the patent, Let's talk   
    You know I really don’t want to comment either positively or negatively on this.
    But maybe what is worth doing is setting the whole thing up on Ripple’s test net later this week. It would probably take a couple hours to set it up. Then everyone could choose a role in the ecosystem and see how it works.
    6 fiat “stable” coins 6 banks  12 fiat/XRP market makers (1 each direction for clarity) 15 direct markets (for rebalancing) as many customers as Y’all want to create Yes, maybe 3 hours tops. Then weeks of fun for everyone.
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    Busa_ reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    It really depends on what you mean by "mass". At the moment the focus is not on getting XRPL wallets for all 8 billion people on the planet.
    The more immediate goal is to have all 8 billion people's international payments routed through XRP as a bridge currency. To make this work requires exchanges and traders (on ledger and off) to acquire and trade XRP. It also requires connecting fiat-in and fiat-out service providers to that core network.
    Traders are competitive folk by nature. When it becomes clear that other traders are making piles of money making XRP markets, then you'll see a mad rush of new traders wanting into the game. The is the kind of "mass" adoption I'm looking for.
    Keep in mind, traders making bridge currency markets are NOT looking to profit on XRP's price appreciation. What they are doing is profiting on the spread as payments go back and forth. One of my friends at a major bank, developed a system that trades more than a trillion dollars a day making markets. The spread (as a fee) adds up pretty quickly no matter how small it seems.
    However, you can speculate on potential side effects that happen in response to "mass" XRP market making. The most important thing is that it makes XRP very liquid to more and more currencies. Here "liquid" means that you can sell larger amounts on demand without moving the price in the market. This fact alone MAY draw people to use XRP as a longer term store of value. As they move in and buy up XRP, the increased demand MIGHT drive up prices. Again, as everyone here has witnessed, sometimes when prices begin to move for a sensible reason things can build on themselves.
    I've said before in this thread that I'm personally bullish on XRP adoption (in the above sense) this year. But like everyone I'm just speculating. Please don't trade on my opinion.
    My opinion in NO WAY reflects inside information about what Ripple (the company) is currently working on or going to announce. In fact, for the purposes of these forums, I'm much happier not knowing because it allows me to speak more freely without inadvertently saying something I shouldn't.
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    Busa_ reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    I'm offended. What do you want me to do, put a shoe on my head?

    Come on! Let's have some fun here!
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    Busa_ reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Wow, it is pretty clear I can't keep up with this thread! I go to sleep and there are two more pages. I was already two pages behind!
    Anyway, I'm not sure I've had a shower in two days. I think my wife deserves that. So expect me to start responding in earnest in a little while. I have read all your posts. Thank you for all the good questions and kind words!
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    Busa_ reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Yes, Ripple employees are allowed to speak on social media. David has been very active. I do have more freedom to talk about this stuff now, but mostly because I have much less actual work to do.   But let me take the question a little more seriously because I know it seems like Ripple doesn't care about this community.
    One of the reasons you don't hear more from rank and file Ripplers (besides them being heads down working) is that Monica Long heads up a mind bogglingly effective MarComs team. Internally at Ripple I was known for being pretty outspoken about my opinions. My highest complement to Monica was that, "I have no idea how you do what you do. But you exceed my expectations by such a wide margin that I'm actually comfortable not knowing the details. I can't say that about any other groups in the company." Yes, I'm a detail freak. I expect to be able to grok everything.
    But one of the secrets to Monica's magic is that she has to give great stories to great reporters and great publications. The conundrum is, no story is "great" if it's already been told before. So there a lot of times when news is spread internally though company meetings, but everyone knows to keep it under raps so Monica and team can do their thing.
    So from an employee perspective, what is there to talk about. The most interesting stuff is what you just learned, but that is under embargo. Once the embargo has been lifted, everyone has already read a better written version of what you wanted to say published by a more authoritative source. So that makes you boring and yesterday's news.
