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    crazyazz got a reaction from mistatee2000 in Jed in Thailand?   
    Will never use XLM, it uses the Velo Protocol which is built on the stellar network not the network itself.
    Lightnet, a remittance provider company, is utilizing Velo Protocol to tackle an underbanked banking market worth $380bn market where it’s already starting off with a low-cost and convenient remittance payment solution for with 10m immigrant workers in South East Asia worth of $150bn.

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    crazyazz reacted to slinuxuzer in China and the gang of four   
    Thanks buddy, 2018 hasn’t been the year I wanted price wise, but I have hopes we see a bull run soon. That said, 2018 has exceeded my expectations big time as far as product development and partnerships. Im not selling anytime soon.
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    crazyazz got a reaction from Cesar1810 in TransferGo is supposed to announce something soon   
    Why does it say ripple and not use the XRP logo? Thats poor
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    crazyazz reacted to retryW in World's First Web-Monetized/Coil Enabled Codius Contract   
    Shoutout to @WietseWind [Twitter] for recording the video with his Coil subscription!
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    crazyazz reacted to retryW in World's First Web-Monetized/Coil Enabled Codius Contract   
    The possibilities are really endless, and people are still trying to discover what they are.
    One of the main benefits would be the ability to have the contract/app natively accept funds, and also be able to send them. 
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    crazyazz got a reaction from retryW in World's First Web-Monetized/Coil Enabled Codius Contract   
    Thanks for the reply , I actually thought the running contract was a webserver with the code embedded. Cool. What other contract conditions can you implement that makes it advantageous to use codius in this manner?
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    crazyazz got a reaction from retryW in World's First Web-Monetized/Coil Enabled Codius Contract   
    Wish I understood this , what does the contract do to get payments streamed from coil?  Sorry I have no idea 
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    crazyazz reacted to BecomeRich in What if @swell xRapid is already live...   
    The only ones that know for sure is the Crypto Twins ?‍♀️ 
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    crazyazz reacted to ImTheRippler in Binance providing XRP corridors   
    Arrington can be abrasive but he’s basically the only guy in crypto who looks like he could kick someone’s ass so I’m glad he’s on our side.
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    crazyazz reacted to PlanK in RBC: cross-border transfer through Ripple using the XRP Ledger - awesome find by bankXRP   
    The only reason they use XRP is to devalue BTC so they can buy it cheap.
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    crazyazz got a reaction from BagholdersUnited in Sarah Austin: "SAP is testing XRP integrations"   
    What a non story , doubt she will want to tweet the letters XRP ever again LOL 
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    crazyazz got a reaction from pucksterpete in Ripple Co-Founder Chris Larsen on the State of Crypto   
    Nice video, thanks for posting
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    crazyazz reacted to JoelQuinn in Ripple Co-Founder Chris Larsen on the State of Crypto   
    Chris Larsen bullish on United States fintech/regulatory environment - "Best it has ever been under current administration."
    He's excited about competition, very excited about the progress Ripple is making in the U.S. and abroad. 
    Telling interview. 
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    crazyazz reacted to OldManWinter in This is why I want XRP to be labeled a security...   
    As frustrated as I am, I will not sell my XRP no matter what.  I'm not going to allow the PoS whales take my money that way.  I bought my XRP and it will either go to the moon or go to zero but there's no in between for me.
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    crazyazz got a reaction from TRexrp in Anybody Knows Who behind Satis Group   
    Forget XRP its all about intercoin! Also get on the monero phone mining app! MOON!
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    crazyazz reacted to Excerpts in Has the CEO of Binance just inadvertently told us a significant Bull run is incoming?   
    as far as other coins in this market are concerned, BNB is one to consider in addition to XRP.  Coin burns, utility in bull and bear markets.
    I would suggest that a solid holding of XRP, BTC, BNB seems to be a good overall combination.  As for platform coins, ADA will overtake ETH someday...
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    crazyazz got a reaction from Tako in Has the CEO of Binance just inadvertently told us a significant Bull run is incoming?   
    And now this:

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    crazyazz reacted to Tako in Has the CEO of Binance just inadvertently told us a significant Bull run is incoming?   
    Apparently, a few days ago he thought that the bear market is still to come with lower prices.
    He must have re-evaluated his previous thoughts.
    Then, re-evaluated again, and deleted his tweet. 
    Very consistent.
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    crazyazz reacted to OzAlphaWolf in History repeats itself - the bear market is not over.   
    Just talking about trading here...
    If a pattern doesn't indicate the probability of a certain outcome at a higher rate than a fair coin toss, what is the basis on which it could provide more confidence than a coin toss?
    My questions are pertinent because 10 years ago I did extensive research on all the common indicators and various patterns and discovered that, contra common wisdom, most of them performed extremely poorly, the worst being moving average crossovers. Some common indicators failed consistently at rates of up to 70-80% or more, yet on this forum I see them discussed with great seriousness. 
    There's research that shows a fair coin toss typically provides a more accurate entry point than most indicators. Even then, the trick to profitability is actually in position sizing and exit management. 
    I developed a number of profitable rules-based systems that used combinations of unusual criteria. For example, one consistently made me bread and butter money during bull runs but had to be avoided during choppy and bear markets. Bread and butter systems are necessary to keep the lights on while waiting months for trend trading strategies to pay off. It was extremely simple - I screened for stocks that had made two day accelerating gains. There were several other rules such as the stock having to be in a sector that was outperforming other sectors. I bought at the close on day 2 and sold at the open on day 3. Gap ups were very reliable, hitting into the high 70% success rate. Make four trades -  on average one would fail, and three would succeed. Position sizing meant the losing trade would cancel out one winning trade, leaving two winners to bank. I'd consistently book anywhere from $200-2000 a day.
    The major problem with traders in general is the cognitive bias to only consider data that supports one's theory and discount data that contradicts it. We have inbuilt pattern recognition systems that have an innate bias towards false positives because reacting to a false positive is more likely to keep us alive than failing to react. If you hear a roar you jump up and grab your spear because that gives you a chance to fight off the incoming tiger. Unfortunately this bias prevents us from being good traders and we need to account for it by developing objective testing methods by which to assess a strategy. 
    As an aside, I no longer trade and am only in DCA accumulation mode in crypto. I can't be bothered with the stress of watching 24/7 markets partly because I refuse to place stop orders on exchanges who have a vested interest in gaming them.
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    crazyazz reacted to spondulixrp in Met a SWIFT employee today   
    I met a SWIFT employee on a flight recently and he had a suitcase but wouldn't tell me what was in it.
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    crazyazz got a reaction from Kiwi in Fraudulent pumping whales   
    Some drunken unhinged individual who put in to much they cant afford to lose I suspect 
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    crazyazz reacted to PriceIsRight in XRP below $0,40 will we see $0,20 again ?   
    When moon?
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    crazyazz reacted to djdhrubs in Level One Project: Mojaloop Update from Kosta Peric   
    I love how we all wanna get filthy rich off the back of being linked with a digital asset possibly being used in a payment system for the poor. Teehee.
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    crazyazz got a reaction from OzAlphaWolf in Why I no longer believe in XRP and Ripple   
    You **** stirrer?
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    crazyazz reacted to invest2lose in Lets not forget that Ripple was awarded the second BitLicense and the deal with FinCen!   
    probably never, their plan seems to be working.
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