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  1. Attention peeps! for your information: we will remove members who have been inactive on xrpchat for over a year from the zerpening.
  2. Well said, sister Gilligan! And don’t forget to pick up your bonus paycheck for this gem post. I showed it to ripple headquarter II near earth core and they are delighted!
  3. in - out - in - out hope you had fun.
  4. too many gifs...so...
  5. hint: ripple doesn’t care about XRP retail investors. they don’t have to and they never will.
  6. Seriously? protecting investors? are you a SEC guy in disguise? lol
  7. Dude, your username looks like your post.
  8. Hi Bob! Welcome and great to have you on board! I have two questions: 1.) Are you bearableguy123? 2.) Do you like gifs?
  9. @Rey don‘t waste your time...come home!
  10. fair enough... ...but we definitely miss you over there, brother!
  11. Yo bro! Alles gut! but...no zenkert in the zerpening... WHY?
  12. Hi Tobi! Just for you...
  13. Why waste time with that zwiekrabutikaputibwronskywixi?
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