    The except of course are geeky technical questions. Employees are generally happy to answer those. But of course what everyone really wants to know is "Should I buy XRP now? Or should I sell XRP now." Not only do employees risk trouble with either answer, it also reminds them they have no ideas which would be the correct trade. That tends to make them doubly uncomfortable.
    The second reason the community hears less from the company now than in the early days, is (in my opinion) that the company isn't sure what they'd like you to do. Of course the company might benefit if everyone buys and hodls more and more XRP, but Ripple has never encouraged people to do so.
    And now that Ripple doesn't operate a public client, it is hard for even me to tell people how they should use the system or what they should do with it. It would be great (from my perspective) if more people started business which interacted directly with the XRP ledger, but knowing what I know about financial regulation, it's not clear that I know what types of business to suggest.
    When you see the Xpring initiative think of that as a type of community outreach. From my perspective the Ripple community needs a really great consumer focused client. That is table stakes to give people the "rippling" education they need in order to recognize new XRPL based business opportunities.
    From my perspective this is all FUD theater staged by people who have bet on other cryptocurrencies. I wouldn't expect to see any particular XRP specific clarity announcements. The law is really funny in this regard. (IANAL) The law doesn't really care what something is. It cares what you tell people it is.
    So for example, if you create an ERC20 alt coin token, then tell people that then need to get in now because the price is going to go up. You've made it a security. What's more interesting is, say you haven't actually made that ERC20 token yet. It's just a figment of your imagination. But you go ahead and tell people they need to get in now because long term you are going to create token and then give them some and the price is going to go up. Well you've still created a security even though you haven't created a token yet.
    On the other hand, FinCen has issued guidance (section c) about users of virtual currency and also some clarification more recently. It's worth reading the last page to see that the SEC or the CFTC or FinCEN might be the controlling regulator depending on "the facts and circumstances" of the case.
    My personal opinion is that Ripple as a company has worked very hard comply with the laws regulating every possible interpretation of "the facts and circumstances". There are compliance teams and lawyers and specialty outside council keeping everyone away from even the grey areas. There have been stories published in the press about Ripple's various meetings with regulators and Ripple participation on various financial system committees. At this point I think regulators and other authorities see more potential benefit in Ripple than in potential harm. But that's just my personal opinion.
    Please keep in mind, I'm not asking you or encouraging you to buy XRP or to use Ripple technology in any way. Those are decisions everyone should make based on their own personal finances, appetite for risk, and/or need for awesome new payment technology. All I want you to take away from this, is that the team at Ripple isn't a bunch of naive idiots. I haven't met anyone who wants to risk jail time in exchange for a get rich quick scheme. Everyone I've met respects the law and feels a duty to stay compliant.
    That's probably all I'll say about that.
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    Busa_ reacted to Julian_Williams in Canadian-based ‘Spend’ With Connections To Over 40 million Merchants Globally Adopts XRP   
    I think this is new and not been posted before?  Canadian-based ‘Spend’ With Connections To Over 40 million Merchants Globally Adopts XRP
    Website: https://www.spend.com/
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Tyvole in US Gov Power over Ripple?   
    Your first sentence is just wrong.  Didn’t bother reading beyond that 
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    Busa_ reacted to P3T3RIS in XRP UNITED - The First Full XRP Based Exchange now LIVE   
    Thank you all for your support! @at3n Especially thanks for remembering where I started this project. Our team was well on our way to launch an XRP based exchange already in July, but then the software provider just could not provide what they promised... Dead end and new start, but now we're here.
    @GiddyUp We are a small international team, company is based in Estonia and we are indeed a licensed and regulated entity.
    The only fiat currency we operate at the moment is euros in and out, but plans are to expand from here to how knows where.
    We're starting with small amount of XRP pairs and grow it up from there. Goal is in that video, to be in the middle of everything.
    We have kept quiet and worked on the background all these months, following closely this forum and our community. Hopefully we can serve you all well!
