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  1. What estimated price does Ripple sell XRP OTC?
  2. crazyazz

    Now the riddler is gone, will sanity prevail?

    I didnt read about the school kid prank, what was it?
  3. crazyazz

    Ripple Riddler

    Ok so no exact disclosed reason? just some switch flicked somewhere by somebody and insta positive price action
  4. crazyazz

    Ripple Riddler

    What did he say was going to happen on 5/11/18 to make XRP surge? I don't follow it. Or is it just some pump and dump this dude was promoting ? I have no idea
  5. crazyazz

    mulithop demo at swell

    I cant see where it indicates any of the banks involved in the transaction shown are utilizing XRP. Its just conventional payment rails with nostro right?
  6. Why does it say ripple and not use the XRP logo? Thats poor
  7. Thanks for the reply , I actually thought the running contract was a webserver with the code embedded. Cool. What other contract conditions can you implement that makes it advantageous to use codius in this manner?
  8. Wish I understood this , what does the contract do to get payments streamed from coil? Sorry I have no idea
  9. crazyazz

    SBI to use Bitcoin?

    There is a video of a dude from BitPesa saying they use BTC and ETH due to the liquidy. They will use anything if its liquid enough in the target market.
  10. Plus old Jed has plenty of form
  11. LIke this whole shitshow is bleeding out , say im wrong
  12. What a non story , doubt she will want to tweet the letters XRP ever again LOL
  13. Nice video, thanks for posting