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  1. I'll leave this right here https://abacusjournal.com/traders-bull-run-5-reasons-a-legitimate-bull-run-is-coming-and-soon/
  2. I tend to agree with this position given in Ripple's own words that they are selling more OTC to institutional investors than ever. I also believe there is still manipulation by CW and Ayre dumping BTC to pump their own sh*t coin. Kind of a coincidence that BCH SV is up 22% while all others are down double digits, no?
  3. Excellent analysis! I truly believe the soft underbelly of the beast (Pow) has been exposed with the BCH spat. Only a matter of time now. Thanks for a great article.
  4. I've been reading some about the 20th century version of Hatfield vs McCoy, i.e. BCH debacle and hoping someone with more technical know how can answer these questions. Craig White is threatening a 51% attack against the network, mining empty blocks, etc. in order to bring the other network to its knees. Is this possible to do against XRP? If not (I hope so), I think it may be a boon for XRP as people come to realize it's a much safer digital asset given that it can't be taken down by one rogue, ideological anarchist, no?
  5. BR/Fidelity under management (give or take) - 15,000,000,000,000 * 1% = 150,000,000,000 * 20 multiplier (Samani's calculations)= 3,000,000,000,000
  6. Not likely. The baggies will be brought in by the trainload via ETrade, Fidelity, Schwab and the like. Should be a good year for Madison Ave.
  7. Exactly. Once the big boys have positioned themselves and they are okay on a regulatory front the real bubble begins. Gonna be fun.
  8. Kyle Samani reasons that the crypto multiplier is 20-25x. If JUST Fidelity and Blackrock advised their investors to allocate 1% of their holdings in crypto, we're looking at over 3 trillion usd market cap for the space. That's over 10x where we're at now. Huge upside potential...just a matter of picking the right ones. Imho XRP has a very bright future. HODL
  9. Armstrong made a severe miscalculation believing the east coast boys would welcome him into their network. What they've done is punched him in the mouth, took his lunch money and told him to go home. Now he's trying to pivot to Asia. Too little, too late. I can only hope Japan denies/delays their approval making them more irrelevant then they've already become.
  10. Talk about being WIDELY misguided....oooof, a little off on this one: http://web.archive.org/web/19980610100009/www.redherring.com/mag/issue55/economics.html
  11. Genius move on Ripple's part!! The marketing person who floated this one is getting a raise. Doubt it? Just look at this thread in 8 hours. Creates buzz/attention. Simply genius (and I don't even like the guy)
  12. Just signed up. Would like to set up a business/trust account with them for my 401K. Does anyone know if they allow? I sent them an email but no response yet. Thanks!
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