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Danish in Bearableguy123 Thread   
    NO NO NO ... you guys need to lift your expectations ... I quit my job in January and decided to retire at the grand old age of 40.  I need xrp to hit $589 or thereabouts otherwise I'll have to suck it up and go back to work.  And that aint happening!!!  I need xrp to keep the dream alive ...
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    Busa_ reacted to Brah_hodl_xrp in Interesting Temenos Tweet linking an article from 2015: "In that scenario, Ripple connects SEPA to ACH and works with SWIFT’s messaging layer.."   
    Very interesting read. What's everyone's thoughts?
    Temenos Tweet regarding the Article
    Link to article:
    Check attachments for brief overview.


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    Busa_ reacted to P3T3RIS in You Need Check Out This Memo On a 1 Billion XRP Escrow Transaction!   
    It still surprises me, how much hate posts @AlexCobb receives after each and every video he publishes. Sure does!
    What can be motives for such behaviour besides low self-esteem and unsecurity of haters own abilities...???
    I’m very busy with my XRP project and would love to be able to serve this community, but all this hate-talk makes me sad. How do we cope after XRP is The Standard?
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    Busa_ reacted to cmbartley in Better XRP PRICE rise soon. Wanna quit this lame job...:)   
    The price of XRP doesn't have to go up in order for you to quit your job. You always have a choice. You can enjoy life without the price of XRP going up, the data is clear that the correlation between wealth and happiness is loose. Being dependent on the price of XRP is just being enslaved to another master. 
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    Busa_ got a reaction from IsraelMuCa in Will xrp keep going up? Or will it have a continuing correction?   
    I haven’t held and put up with this this damn bear market the last 9 months just to risk it for a small profit now. I’m holding all the way to retirement from here
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Triple in Will xrp keep going up? Or will it have a continuing correction?   
    I haven’t held and put up with this this damn bear market the last 9 months just to risk it for a small profit now. I’m holding all the way to retirement from here
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    Busa_ reacted to WuWei in Will xrp keep going up? Or will it have a continuing correction?   
    Being the only crypto with a clear use case, and being so so near to rolling out live with such a significant part of adding value to xrp, I wouldn't sell any unless I absolutely needed to. I believe that $1 is right around the corner and that support will quickly develop for at least a dollar, if not much more. EOY $10 is looking very reasonable for a variety of reasons: Flight out of BTC and ETH into XRP, (& other coins as well) rapidly increasing bank & FI adoption, rapidly expanding use-case scenarios, and significantly: widespread mainstream media attention.  The significant increase in volumes are key as well, and as they soon become 'the norm,'  the higher prices will follow suit.  It won't be long now:   "COMING SOON TO A THREAD NEAR YOU" "What was I thinking, why didn't I buy it when it wasn't even a buck?"  This is a no-brainer for me  I sold out of early positions in such companies as Apple, XM/Sirius, Netflix, and Facebook; making decent profits with each, but this is an opportunity on a whole other level, imho. To have been able to stockpile xrp for as little as 25¢ to 50¢ was what I believe, time will prove to be one of those "once in a lifetime opportunities."   There's gonna be all kinds of ups and downs and sideways, but I'm looking long here. We will see...... 
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    Busa_ reacted to ImTheRippler in Coinbase are such clowns   
    XRP is now #2 gunning for the top and they don't even have it listed.
    At least they have ETHEREUM CLASSIC ?
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Paradigm in #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it   
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Moriarty in #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it   
    HERE WE GO!!! I don’t think we’ll give it up this time
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Yhodla in #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it   
    HERE WE GO!!! I don’t think we’ll give it up this time
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Artificer in #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it   
    ETH becoming just a spec in the rear view mirror
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    Busa_ got a reaction from Panosmek in #2 Market Cap - XRP to own it   
    HERE WE GO!!! I don’t think we’ll give it up this time
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