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  1. Hi Nicolas, really appreciate you reaching out to the community and offering your time. I think you’ll find a lot of support on this forum for your proposed AMA. It’ll definitely need its own thread 👍
  2. Xrp being adopted isn’t going to help building momentum towards decoupling? Ok then 👍
  3. Busa_

    Busting the SWIFT Hype

    It takes a big man to admit they were wrong .. oh wait ?
  4. AllinXRP .. your def not alone. I had more I was going to buy but will just leave it for now. If it drops then I’ll buy, if not I’ll prob add to my ada stack. Lucky I hit my zerp target about 20k zerps ago
  5. I haven’t held and put up with this this damn bear market the last 9 months just to risk it for a small profit now. I’m holding all the way to retirement from here
  6. ETH becoming just a spec in the rear view mirror
  7. HERE WE GO!!! I don’t think we’ll give it up this time
  8. I missed the days where I made a months salary overnight while I slept. Welcome back little buddy
  9. Your first sentence is just wrong. Didn’t bother reading beyond that
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