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  1. 5 hours ago, Gilligan said:

    Nah.  The weekend is when we all hang out in the Zerpening and formulate new tactics to reel in the next round of suckers with factual, level headed and highly informative crap posts.....

    Seriously though, why are you here?  

    Lots of people here are of the opionion Ripple and XRP is in the process of becoming what we all want it to be and  have placed our bets.  I for one understand it is a case of wait and see if it works out long term, but also wish it would hurry the f**k up. 

    Just cause you don’t like how long it’s taking you feel it’s your right to “educate” other members in your arrogant, disrespectful manner?


    Well said, sister Gilligan!

    And don’t forget to pick up your bonus paycheck for this gem post. I showed it to ripple headquarter II near earth core and they are delighted!






  2. 13 minutes ago, CL20 said:

    Why would they not talk about protecting XRP investors? if XRP broke critical supports at 0.3 and 0.25, it would be huge blow toward the space.

    Lower price = lower liqudity, higher price = higher liquidity, I think it is absolutely in Ripple's concern if XRP's price if it dropped to some critical levels, they need the market for their product to work well.



    ripple doesn’t care about XRP retail investors.

    they don’t have to and they never will.



  3. 56 minutes ago, CL20 said:

    Hey bob! Thank you for being here.

    May I ask whats ripple's opinions on XRP investors? In my perfect opinion, i think that, ripple is bullish on the price of XRP, do they think we deserve to be rewarded because we're taking so much risk buying XRP and increasing liquidity for their ultimate goal?

    Is there any terms or talks Ripple have had that talks about protecting investors? (lets not dump x amount of XPR), or something like that.

    Thanks in advance.



    protecting investors?

    are you a SEC guy in disguise?




  4. 3 hours ago, Tobi said:

    Hello Everybody.

    First: I'm not a native speaker. Sorry for my bad english. i purchased my first xrp last year in august, so i'm pretty happy with my investement. Last years bull run was a lot of fun and i hope we can repeat it soon.

    To be honest: The reason i registered here is because someday i want to be in the zerpening club. i read all the zerpening thrads before it went to a closed club and it was a lot of fun. And i miss the green zombie girl  : )





    Hi Tobi!

    Just for you...



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