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  1. Hi Nicolas, really appreciate you reaching out to the community and offering your time. I think you’ll find a lot of support on this forum for your proposed AMA. It’ll definitely need its own thread 👍
  2. Xrp being adopted isn’t going to help building momentum towards decoupling? Ok then 👍
  3. Busa_

    Busting the SWIFT Hype

    It takes a big man to admit they were wrong .. oh wait ?
  4. AllinXRP .. your def not alone. I had more I was going to buy but will just leave it for now. If it drops then I’ll buy, if not I’ll prob add to my ada stack. Lucky I hit my zerp target about 20k zerps ago
  5. I haven’t held and put up with this this damn bear market the last 9 months just to risk it for a small profit now. I’m holding all the way to retirement from here
  6. ETH becoming just a spec in the rear view mirror
  7. HERE WE GO!!! I don’t think we’ll give it up this time
  8. I missed the days where I made a months salary overnight while I slept. Welcome back little buddy
  9. Your first sentence is just wrong. Didn’t bother reading beyond that
  10. My first thought was around the timing of the settlement. This case has been running for sometime and gets settled right before Ripple is expected to put everything into production. Ripple seems to be getting their ducks lined up
  11. The remittance market is just one small fraction of funds that flow cross border. Ripple is aiming bigger than this and you should too
  12. I was under the impression xrapid would go into production later this year. Can you provide a link to something that proves xrapid is live now? Ie something from a Ripple source ?
  13. Interesting.. Does anyone remember someone on twitter going by the name of McDonald? Late 2017 he made some predictions that came true re ripple/xrp in December/January. He claimed to know things about partnerships and what was coming for xrp. Following the ath, in the months from around February to May, he started talking alot about the price of silver skyrocketing. I never could understand the logic but the link above provides more insight..
  14. Hmm this maintenance starts in under 20 minutes from now as it’s 4.42am in Japan. Interested to see if anything happens when back online
  15. Coinspot here I come. Will need multiple exchanges when you time comes to sell anyhows
  16. When I put on my tfh, it could make sense to me. If any of the scenarios involving IMF, M2 etc are true, they’ll need as many zerps as possible. Jed’s stash would be needed under these scenario’s. He’d have to be bought out otc
  17. Woohoo!! I never doubted it .. now time to buy more zerps before ???
  18. As long as it’s not a **** storm .. actually, more zerps for me then .. win win ?
  19. I don’t understand and this. Unless your shirt says something like ‘holder of 50k zerps’, what’s the issue? You worried about running into a bitcoin maximalist?
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